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Giving It Lip








There are so many rules when it comes to making up your lips, but for the truly #onFleek brigade it is common knowledge that giving it lip requires a pencil!

lip pencil

Lip pencils in the right shade and texture will create the illusion of a fuller lip by manipulating the shape, anyone who wants to make their lips appear bigger. The advantage of a pencil is that it will prevent lipstick from bleeding, whilst prolonging the wear of the colour.

lip pencils

Not all lip pencils are created equal…choose one that has a slight creamy texture so it will glide on the lines of your lips easily. Pencil is ideal for outlining to mimic the fuller look while crayon covers a greater area for shading inside the lines and preserving the colour.

coloured lip pencils

Start off your basic collection with a nude liner that matches your natural lip, a red liner that goes with your favourite red lipstick, and a deep plum for the nights you want to amp up your look. Make sure they are always sharpened for precision and for a safety buy add an invisible liner this will act as an invisible barrier to stop any bleeding or running and is a good starting point if you are nervous about applying liners and such.

Lipstick pencil

To create a fuller pout use the pencil to line lips just a tad over the actual lip line tweak the shape where needed infill with a lip crayon or lipstick on a lip brush and blend.  For a natural or clean look match the lip liner and colour.  For a more dramatic effect try different shade liner and colours.




Smokey Eye Tutorial No Retouch Needed

Smokey Eye








The smokey eye. One of the most high-maintenance. Touch-ups are almost always required. So here is a smudge-proof smokey eye.


Start with eyeshadow primer this is key to make any look last longer.

eye cream primer

Waterproof eyeliners are #aMust they can be hard to blend so choose one that has a creamy consistency and reads waterproof. This is complemented by a pencil that will glide on and set. Try using a kohl liner that doubles as a base.

eye shadow and liner

Shadow should be applied in layers, building up the colour as you go, it also is a less messy technique.

Eye shadow

After you apply the base, follow with eyeliner and blend, you are then ready to layer on the shadow.   Now apply another line of eyeliner and blend.  Spritz on a light mist of setting spray.

Make up setting spray


Beauty Blender Definitive How To Guide







How do you use yours? This egg-shaped sponge helps you apply your foundation, BB or tinted moisturizer absolutely flawlessly every time.

Are you using it the right way and ready to part with your brushes? Follow these professional MUA tricks:

Products will go on heavier when the sponge is dry as opposed to being used damp, when the product will go on lighter in layers imparting an airbrushed effect. Run the sponge under a light flow of water and as it gets bigger and fluffier remove excess water by soaking it in a towel.

Pour a little foundation on to the back of your hand and use the tip or the sides of the blender to pick up a small amount of product to layer, this will also work on compact makeup. Experts advise to “bounce” the product onto your skin, contrary to stroking cosmetics on your face with a brush, use a dabbing or stippling method.

The back of the blenderwhere there is no foundation—can be used to tap around on your face as it will pick up excess product, and because it is super absorbent and has a big surface area, it’ll pick up excess makeup leaving your skin looking even and smooth.





How To Dress To Burn More Calories

dancing to burn calories








How To Dress To Burn More Calories

Outside of the gym, you’ll lose weight faster if your casual clothes are comfortable enough for you to walk more often, take the stairs and stay active. So skip the skinny jeans and buy wardrobe essentials that burn more calories.


The Sweaty Betty Leggings are a great example. They are comfortable, easy to wear and even help to keep your core activated. The leggings come in both full and capri length and include compression panels on the sides and on the tummy for a slimmer look.

yoga capri


If you don’t like the feel of leggings, try the trousers that provide a looser fit through the leg.


On top, layer your casual look so that you can peel off an item if get warm doing a mini workout or taking the stairs.  Wardrobe essentials like the tunic are long enough to provide coverage through the hip area.


Or choose a flattering jacket.


There are tops which are also fashion statements that can be added and worn to the beach as well as gym and daywear.

m&s t

M&S collection is also staggering in its versatility and can be worn through the day and dressed up for the night.

topshop sport skirt

Of course, you can never go wrong with Topshop who will always provide a unique collection at a purse friendly pricetag.

And it would seem that the sport luxe is here for a while so it is safe to indulge!!

iStock images


Dija’s World You Tube







Dija’s World You Tube

Freelance journalist and facialist Dija Ayodele has announced the launch of her YouTube channel, Dija’s World. The channel will post regular videos about beauty launches, skincare tips and insider techniques for healthy glowing skin. There is also ‘The Foundation Library’, which catalogues and reviews foundations available in the UK for darker skin tones.

Dija’s e-zine is an online blog about skincare from a professional point of view. “With close to ten years experience as a facialist and skincare consultant, I enjoy helping people learn about their skin and how to get the best out of it. This is why I have the ‘Ask Dija‘ section where I answer questions from clients and readers on their skincare woes and make recommendations for them as well.

I also do product reviews either on here or my Instagram platform. They usually are a mixture of own bought and PR samples. I don’t always disclose this as that’s not the point of my review. My job is to tell you whether the products works, best ways I found for using it and such like. The origin of a product has no bearing on my opinion.”


How to apply false lashes…

strip lashes







How to apply false lashes…

A video tutorial consider it a dummy guide if you like!  Chat online with us if you need extra help


Hints & Tips

1. Let the glue dry until tacky before adhering

2. Use white/clear glue the black is very messy

3. Try cutting the strip in half and cross the middle section over to shorten and add emphasis to the centre of the eye

Happy trialling!



How To Get Red Carpet Ready…

red carpet feature








This is what it takes to get the red carpet look, try all or some of these hints and tips to get yourself ready perfectly!

My tip is to get all the little jobs done ahead of time (day before or a few days is enough depending on your schedule and how long the finished article will last for):


Nails.  If you know what you are wearing then choose something that really finishes off the look either by adding a pop of colour, the wow factor or alternatively something neutral … I am a big fan of white in any season because it always looks clean and well manicured with most outfits, adding a little bling as seen here in a coordinating shade to catch the light, will give the finished product a little zsuzh!

hair remove

Waxing, Shaving, Hair removal depending on regrowth do it as close to the event as possible without needing to attend to it all on the day.


crest 3d

Teeth Whitening again can be done a day before, good home whitening kits can be bought from vendors of Crestwhite 3d strips, choose one that suits your needs e.g. sensitive or gentle routine.  I advocate maintenance with these products and perhaps twice a year use the glamorous luxe version which is a 7 or 14 day regimen to overhaul your gnashers!  try eBay, Amazon and price comparison websites for the best deals…  I recommend,,



Spray Tanning will impart a healthy radiance to your outfit and make you feel well! Choose an organic product that doesn’t smell for days! I am a fan of the Sienna Tan.


Now with the basics, and let’s face it, time consuming small jobs out of the way, you are free to concentrate on the day to shower, moisturize, hair-do, dress, and make up!

hair before

Another tip is to get your hair done prior to the event, and then just arrange for an updo on the day (earlier rather than later), if you are leaving it styled then even better! Additional benefit of having your hair done a day before is that it will settle and gain volume in most cases.



This is the Kink Salon, if you are lucky enough to be able to get to North London, and to get an appointment with them it is a MUST! Each team member is talented, kind, friendly and capable of transforming your tresses the way you want it.  Having tried and tested a number of hairdressers I can say with all confidence that this is hair-topia!  They train and learn constantly and many a time I have seen them self teaching the art of the latest trend when they have a spare moment.  Apart from which #TeamCleo a most talented sibling management/stylist duo can provide valuable insight and advice for anything from the best film to watch,  to window cleaners and everything in between and that is a promise…I often arrive for my appointments armed with a to-do list which will usually be executed by the time I leave! Hasten down there, you won’t be disappointed.



Now we are left to the basics of getting ready on the day! Take your time, so you don’t end up hot and bothered, bath, moisturize, pamper and preen with smelly stuff to feel and look glamorous and well rested.


gel mask

Then relax and put on a face mask and eye patches to rejuvenate your cleansed skin for an at home facial that will take years off you and leave you glowing! I am a big fan of Diamond Blend products that harness the goodness of marine miracle and infuse your skin with beneficial properties of diamonds leaving you with traces of diamond dust for that extra impact at an affordable pricepoint.



Getting dressed is usually my next stop, as I don’t like getting hot and flustered once I am made up! If you are anything like me however well prepared you are or think you are, it doesn’t necessarily flow on the day, so allow loads of time! Remember to cover yourself with something so that the makeup spillages don’t land on your clothing.  My top tip here is to stick to a basic makeup routine (of which there are many tutorials here on my site) build up the colour as you go, a smokey eye is always good on these occasions and so quick and easy to do and a pop of colour on the lips.



dionne warwick wedding performance

Time to go and enjoy your night!

Any questions or just need some advice try an online chat with us.






Sheer Cover Tan Kit … The results

sheer cover









Sheer Cover Tan Kit has yielded magnificent results…

We have tested its endurance and most remarkable staying power, with and without primer obviously with the latter it looked professionally applied, through a heavy exercise routine, in the sun and in and out of air conditioned places.  Yet through it all the Sheer Cover Tan kit stayed in place, blotting out pigmentation and not giving in to temptation and settling into natural creases.  Whilst all the time it feels like you are not wearing any makeup.  Incredible! It would have to score 10/10 for its cover, endurance, flawless finish and most notably its easy application…

Step One




Prime (using Sheer Cover or your own favoured product) Conceal and brighten.  This can be applied using fingers and light tapping motions, or on a brush it is down to your individual taste to decide and choose your preference, or try both methods to see which is better suited to you. Mixing the two light and dark shades of concealer tends to give the best results as the colours blend and seamlessly disappear into the surrounding skin to give a natural look.  Conceal the usual suspects (generally eye circles, around the nose and any blemishes/pigmentation).   Next apply the highlighter around the tear ducts, a v shape under the eye area, gently fan out over the ridge of the cheekbones, over and under the brow line, a dab in between the brows at the top or bridge of the nose, down the centre of the nose, on the tip of the nose and on the cupids bow (lip).  Remember this is a subtle touch, if you need more, you can build it up as you go, but start with light, gentle layers.


Step Two

Mineral Foundation

You are now ready to gently apply the foundation layer/s by swirling your brush into the mineral powder and tapping the excess, gently apply using circular motions onto the face, build up the layers as you go, the product gives extreme coverage, so take care not to over apply and go very lightly indeed under the eyes which only need a small amount over the concealer anyway.  A good tip is to push the product onto the skin and then blend using the circular motions.

Step Three


You are now ready to apply the bronzer which actually does Illuminate your best assets with the sun-kissed glow of light-reflective natural minerals! One feather-light dusting instantly imparts a hint of shimmering colour and flattering contour to cheeks, forehead, nose, jaw line, eyelids, neck, shoulders, décolleté … Additional subtle radiance can be applied using just the highlighter part of the bronzer as a finishing touch.

You are now ready to apply some mascara and you are done! This whole routine takes approx 5-10mins and we like to finish with a spray of water or hyaluronic acid or whatever you have to hand, it just gives a final glow and sets everything in place.

This is a go-to makeup that works wonders.

mink 3d makeup printer

print your own colour makeup at home










The Mink 3d makeup printer at home where you can produce your own colour cosmetics – makeup utopia at last!

This is where lifestyle and technology meet and complement each other…what a fabulous invention, the Mink 3d makeup printer being able to produce your own colour makeup at home, colours to suit you, no more what ifs and maybes and if they only had… here is the ability to produce the exact right blend, tone and colour to suit your life! where do we go to sign up for it!!!

Watch the you tube video below explaining the Mink 3d makeup printer


Foolproof how to do smoky eye

how to smokey eye









  • Smudge-able Liner — Look for an eyeliner that you can easily smudge with your finger but is also longwearing so it stays put and lasts. Try Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner in Spice,  Benefit BADgirl Waterproof Liner as well as Smashbox always sharp 3D black with silver pearl.
  • Your Favourite Mascara — we like Maybelline falsies in black drama…


1. Start by applying foundation all over your face, and include your eyelids. Using your smudgable pencil draw a line from the outside corner of your upper lashline towards the end of the crease in your eye socket as demonstrated above.


2.  Repeat and draw a parallel line a couple millimeters over, again from the upper lashline towards the crease at around a 45-degree angle.


3.  Follow where your natural eye socket crease is and draw a line along the crease about 3/4′s of the distance from the outside line inward.


4.  Move the liner tip to the top of the original line you drew in step 1 and draw a parallel arc a couple of millimeters above the crease line. If you prefer you can swap steps 4 and 3 and do this one first.


5.  Using your finger over the area gently start smudging! Move your finger tip lightly back and forth to blend the lines away, creating a smoky effect.


6.  Line the bottom lashline.


7.  Blend this line away as well so there are no harsh lines.


8.  Finish with a couple coats of mascara and or false lashes as you fancy!    







Source: The Beauty Department