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Our Faves; Classic Must Haves

lust have






Here are some of our faves; classic must haves:

Fairy Drop mascara is brilliant from application to removal.  The ingenious serum feeling formula glides on easily and remains in tact for hours on end.  No flaking or irritation.  The ingredients list is comprehensive with an impressive amount of nourishing and conditioning properties. The wand incorporates the best of all the products that are available and will lift, extend and coat each lash for maximum impact.  The brush on fibres are fantastic and create dramatic length, so you can be the best version of yourself!

Axilla deodorant is practically perfect in every way, good for you, your underarm skin, the environment and it works like a charm.  The clay makes it a sweat wicking product and keeps your armpits smelling fresh as a daisy all day, even after the gym.


Brand Alley Festival Edit…Designer Styleee!

Festival Fashion The Essentials









Brand Alley Festival Edit…Designer Styleee!

We are delighted to be able to bring you a designer festival edit from the creators of Brand Alley.

Ever thought it was too expensive to look chic in labels – well here is your solution!

These clever marketeers have rounded up the best of the offers directly from them to you, shop online and worry no more, show some festive cheer for Summer’s here…

From Sunglasses to worthy tasseled glamour, you can pack your beautifully inspired designer cases and be ready to go with these fabulous looks.  Remember to pack light and layer up, this is the key trend to working a minimalist cupboard (albeit out of a case) and looking catwalk stunning every time.

If you need any help just contact us, we are here for you!!


LTV LOVES…my 5 hit list items this week











In my chart of love this week (how fickle that sounds!) are the following products and I do adore them:


silk feel kimono

1. This is the silk feel kimono from missguided I am wearing it all the time, over jeans leggings, maxis with and without the floppy hat, it is an absolute must have for your wardrobe and can even be worn round the pool.


Why do I love it? It feels like silk, it keeps you feeling cool and neat and well presented even in the heat, it goes with everything and mis-matches beautifully and it is reasonably priced £24.99

Get yours here now:


hm fringe bikini
2. Fringe bikini from H&M £60 This is a statement piece and one that can be worn by the pool
and into the evening the top can be teamed with some cropped jeans or silky leggings and
heels and you are good to go…Think Festival-Mania!!
Why do I love it? The sensational look and style which works day to night glam up with
kate moss green eyeliner
3. Kate Moss Green Gel Eyeliner for Rimmel.  It feels as good as it looks, it works all day in all
temperatures, don’t worry about smudging or fading, it is gorgeous quality and works as well as
my Bobbi Brown counterparts.  The colour is true emerald green, and so quick and easy to
apply.  Pick it up at your local supermarket!
4. Kate Moss eye shadow sticks…They do exactly as advertised (I want to say Ronseal but that
may not exactly enhance what I am trying to convey!!) These brilliant chubby sticks are easy to
hold and to use, that’s your eyes done in less than 30 seconds…INCREDIBLE staying power and
they flirt all day long without wearing, and last well into the night!
white nails
5. White Nails…Yes they are still rocking the globe, although they have been around for a long
while now, they are still the hippest and most manicured look!  They can be worn, any length
any shape, any style in fact just to suit you…Tailored Talons they are wonderful, I like wearing
mine with a slight glitter on the tip just to give them an edge.  They are timeless!
See you next week!

65% off Herve leger at the Outnet


Hurry along to the outnet website where they have now introduced an edit of Herve Leger for 65% off.  If you are a fan of this label it is a must… Don’t expect the stock to last too long though, because with these prices you may be disappointed!

Issa and Banana Republic go public on August 8th


Finally this collaboration will be unveiled to the public as of August 8th this summer.  Kate’s engagement dress (blue wrap lest you forgot tut-tut!) is available at £75 plus many other looks being sported by the trendiest of models straight from the catwalk and adopted for purse-friendly steals…

Head over there to a store near you or go online ASAP to stock up your baskets.  You have been warned!Issa Banana Rep collaboration

Contrary to what we know … exfoliating for summer


If you are stuck for time and need to get your skin ready for summer; then follow our handy tips below:

As we all know the routine to glowing skin is to exfoliate, moisturise and then glow (sometimes using fake or real tans)

For best results, body brushing twice a day just a few strokes before bathing will suffice to give you an instant and radiant all over glow, plenty of water to hydrate and fuel the system, and enough sleep are all the ingredients we need.  However, for a shortcut to getting skin summer ready just use a moisturizer range that contains SPF and will also smoothe out these give away dry patches which also create an aging effect.

We recommend Diamond Blend check our website under the partner link to buy their products.  They have a full range with specific products (all in one so cheaper and quicker to apply) to target these problem areas.  Added benefit is that it leaves a trail of diamond sparkle on the skin so you will literally shine out!

Chalk your hair

Pastel hair was a huge trend that we saw dominating almost all runways this Autumn be it Chanel orMarc Jacobs. Good news is that you can achieve a similar effect sitting at home and without breaking the bank. Don’t be scared of experimenting with this trend, as not only is it cheap as chips with chalks retailing between £5 to £20 depending on the variety of colours you want at most craft stores,  it is also temporary and gone after a hair wash.

Get your creative juices flowing as almost any pattern in the hair looks beautiful with these magical chalks. Loved the recent ombre trend floating amidst celebrities this season? Go ahead and chalk just the ends of your hair and look like you have stepped out of a salon after a dip dye session. Or have you always preferred the traditional, feathery and wispy highlights then we’d suggest opting for a gorgeous teal, purple or turquoise for highlights and a fuchsia pink or a rustic red when trying this out on an ombre hairdo.

All you need to do is to wet your hair, powder pigment when mixed with water will deliver more impact. Also remember to twist the section of the hair you are trying to colour as the chalk will release more colour that way. We suggest rubbing the chalk in a downward motion towards the end of your hair to avoid a tangled mess. Once you have the desired colour dispersed in your locks, dry it fully with a blow dryer and seal the colour in with a hair straightener or a tong. Adding a hair mist to finish off like Paul Mitchell’sMoisture Mist will ensure longevity of colour.

Tips & Tricks

–          For a customised tie and dye effect, apply two colours on the same section of hair.

–          Effects look dreamy and more professional on curled hair so scrunch it up!

–          Wearing chalked hair in an up-do or a plait ensures an effortless, toned down effect.

–          Make sure to wear protective clothing whilst chalking as it is likely to be ruined.

–          Burnt orange, rich purples and deep auburns are fab for the Autumn/Winter.

Dorothy Perkins partners Kardashian Kollection UK


Dorothy Perkins has announced that it will bring the Kardashion Kollection to the UK in November. The range will comprise of over a hundred pieces from clothing to footwear, which will launch in 2013. The range will be stocked in more than 250Dorothy Perkins stores throughout the UK, including eight shop-in-shops within BHS, online and internationally to 13 further countries via franchise stores.

Kardashian sisters; Kim, Kourtney and Khloe  commented on the new partnership stating: “We’re looking forward to expanding our line and making Kardashian Kollection available to so many more people. We pride ourselves in having a line that is affordable and yet of great quality and we’re excited to bring it to new territories”

A unique, flash pop-up event, Dîner en Blanc


A unique, flash pop-up event, Dîner en Blanc is coming to London on 20 September. Organised entirely via social media, all guests are asked to dress in white, bring their own banquets, tables, chairs, glasses, silverware and white table linen. The secret picnickers then come together for a “chic picnic” in a public space. Over the course of the evening, attendees will celebrate and dine amid live music and dancing. When it is time to leave, guests pack their dinnerware and tables before leaving, with no sign of the gathering left behind. For the UK’s first Dîner en Blanc, the guest list will be limited to 1,442 people for the undisclosed location. The event has taken place in outdoor public spaces in 20 cities across five continents this year, including New York and Singapore.

How to make a peplum belt no sewing!


Try making a peplum belt using the following guide, we did it with great success and ease…


This tutorial is for you if you don’t know how to/ don’t feel like sewing. Just a little bit of glue and you’re all set!

leather peplum belt tutorial no-sew quick and easy

Here goes:


mark out points on leather - peplum belt tutorial

Make small marks on the reverse side of your faux leather. I used a ballpoint pen to do so.

Don’t be intimidated by this! The inner circle marks should be your waist size. You can use a piece of string that’s the same length as your waist and lay it out in a circle and mark around it.

For OCD people/ math-lovers: the distance from the center point, line A, should be {your waist measurement} divided by {2π } where π is pi. iPhone users, just turn your calculator sideways to landscape and you’ll get a scientific calculator and just hit the symbol π !

For ease of reference: Waist size 24″ – line A should be about 3.8″ | Waist size 25″ – line A should be about 4″ | Waist size 26″ – line A should be about 4.1″ | Waist size 27″ – line A should be about 4.3″

For line B and C, it just depends on how long you want your peplum belt to be along the front, sides, and back. I used 6 inches for B and 8″ for C. Using the same measurements, go around the circle and make marks all round.

marking how to make leather peplum belt tutorial

Join the marks. If you’re not great at freehand, make more marks!

angled point marking how to make leather peplum belt tutorial

At the front end of the peplum pattern, make an angle for the opening. I took 1.5 inches on either side. But in any case you’d have to try it on and cut more if the belt needs to be smaller.

cut out - how to make leather peplum belt tutorial

Cut it out around the outer circle and inner circle markings. Fit around your waist. I decided I wanted it higher and tighter and ended up cutting off more from the front ends.

glue ribbon - how to make leather peplum belt tutorial

You’re almost there! Just use some glue meant for leather and fabric to glue some ribbon down for closure. You can use leather straps too if you prefer.

glue ribbon 2 - how to make leather peplum belt tutorial

Glue a separate strip of ribbon to either side of the peplum belt. Let it dry and you’re done!

peplum plain

I love how the ribbon gives the leather look a bit more of a feminine feel. Hope you enjoyed this and have a great start to the week!