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Geek Chic…e-tape measure









GeekChic…e-tape measure



This is simply brilliant, no matter whether you need the dimensions for new curtains, flooring, or just a small table!

The rule to building things is, “Measure twice, cut once.” But unless you are a measuring pro, many times you can measure multiple times with a tape measure and get different results each time. It’s frustrating, it’s time consuming, and it’s not accurate. Welcome to measuring in the digital age with the eTape16 digital measuring tape.

The eTape16 digital measuring tape makes measuring easy and fun again. Just pull out the tape and the eTape16 digital measuring tape shows you the measurement on top. You can measure to the front of the eTape16 (the Inside Measure Anvil) or the back of the eTape16 (the Outside Measure Anvil), display your measurements in one of five different ways (fractions, decimal, feet, inches, cm), and even store up to two measurements with the press of a button. To protect the brain of the eTape16 digital measuring tape, the case is made of polycarbonate with a rubber top (for superior durability).

Product Specifications

eTape16 digital measuring tape
Remove the guess work from measuring stuff with measuring tape
Large Digital Display
Dual Memory
Blade Lock
Inside / Outside Measure Anvils
Select Inside / Outside Measurement
Select / Convert Units
Midpoint / Rezero
Retains Last Measurement
Pull blade to turn on
Auto shut off – eTape16 powers off after 5 minutes to conserve battery power
Measurement units:
Feet, Inches, Fractions, to 1/16th of an inch
Inches, Fractions, to 1/16th of an inch
Decimal Inches, to 1/10th of an inch
Decimal Feet, to 1/100th of a foot
Centimeters, to 1/10 of a Centimeter
Accuracy: 1/16 inch or 1mm
Tape length: 16 Feet / 4.8768 Meters
Tape blade width: 3/4 inch
Battery: 1 x CR2032 (included)
Bluetooth Model adds Bluetooth® 4.0 connectivity
Materials: Polycarbonate case with rubber top
Dimensions: approx. 3″ x 2.9″ x 1.25″

Wedding Pics in #Starbucks?


OK so I like a latte as much as the next person but the last thing I would want is Starbucks to be in on the action of my wedding.

However, people are loving the coffee chain so much that they are stopping off at their local starbucks on their wedding day to pose for pictures. The trend can be seen on Instagram under the hashtag #StarbucksWedding where there are currently just over 100 photos dating back to 2012.

Of course one couple HAD to take it  a step further and got actually married inside a branch of Starbucks. DeAnna Dodson, 31, and Jordan Senz, 32, of Janesville, Wisconsin wed in a Starbucks on New Year’s Eve and their vows included the statements: “I promise to love you a latte” and “I want to macchiato an honest woman out of you.”

Hmmmm…we’ll stick to the champagne and canapés we think!!

Image via The Wedding Salon

Co-Washing…the newest hair care trend!







Co-washing is the latest trend in hair care but what does it involve? The name implies, showering with a friend, but its actual meaning is quite different (albeit less sexy). Lest you embarrass yourself with cluelessness as the craze takes a grip here we aim to debunk co-washing.

What is co-washing?
“Co-washing” is the abbreviated term for “conditioner washing,” which is exactly what it sounds like—it’s a method of cleansing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. Originally intended for use by those with naturally curly or textured hair, the co-washing community has since broadened to include many different hair types, though it’s still particularly favored by the curly-haired. Shampoo uses surfactants to create that squeaky-clean lather, and while conditioner also contains surfactants, it’s formulated with significantly less.

What are the benefits?
The purpose of co-washing is to preserve the natural oils of the hair while still gently cleansing, allowing for better hydration for super-dry and frizzy hair types and less stripping for coloured hair. The goal is to make hair healthier overall. People who co-wash often attest to a few days or weeks of greasiness before the hair and scalp balances itself and regains a clean look.

Who should be doing it?
Dry, dehydrated and damaged hair types find great success with co-washing, as do those with textured natural hair. Somewhat more important than who should be doing it is who shouldn’t be doing it: Anyone with naturally fine or oily hair and anyone who lives in a highly polluted environment or is often exposed to a lot of dust or dirt. Shampoo and conditioner both contain surfactants, but while those found in shampoo are meant to wash oil and dirt from the surface, those found in conditioner are intended to cling to the hair, so co-washing has the potential to draw more environmental dirt into the hair. For the fine-haired, unless your hair is extremely dry or damaged, co-washing will simply weigh the hair down.

How do I start co-washing?
Many people say that the trick to co-washing is to shampoo your hair every once in a while. Straight-up co-washing sans any shampoo whatsoever is beneficial mainly to the extremely dry-haired, while the rest of us can get away with shampooing once a week and sticking to co-washing the rest of the time.

With that said, the best way to start is with an inexpensive, lightweight high street conditioner: Co-washing requires a lot of product, so you’re not going to want to use the fancy stuff as your co-wash. Use a generous amount of something like VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Conditioner (£5, or, rubbing it into your scalp as you would shampoo, then rinse and repeat. If you really want to invest in co-washing, then try a cleansing conditioner that’s formulated for that purpose, like the WEN by Chaz Dean line or the new Ojon Rare Blend Moisture Rich Cleansing Conditioner (from £7 These products are made to cleanse while they condition, so they’re less likely to cause buildup and more likely to be suitable for everyday use.



Brand Alley Festival Edit…Designer Styleee!

Festival Fashion The Essentials









Brand Alley Festival Edit…Designer Styleee!

We are delighted to be able to bring you a designer festival edit from the creators of Brand Alley.

Ever thought it was too expensive to look chic in labels – well here is your solution!

These clever marketeers have rounded up the best of the offers directly from them to you, shop online and worry no more, show some festive cheer for Summer’s here…

From Sunglasses to worthy tasseled glamour, you can pack your beautifully inspired designer cases and be ready to go with these fabulous looks.  Remember to pack light and layer up, this is the key trend to working a minimalist cupboard (albeit out of a case) and looking catwalk stunning every time.

If you need any help just contact us, we are here for you!!


Bobo Juices…ready to go for the new juice fest










Bobo Juices…ready to go for the new juice fest

Bobo’s Juicery  and smoothies is the smartest new kid on the juicing block. It offers cold-pressed juices to your door and is also currently popping up in stores and cafes everywhere. Founded by the brilliant Jo ‘Bobo’ Symes and co-conceived by nutritionist Dr. Susan Oaten, these are some of the most complex and delicious concoctions around. Choose from prescriptive health-helpers like Black Mamba (black sesame seeds, rose petals, raw honey), Mind Blowing (banana, buckwheat, date water, hemp seeds, Himalayan pink salt, Ho Shou Wu) and Worn Out (apple, chia seeds, pineapple, maca  pH9 filtered water). Symes suggests that some can be mixed with spirits like vodka, for the occasional party or two. All are made from 100% organic produce sourced from Jo’s gardens in Somerset and select farms within the M25. StyleCard members get 10% off orders of 12 juices at Bobo’s Juicery; order online and the juices will be delivered to your door. If health is wealth, these bottles of goodness are full of riches.

Not only is this good for us, the planet and just about everything else too…
Instagram: @BobosJuicery
Twitter: @BobosJuicery

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Festival Mania Chic 2014 … A definitive guide

festival FEATURE






It is that time of year again! and we are embracing all trends, sporting all chics and generally getting organised for Summer!  Herewith an edit of Festiv-cool uber-chic practical tips tricks and fashion to wrap up the season… Remember that there are no rules, so mix it up and create your own guidelines from prints to block colour and white out, layers, accessories, neon, metallics and everything in between with lashings of flora and fauna!!!!!!!!!!!! Here goes:



This easy to wear bag means your arms are unencumbered and your stash is safe, it is practical and convenient, just grab your goodies, zip up and go.


festival bonnet

How cute are these little bonnets, for the inevitable downpours and they take up no room in your bag.

festival crochet


This practical number takes you from day to night and in between, can be worn over seperates or a slinky number to add an extra dimension, being lightweight and foldable it won’t look crushed or ‘worn’ stash it away and bring it out for the appropriate time!

festival earrings

Add a dash of spice with some jewellery, the more colour and glitz the better!

festival feet

A comfortable alternative to the welly boot and easy and convenient to fit into a small bag these protective covers mean you can wear whatever footwear you fancy…

festival floral

Florals are huge this season and have been seen all over the catwalk, there is no escaping them, fortunately they can’t trigger any allergies!

festival foot lotion

Brilliant idea, travel packs of foot lotion brimming with peppermint refreshment and goodness to soothe your tired festival feet.

ickle bockle

Basically wonderful way to travel for the day or overnight or longer! These clever containers will take you from festival to airport. Ingenious good supply available @K1nkhair

festival kimono

The season favourite, with or without sleeves, sheer, tassled, fringed, patterned or plain simply worn over seperates or maxis it is a must have, folds away to nothing and jazzes up all looks.

festival lash

Want to look and feel beautiful, simply apply these strip lashes to add the glam.

festival lips

Remember that pink pout is the new red at least for now! slick on a layer of this and transform your festive crazes!

festival necklace

Simply divine this necklace, absolutely transforms any outfit and takes you through the day to night.

festival poncho

Yet another space saving layer that folds to nothing and can be popped over your outfit to protect you from any droplets of rain!

hair crown festival

These are a must have and to be sported on your crowning glory, or alternatively corsages for the ankles, wrists or anywhere!

You cannot go wrong with this simple guide, protecting you from the elements, and easy to travel essentials.  Now just enjoy!!!!!!!!!!








The Gold shoe edit…

gold shoe feature






Bang on Trend the gold shoe edit…

Dolce Gabbana lace slingback court £475

1.  D&G lace slingback 4inch heel £475.00, very ladylike, good fit, comfortable and with a solid heel score 5/5
2.  Dolcis Kourtney heart cut out  mid heel (under 4inch) £40.00 nice fit, good looking shoe  score 4/5
dune gold heel £79
3.  Dune gold heel £79 good heel size and height, well appointed  score 4/5
Dune Penny two part £39
4.  Dune Penny two part £39 love this shoe love it’s classic uber look score 5/5
Flax 22 at Nine West £95
5.  Flax 22 at Nine West £95 nicely made, elegant look score 4/5
Karen Millen Glitter Metallic Court £110
6.  Karen Millen Glitter metallic £110 Lowish heel built for comfort score 3/5
KG Kurt Geiger Bea Suede Court Gold £59
7.  KG Kurt Geiger Bea Suede Court Gold £59 I am a fan of KG shoes score 4/5
LENONA Steve Madden at Dune £89
8.  LENONA Steve Madden at Dune £89 Great design and comfort mid heel score 3/5
Sledge Glitter Platform Court Shoe LK Bennet £115
9.  Sledge Glitter Platform Court Shoe LK Bennet £115 Well made and demure score 3/5
Vanity 420 Gold Mid Heel Court shoes £39.60
10. Vanity 420 Gold Mid Heel Court shoes £39.60 Excellent price classic look 3/5
Score based on price first, on trend look, built for comfort, longevity.


mink 3d makeup printer

print your own colour makeup at home










The Mink 3d makeup printer at home where you can produce your own colour cosmetics – makeup utopia at last!

This is where lifestyle and technology meet and complement each other…what a fabulous invention, the Mink 3d makeup printer being able to produce your own colour makeup at home, colours to suit you, no more what ifs and maybes and if they only had… here is the ability to produce the exact right blend, tone and colour to suit your life! where do we go to sign up for it!!!

Watch the you tube video below explaining the Mink 3d makeup printer


International fashion search engine Fashiola has launched in the UK











The wait is over, we finally have an international fashion search engine for easy to click through looks, styles, edits and much more…

Now there is no excuse as to what we should be wearing to look effortlessly chic and cool and on trend.

According to the Press Release: ( Fashiola, ‘The Fashion Finder’ is the new and easy online way to find all products of top fashion brands for women, men and children, high street and designer, in the UK.

This is the first website of its kind in the UK to enable shoppers to browse the UK’s best fashion
products from all brands at a glance – brands available at include Topshop,
Marks & Spencer, H&M, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss and Stella McCartney with more brands being
added each month.

Internationally Fashiola already offer over 3 million products from 500 shops to help fashion lovers with all budgets find the items they want with ease. Fashiola differentiate
themselves with a unique search technology for finding fashion, which ensures that specific
clothing can be found easily and quickly. They do this by offering all kinds of convenient search
filters like sizes, brands, materials, discount levels, pricing levels, categories, themes, etc.
Additionally, Fashiola users can set product ‘sale alerts’ and be notified on price reductions
instantly. Shoppers can also save products in their account and receive alerts when the size and style is back in stock! With numerous years’ experience Fashiola expands into the UK with a great understanding of what fashion and online shopping is about.

Fashiola isn’t just about shopping – the brand inspires users by publishing their own fashion themed blogs written by their fashion experts every day for their readers and customers – all are published on their popular social media platforms which combined have over 25,000 fans. Visitors are also encouraged to be creative – you can put together your own style book and share it with friends, contacts and fellow shoppers. This Fashiola stylebook is a new and different concept creating user generated content and viral promotion of fashion products. It’s also fun to do! Other unique features include specific sale and product item alerts…

With fashion this easy, we really should get clicking right away.


Kurobuto London W2 the lowdown

melon sake








OK so here goes, first of all, the parking is not a complete nightmare which bodes well for this establishment, the trendy eaterie is brilliantly executed with ambient lighting, a delicious menu, fantastic staff (more about them in a moment especially Caroline at W2) comfortable seating and a buzzy area vibed out with chatter, tunes and more and at the other end of the room is a talking zone! The toilets are unisex … The menu is absolutely crammed full of amazing dishes, of particular note was the shrimp tempura, infused with so many delicate flavours it literally awakened every tastebud and set it alight. When we arrived, the computer (or human error) had been besieged by a glitch (two names the same throwing out our booking), however, the extremely efficient Caroline and her staff got the reservation resurrected securing us a place at the bar to enjoy drinks on the house.  We were seated approximately 20 minutes later and the food was served up thoughtfully, arranging plenty of space on the small table surface, regularly clearing away used crockery, attentive staff on hand to bring refills, and the garnishings and toppings were an artform, yet not overthetop! We will be back! and so should you…