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Keeping Your Man Happy In The Bedroom

HERTFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND - MAY 27:  Big Brother presenter Davina Macall is seen ahead of the sixth series of the reality TV show at Elstree Studios on May 27, 2005 in Hertfordshire, England. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)








Keeping Your Man Happy In The Bedroom

This weekend Davina instructed women everywhere on how to keep their men happy.  Women should keep their husbands sexually satisfied ‘even if you’re absolutely exhausted’.
Apparently if not then we should face the possibility of our partners cheating on us, abhorrent as it may sound, it would appear to hold true!

I know that many of us are now consulting our memories as to frequency, effort and so on…but rather than sustaining some frenzied attack on the possibles let us also consider with calm on how to progress from here.

In real life, with commitments like work, kids, family life and so on, it does not become our focus or aim to keep the ‘magic’ alive, however, we need to find a way to get this work/life balance in harmony and as difficult as it may seem, we have to create time for intimacy.

As far as lingerie choice goes, whether it be suggested by your other half or not, it is actually all part of the game; we do want to be admired and thought of as sexy and part of that process is to include our partner it adds to the moment.  I really do not see what all the fuss is about, no one is being coerced it is simply that it is not on our minds 24/7 because we do not have the time! Perhaps if we were at the spa all day and then shopping and relaxing we may feel more inclined to take the lead more often.  Again, compromise is key in a partnership.

If more people were forthcoming you would probably hear this story repeatedly.  I honestly do not feel that we are being told to revert to a 1950s Stepford Wife figure here, just some down to earth facts that are amusing anecdotely, because we have all been there!













Michelle Obama An Inspirational First Lady








Michelle Obama An Inspirational First Lady

The First Lady is the first African-American First Lady of the United States. She has become a role model for women and an advocate for poverty awareness, higher education, and healthy living.

Self proclaimed as firstly being a mother, she is a wife, lawyer and public servant who grew up in ordinary circumstances in Chicago.

Today her passion is to continuing her work on the issues close to her heart — supporting military families, helping children lead healthier lives, and encouraging all young people to fulfill their boundless promise.

One of the lessons that she tells us she grew up with was to “always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals” this is probably one of the most important life lessons that we can all heed, to speak our minds and keep a focus on what it is we want and who we are.

She knows what she likes, looks good in and wears it with confidence and elegance. Most people feel that true beauty lies in the person that displays inner confidence and ease there is nothing more powerful or stunning.

Being The First Lady she demonstrates through action how she balances her work and home life priorities, if she can manage this, then surely we can follow her lead and do the same.

As above mentioned she continually gives back to the community, isn’t it one of the ten commandments to love our neighbour?

Always value yourself.  Self-esteem is our grounding and sanity.  If we don’t do that how will others be able to do so?

Long may she reign and help us to see the pathways for ourselves.


Graduate Design Programme Winners







Graduate Design Programme winners

High street fashion retailers Topshop and Topman have announced the winners of the Graduate Design Programme in partnership with the BFC Colleges Council.

The latest initiative supports graduate talent, with the inaugural award winners including
Jessica Herndlhofer from Huddersfield University, who won the Topshop prize; and
Jonathan Douglas from Glasgow School of Art, who won the Topman prize.
The Graduate Design Programme offers the two students a 12 month paid internship at
Topshop and Topman respectively.
This is the third year the brands have partnered with the British Fashion Council on a graduate
initiative, which reinforces their on-going support of emerging talent. Students were invited to
submit a minimum of one mood board that demonstrates strong commercial awareness and
understanding of the Topshop or Topman customer. From this mood board, applicants
designed a 15 piece capsule collection that fully encapsulates their theme, showing key
silhouettes, fabrics and colour choices.
What is so important is to note the spirit of mentoring and motivating the award scheme is
another way that top companies such as Arcadia and putting the Great back into Britain.
It would be lovely to see this attitude of encouragement being spread through the ranks and
to infiltrate all business and entrepreneurs to do the same in this country.

Mental Health – When Death Serves As A Relief

Taking a closer look at Mental Health. EPS 10. File contains a gradient mesh in the dropshadows.








Mental Health – When Death Serves As A Relief

You don’t know how you will feel when someone close to you becomes mentally incapacitated.

For me, it was my father that was afflicted, when having returned home from a boys’ golfing weekend in Marbella he suffered a heart attack in bed that night.  He was administered CPR and eventually resuscitated and put into a coma and life support to recover.  Unfortunately that was the beginning of the end of life as we knew it.  Having been starved of oxygen for twenty minutes his brain would never recover, he did not regain his immediate (short term) memory ability to recall data and during the long six years that have followed his faculties have ‘ebbed’ away.

From hospitals to care homes; he can hardly walk, rarely talks and is incapable of expressing himself other than via aggressive routes.  Most currently he has been presenting with vascular dementia which means that his body is slowly shutting down.  His dignity has been robbed from him being doubly incontinent, incoherent and for the most part disinterested in life.

Each time my phone trills the eternal burning question arises in my thoughts…Is this THE call? All I could possibly want for him (and to some degree for myself now) is that he sleeps peacefully without having to endure yet another day of nothingness for he has no quality of life.

The care team are amazing, selfless and wonderful people without whom; life would be unimaginable and they make each visit a less stressful duty, for that is now what it has become for me to see this apparent ‘stranger’ inhabiting what resembles a vague recollection of my parent.  To singularly and simultaneously chat on about my day and the events in it, reciting anecdotes and performing tasks…is simply exhausting all met with cold vacant eyes that have dulled with the sheer struggle of getting through each hour.

The grieving has continued for six years from the moment he was pronounced clinically dead to being brought back to life…

Mental Health

Vascular Dementia


Priory Hemel





Mark Seymour … Alzheimer’s Awareness Drive








Mark Seymour … Alzheimer’s Awareness Drive

Mark has set up a photographic exhibition in honour of his father Ronnie in aid of dementia and documenting the family’s struggle with the illness.

In a frank and moving account of this painful tale, he is hoping to raise awareness of how the family and the person suffers.  To watch his ‘hero’ decline from the patriarchal role to a shadow of his former self stealing in its wake the character and strength that was once Ronnie who ended up in a care home.

This dedicated story is on display at the Oxo Tower, London for two weeks in September 2015 coinciding with Alzheimer’s Awareness month

This is aimed at raising the funds to have this exhibition through Kickstarter.  The target goal is required to be achieved in order to run the exhibition.



Neale James



Alzheimers UK

Dementia Friend


Mark Seymour is sponsored by Loxley Print a superior professional photographic print company based in Edinburgh UK. The exhibition prints and books will be printed to Loxley’s highest standard.
Mark has spent time talking with many interested parties in the conception and planning of this project, and he is confident that it will touch many people’s lives and the funding will be generated to enable the exhibition to take place. As such, he would like to take this opportunity to extend his sincere thanks to everyone who plays their part in this exhibition.

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