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by Maria Jones-Phillips on Maison Du Vann
Forever Flawless Scam Strikes Again

Thank you for raising awareness about this Israeli company who seem to be claiming miracles with their anti-ageing products. Unfortunately I was caught out this evening at the Montgomery Mall, in Bethesda, Maryland. The very pleasant but pushy sales assistant, Tehila did a very good job of trying to impress me with her skills, but as a rule I don't like being hustled, having had bad experiences in the past, and this was a straight up hustle from start to finish. The patter is the same no matter where you go in the world and no matter the product being sold, from roses on Piazza San Marco, to anti-drug petitions in Rome, to beauty products in the USA. All these people want is your money for a product that is not worth a dime. You'd think I would know better as I have been making my own cosmetics for years, so I have a very thorough understanding of what works and what doesn't, and there is nothing in Forever Flawless serum that I don't already use. Indeed some of the chemicals within it are known toxins. It's certainly not worth the heavy price tag being quoted, and may potentially run the risk of being harmful with prolonged use.However, despite my refusal to buy anything from her she wasn't giving up and finally made me part with $160, as opposed to the $500 she was trying to get me to spend. I was at least proud of the fact that when she tried to hand me the pile of specially discounted products, including all the 'free' extras, that I did not take her products. If anything I've learned from hustlers is that you never, ever take hold of the product.In the end I bought something just so I could escape. Unfortunately I'm not as hard-nosed as I would like to be, so being flat out rude is not my thing. I did congratulate her on her expert delivery, with noted sarcasm. Not that she would care, this is what she does for a living, and if she can make me part with my hard cash, then imagine how many others she has conned into parting with theirs.It was very stressful, and I should have just kept on walking the first time I said, "No". Lesson learned, and slightly more out of pocket than I'd hoped to be. The nail buffing kit I was sold did at least impress me. The Flawless serum was thrown in at a heavily discounted price, her own special staff discount, Tehila told me. It made absolutely no difference to the lines under my eyes. In fact when I asked my husband which eye he thought had been treated, he picked the other eye!Once again, thanks for this post. Scam artists around the world should always be exposed, especially when they are promising you the stars.

Thank you for further highlighting the continuing scam The more we bring these issues to the fore the quicker these sales will fall away. PS Hubby's comment made us laugh!!!

by Mrs L on Maison Du Vann
Thank you for this website help

Thank you for the website forum where we can all read and discover about what is out there. Great idea.

Our website is here to help and serve.

by Kelly on Maison Du Vann
Fantastic range of products

I recently won a competition to try a wide range of products, from skincare (mud mask/under eye cream/face wash) to lip care, mascara, eraser wand, hair masks etc. i'm so impressed by the wide range of different products, things i didn't even know existed! I looked up some of the brands and they're really top quality brands too! Brands that i would never have been able to try otherwise, one of the things is Neom deep sleep roller, you roll it on your wrists, your temples and behind your ears and it may have been coincidence but after using it twice i've had a great nights sleep both nights, i've also used a face wash that comes with a gentle exfoliating face cloth, it left my face so soft and you get the cloth wet in warm water and then wipe the product off, doing this makes it easier than having to throw water on your face! So happy with the products and can't wait to use the rest of them!

Kelly we are so happy that you are delighted with the range of products, keep on following, there are plenty more items to come...

by Jody on Maison Du Vann
Forever Flawless SCAM

Forever Flawless SCAM - i visited London and was really forced to buy this product for a very high price, when i got back to the hotel i found the exact same product online for MUCH MUCH lessi could not go back to the shop because i have a flight back home, i called them up and they did not want to hear about my problem - i think this is absolutly scam!Thank you MDV for helping me with your pointers on how to deal with this problem.

Well done for writing about this Jody so that others can be forewarned

by Patty on Maison Du Vann
Forever Flawless

I was recently in Tysons Corner, VA and ran across a kiosk that a seller for this company pulled me over to. By the end of the demonstration when he noticed that I was not purchasing anything the price went from $1,999. to $999. Unbelievable.  MDV website testimonials is a good place to share these experiences to prevent others from being pulled into the trap.

Patty this is good information for others to know. It is a shame that this type of selling is allowed. Let's keep on sharing on here so that everyone is kept in the loop.

by Cathy on Maison Du Vann
Forever Flawless Scam

I was also approached in Westfield Mall... First with a sample that was nothing special and against my better judgement after seeing that their sample sucked, I let myself be dragged into their store and the sales man started with his stories of diamonds and blah blah... saying all these crazy 300+ prices per bottle... Point is when he saw i was not impressed with his gimmicks, he pulled out the lowest price, buy one get 2 free tactic... My eyes opened up like a fool and he suggested i buy the 300 bottle and get 2 free... I told him it sounds great but not today, and I would be back... he even offered a free facial.... I said i could buy 300 of face lotion and he then said so buy the 100 dollar cleanser and reserve your special free facial spot... Once again and against my better judgment I agreed and purchased a $100 bottle of cleanser... I scheduled a facial for the following day and was intending of buying the other 2 bottles for $200... but after my impulsive purchase I decided to conduct some research... And came across this website and information... What i really feel like doing is standing everyday outside the store with a scam sign, but instead I will take it as a lesson that cost me $100 bucks... Never again.... but if anyone is up to doing this at least one day so they could stop scamming people, I am more than willing too... Thanks for this website space so we can investigate and share knowledge about these ridiculous scammers.

Cathy, this is brilliant, the more data and knowledge we can share out there the less these scams will work.

by Carmen Alfonso on Maison Du Vann
Forever Flawless Scam

Thank you also for your commentary about Forever Flawless. Like most reviews that I have been reading online about Forever Flawless I too was approached in Westfield Shopping mall, Shepherds Bush. The salesperson was not aggressive, he went into the sales pitch of how their products are made of diamond dust etc, etc and recommended the Diamond Infused Age-Defying Thermal Mask for my uneven skin tone( which I may add is not that bad). He told me the price £300, I nearly fell off my chair. When I said to him I always do research before I purchase anything that I was not familiar with or heard about he decided a different sales tactic, lowered the price £200 for the beauty mask then added a purifying toner, eye serum and body butter. As I said before he was a nice guy and not aggressive I decided to purchase the products as it seemed like an ok deal. However, to my shock the next day as I opened the packaging for the mask, the seal was broken and oils from the mask had seeped through the packaging inside. A dried muck left inside the bottle. I called the sales person and explained the situation and that it was not acceptable to receive damaged goods. He was apologetic and asked me to come in for a replacement. I decided to go online and to my horror read your commentary about Forever Flawless, and everyone else's blogs and reviews about this company. Who was to know that a company that is operating in a prestigious shopping centre like Westfields is pulling such a huge scam over consumers' eyes and allowed to operate. I called the salesperson once again and said that I want a refund and no exchange. Surprisingly, they do not do refunds only exchanges. I am adamant that I want a refund for damaged goods sold to me under the "Sale of Goods Act 1979". He called me later and said that he has spoken to customer services in Las Vegas and they suggested that he refund £100 and exchange the mask and also give me other products and a nice Christmas promo bag. After reading blogs that you can get skin rash I do not want to put any products on my body or face. I called the Manager who is now dealing with it and asked for a refund and no exchanges and I am now awaiting a for a reply as he has to go back to customer services in Las Vegas again. I paid with American Express so I have contacted the dispute team who are dealing with it now under section 75 act (sale of damaged goods). I now await the outcome. Wish me luck. Yes this has taught me a lesson, do my research first and not to purchase anything that does not have a return policy as here in Britain we take it for granted that we have rights in place, this is for REPUTABLE companies only. My advice do not be fooled by companies operating in big glamorous shopping malls they could be fake.CarmenThanks

Carmen, this review is full of insightful and helpful pointers. We have also advised anyone who receives damaged goods, or gets any kind of reaction to products to always take pictures with dates and times and see a doctor (for the latter conditions) so that your credit card company can deal with the issue immediately and effectively...Keep using the MDV website here to post your comments and views so that the general public are able to stay well informed on all subject matter.

by kiki on Maison Du Vann
orogold fraud

I purchased over 5000.00 in products only to have an adverse reaction after using their products. After 2 weeks of applying their creams the skin on my face became thin and began to bleed. I attempted to return the products and was told there are no refunds even though I was never informed of that during my purchase and it is not stated on the receipt they gave me. After 2 weeks of disputing through my American Express credit card company and being reimbursed by them, the sales rep sent me an email stating I needed to return the products which I was happy to finally do. Then after returning the products they recharged my credit card for the purchase price again and are now saying there is nothing they can do and there are no refunds. Please help if you can. kgloskowski@live.com

Kiki hopefully you did manage to get to a doctor with images and a medical opinion that there was an adverse reaction hence the products you bought are not fit for purpose in your case and American Express would be able to get your money returned to you against any charges made.

Forever Flawless West Edmonton Mall

I was approached and asked to enter into a high end store, named forever flawless. The store was set up like a professional salon and the lady said she had professional training in skin care. All stores in the mall are what I thought is to reputable, so there was no reason for concern. It was not a kiosk. I spent a lot of money due to the skin peeling trick. I guess West Edmonton rents space to fraudulent store chains. Glad I did not purchase a Rolex.

RJ sounds like you had a narrow escape and yet another venue for us all to keep our eyes open for...

by Lisa on Maison Du Vann
Forever Flawless A

Thank you for your commentary about Forever Flawless and similar companies. I was approached two days ago at a shopping mall in Westchester, NY. I am still shaken up and angry at the aggressive, pushy and blatantly dishonest saleswoman I encountered. In 15 short minutes, she managed to inspire a shocking amount of insecurity about the appearance of my facial skin. I am a middle-aged woman who is often thought to be much younger than my years. She told me I will likely need eyelid surgery in a few years, "Not for appearance, but for medical" ( she was not a native English speaker). Umm, call me crazy, but i will not take "medical advice" from a saleswoman at the mall! Of course, I know it was just a ploy. To get me to purchase their astronomically-priced products ($150 for a small container of serum that is supposed to last 2 years). The packaging was deceptive too: bulky cardboard box, and very lightweight container inside - which of course I never saw, because I'm sure she knows I would have balked. The happy ending is that I did not buy a thing, but it sure wasn't for her lack of trying: telling me that "today only" we are having a sale, "just for you, I'll do this," etc, etc. I don't know how they stay in business, or who is buying this snake oil, but my advice is to stay far, far away!

Lisa thank you for putting this out there, the more everyone knows and is aware about this type of selling and the products involved the more action we can make globally so that no one gets roped in ...

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