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Trust Your Intuition

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How To Trust Your Intuition

Ever have that feeling that you “know” what you should do but you can’t really explain why? That is known as intuition or having a “gut feeling” about something, that most times usually turns out the be the right thing to do. When you are faced with a few options and don’t know what to do, knowing how to trust your instinct can help a lot. Intuition can be developed. The following few hints and tips will give you an idea of how to trust your intuition.

When you ask yourself questions listen to that first answer that comes to mind

With all the thoughts going through your mind, this isn’t easy, but it can be done. Say for instance you’re looking through the menu at a restaurant. Pick the first thing that you feel you’ll enjoy. Don’t worry that you haven’t even looked at the specials of the day, or that your cousin recommended some other meal. Don’t hesitate, just go with what your gut tells you to order.

Listen to your gut instincts

Listening to your gut instinct is a big step to knowing how to trust your intuition. There’s a good reason why it’s referred to as a “gut feeling”. Ever felt uncomfortable in your stomach when you “know” that something you’re about to do is the wrong decision? That’s your intuition kicking in!

Give the right side of your brain regular exercise

Intuition comes from the right side of the brain, the same side where holistic, nonverbal expression and thought is controlled. Some ways to give your intuition a good “workout” include:

  • Dancing
  • Being creative
  • Visualising
  • Painting
  • Brainstorming

Keep a journal of your intuition

Use your intuition every day to make a guess about something or someone, but don’t actually act on it. Just jot it down. Focus on things like the feelings you have at the time, what your intuition is telling you, and whether there are any associated sensations, like physical discomfort or a vision, and write them down. After a while, read through your journal and see how frequently you were right. The more you learn how to identify your tuition and see that it’s pointing you in the right direction, not only will your intuitive power grow, but your confidence as well.

Sure, learning how to trust your intuition can be scary, especially when it means relying on something that you don’t quite understand. You shouldn’t base all your decisions on intuition, but for most of the time, trust those “gut feelings” because they are usually right!


Eating Everything In Moderation

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Great Tips To Eating Everything In Moderation To Stay Healthy

Although eating in moderation is becoming the “done thing” with many people these days, there are still those of us who have that “all in” attitude by alternating between cleanses and deprivation diets or binging on fatty foods and sweets. Balance is incredibly important to the way we eat. Following are a few great tips to eating everything in moderation to stay healthy.

  • Develop your own guiding principles – What does moderation look like to you? It’s more than likely eating meat, sweets, and occasionally, processed foods. This generally means that we eat vegetables at home, but when we go to a restaurant or are invited to eat at family or friend’s things are entirely different and all rules are ignored completely. This probably works for you, so before you start worrying about moderation, decide what suits you and your lifestyle best.
  • Enjoy the things that you’re meant to enjoy – treats are meant to be enjoyed, so do just that! Don’t put yourself on a guilt trip because you’ve veered away from eating in moderation. Instead, concentrate on the pleasure you’re getting from that one little treat.
  • If you can’t see it, you won’t eat it! – grocery shopping is the key to eating everything in moderation to stay healthy. Simple buy less of the foods you know you shouldn’t be eating. If you don’t have it in your kitchen, you won’t want to eat it. Stock up instead on healthy foods and snacks like veggies, nuts, berries, yoghurt, hummus, and so forth.
  • Give your taste buds time to adapt – it might take a while, but once you change your diet to eating healthy meals, the less you will crave processed and sugary foods. It takes time for your taste buds to adapt, so don’t give up! Okay, so you will more than likely never lose your love for sugar-filled foods, but those terrible cravings will decline significantly after some time.
  • Be mindful – always be mindful of what you’re eating. Avoid eating those hand-to-mouth snacks while you’re multitasking. Instead, treat yourself when you have been sticking to your rule of eating everything in moderation to stay healthy, and enjoy every morsel! Practice being mindful of what you eat every day and you will find that those treats become a lot more pleasurable in the long run.

If you screw up every so often, don’t beat yourself up about it, because everyone does it. Rather be kind to yourself and stay positive. There’s always tomorrow to start eating everything in moderation to stay healthy.


Living Life To The Max

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Ways To Enjoy Living Life To The Max


Do you know how to enjoy life to the fullest, or are you like so many other people and spend your days stressing out so much, that you make yourself utterly miserable? Well stress no more, because here are some great ways to enjoy living life to the max!


Spend more time with your loved ones


This might seem like an obvious tip to you, but really, how much time do you spend with the people you care about? Studies show that being surrounded by loved ones can significantly increase your general happiness and add more meaning to your life. Get started on the road to happiness now, by making a point of being with the people who love you and bring out the best in you!


Unleash your inner child


Having to pay bills and be the responsible adult we’re expected to be, has caused many people to take life way too seriously. One of the best ways to enjoy living life to the max, is to take time out at least once a week from being the adult you are and be a kid again. Feel the wind in your hair as you drive go-carts, play a few rounds of mini-golf, spend a day at an amusement park, or anything else that will unleash your inner child.


Turn the negatives into positives!


Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? It is almost a guarantee that if you see the positive in everything, you will become a happier person!


Bury the grudges!


Improve your mental well-being and maximise your life by getting rid of any grudges you might have. Holding grudges inside can play up havoc with your health, but if you can find it in your heart to forgive those who have done you wrong, you will feel an immense sense of relief, and start concentrating on all the good things in life.


Exercise regularly


Regular exercise will keep you healthy, happy and fit, and help to protect your body against awful illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and a whole host of other chronic medical issues. Being fit and healthy is one of the essential ways to enjoy living life to the max.


Get enough sleep


You cannot possibly function properly without enough sleep. Get plenty of restful sleep every night, and you will be ready every day to tackle work, some time on the skating rink, or a Sunday morning hike with friends or family. Giving your body the rest it needs is vital for boosting your immune system and increasing your energy levels for the activities you must face the next day.


Maintain Momentum








4 Great Tips On How To Maintain Momentum

If you find that your motivation is starting to go downhill, don’t worry. You’re not meant to fall back into those old habits of yours or fail at the aims that you set for yourself just a couple of months ago. All it needs is for you to refocus to get back on track, and the following 4 great tips on how to maintain momentum are going to help you do just that!

Rethink Your Goals

Were the goals you set for yourself those that required progress measurements, such as weight loss for instance? Did you reward yourself when you succeeded, or did you only beat yourself up when you didn’t reach your goals? It’s all good and well to say that you’re going to eat better to lose 10 pounds, but you won’t succeed if you don’t have a definite plan. Decide why you want to lose those extra pounds. Keeping your goals meaningful will help to stay motivated during the tough times.

Do The Things You Like Doing

It’s important to enjoy what you’re doing, or you’re not going to stick to what you’ve set out to do. If your goal is to lose weight by exercising and changing your eating habits, then only do the exercises that you enjoy, and go on a diet that you will look forward to eating at mealtimes. In other words, don’t force yourself because it just won’t work. This is not how to maintain momentum.

Find a Support System

You might feel as if you can go it alone when you make these changes, but times will get tough, and you will need people around you to lean on and provide you with encouragement and support. Speak to family, friends, work colleagues, your partner or even join an online support group. Apart from encouragement and support, these people will also make sure that you stick to the goals you’ve set for yourself. For example, you won’t have that rich dessert if the people around you know that it’s something that you shouldn’t eat.

Instead of Fearing Your Mistakes, Learn From Them

Remind yourself that you’re not perfect, and that there will be times when you fail. Take your diet for instance. You’re an individual and your body is extremely complicated, so even if you expect to lose two pounds at the end of a week, there is a good chance that it won’t happen.

It’s the same if you’re exercising. You might be determined to let nothing keep you away from your daily exercise, but thing happen, and there will be times when you will have to skip a daily exercise routine. Accepting these experiences is a great way of learning how to maintain momentum, and keep on the right track.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff At Work!








The chances are good that you’re going all out to prove your worth at work. Your emails are concise and sent out immediately, you participate by contributing your ideas in meetings, and you make a point of getting along with management and all your co-workers. Despite all your efforts, however, there are times when you feel that you are not appreciated, and instead of feeling good about yourself, you feel like a complete loser.

Don’t stress the small stuff at work! These seemingly huge issues to you are really nothing to worry about at all. Following are a few common workplace gripes that you can simply ignore, and get on with the business of showing the company you work for, what an amazing asset you are to them.

  • Not getting a round of applause for a job well done – sure, you got a gold star at school when you performed well, but things are a whole lot different in the workplace. If you didn’t receive positive feedback from your boss when you did a good job, don’t simply assume that he/she hated what you did. Instead, tell yourself that your boss knows you’re doing a great job, and would tell you if you weren’t.


  • You’re entitled to a lunch hour, so enjoy it! – you can be commended for being a conscientious worker, but don’t take it so far that you’ll rather go hungry than not finish off that report you were busy with. No one will look down on you if you leave your desk for an hour to have a meal somewhere. You’re entitled to it after all!


Eating a hurried lunch at your desk, by the way, probably doesn’t have your employers seeing you as the dedicated worker you are trying to portray, but rather like someone who can’t manage their workload.


  • Someone gave you a weird look – if someone at the office looks at you in a weird way, don’t immediately assume that it’s because you have done something wrong. Try to imagine things that might have happened to them before leaving for work. Their kids might have driven them crazy, their car might be giving trouble, or they might not be feeling too good. It could be any number of things as to why they gave you “a look,” but it more than likely has nothing to do with you at all.

You spend most of your time doing what you can to earn a living, so don’t sweat the small stuff at work! Rather do what you do with the rest of your time, and make the most of the hours you spend at the office.



Unleash Your Inner Power Now

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There are countless websites that claim to have the secret to unlocking your mind power. Now you might not believe this, but you already have the powers to do this. The following easy yet simple methods will teach you how to unleash your inner power.


Like most people, you only use about 10 to 20% of your mind, which is just a minute portion of what you are actually capable of achieving. Digging beneath the surface of your subconscious mind is the way to open the doors to the vast amount of knowledge that is hidden inside, and the best way to do this is through meditation.

Although there are several forms of meditation, the principle is basically the same, which is to change the patterns of your brain. While meditating, you will experience surges of creative thought and see ideas that before seemed unrelated, are in fact, deeply connected.

Meditation can be learned and practiced by anyone, and once you’ve mastered the art of meditating, you will wonder how you have managed for so long without it. Apart from helping you to unleash the true powers you possess, it has other health benefits too, like improving your mood and feeling of well-being, and increasing your memory and learning capacity, to name but a few.

Believe that you have the power to do it!

Remember all those things you were told you couldn’t do by those around you when you were growing up? Well, it’s time to brush those ingrained beliefs aside, because they are entirely irrelevant to the amazing potential you have inside you right now. Just as meditation will help you to learn how to unleash your inner power, so will you have to start believing in yourself and what you are truly capable of achieving.

Change your eating habits

Just like a Ferrari needs the best fuel and a regular service to keep running at peak condition, so do you need to be mindful of the fuel you’re feeding your body. Avoid processed foods at all costs. Instead, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, foods rich in Vitamin C, include Omega 3 oil into your daily diet, and get into a routine of exercising regularly.

There is no secret at all to learning how to unleash your inner power. Acknowledging who you are as an individual as well as your amazing mind, will be motivation enough to look after this wonderful gift you have. Meditation, belief in yourself, a well-balanced diet and regular exercise, are all it takes to unleash the true potential you already possess.

Can We Trust Our Gut Instinct?

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At some point in our lives, we have all been given the professional advice to “go with your gut”, something that is really challenging to carry out sometimes. Is this a good piece of advice, though? Can we trust our gut instinct?

Why is gut instinct so powerful?

From the moment you were born, your gut has been storing an endless amount of information. Trusting your gut means that you are putting your faith in this collection of subconscious, lifetime experiences. You have been drawing from these gut instincts all your life, without even realizing it. These are insights that aren’t readily available in your conscious mind at a specific moment, but are things that you’ve felt and learned at some stage as you were growing up. While we might not be able to explain a particular piece of information at a specific time, the information we’re looking for is readily available in our gut.

Most people who go with their gut feelings are happy with their decision. Not having to over-think every move you make can save plenty of time and mental energy. Here’s how you can start to trust your gut instinct:

Take time to think things over

Any time that you need to make a decision about something, take a little time to think it through first. Tell people that you need to sleep on it, that you will let them know the next day what you’ve decided to do, and then do just that. Spend time on your own and let your mind just wander. Your gut will let you know if you’ve ever been in this situation before, and it will help you to make that correct, all-important decision.

Avoid over-thinking!

If you have to make a big decision or a tough choice at some time, set yourself a limit of say 30 minutes to think about it. When the 30 minutes is up, you will be forced to go with your gut instinct to make the decision.

Can we trust our gut instinct when we’re nervous?

Nervousness causes many people to freeze up and be unable to function properly. If this is how you react in stressful situations, then make a mental note of exactly how you feel at those times. Be honest and tell yourself that you’re feeling extremely nervous at that moment, and/or that you’re unsure about what’s going to happen next. Make a point of developing these emotional labeling skills, because they will help you to recognize what your gut is telling you what to do.


How To Be Fabulous








Often, when we look at people who we, and others, consider to be fabulous, we imagine that they have oodles of self-esteem.  This is not necessarily the case.  They may have oodles of self-esteem or they may not.

Being fabulous is quite simple to achieve, whether you have a self-esteem that is high or low.  It’s all about your attitude and how you consciously portray yourself to the world.  If you feel that you are not fabulous enough, or you don’t feel special in any way, here are a few tips to help you achieve being fabulous.

It’s all about your state of mind.  Just look in the mirror and repeat to yourself over and over again: I am fabulous.  You should feel a slight shift within you.  If you continue this practice regularly, you will find that your confidence and self-esteem levels will rise.  The result is that you become fabulous, you are fabulous.  Your persona takes on this role and being fabulous becomes like second nature to you, it becomes a part of you.

The result of thinking like this and the resulting sense of being fabulous will benefit you enormously.  As you become fabulous to yourself, you become fabulous to others.  You will gain confidence, your self-esteem will rise, and you will be that person who is extraordinary.  Your belief in yourself will change your attitude and by changing your attitude, in relation to any aspect of your life, will actually change who you think you are.

Being fabulous is not a gift unique to only a few.  It can belong to anyone; you just have to own it.  Remember that if we consider someone to be fabulous for whatever reason, perhaps they are really beautiful or good looking, or they are successful at something we consider to be prestigious, or they have a wonderful personality, that is because they have owned that power, whether consciously or subconsciously.  You are just as entitled to be fabulous.  That is your own personal power.  At the end of the day, nobody is better or lesser than you.  It is how you yourself think.  If you think you are fabulous and really believe it, it will become you.

From the moment that you start believing in yourself, your attitude about yourself will begin to change.  You will begin to feel different, you will begin to feel fabulous, and this will result in being fabulous.  This attitude will have an untold, positive impact upon your life.


Awesome, Effective Ways To Boost Your Confidence Levels








Lacking confidence makes you feel scared of everything. You imagine that you are unable to do anything. You keep telling yourself to not even waste your time attempting to do certain things, because you’re going to fail anyway. The bottom line is that lacking confidence eventually has you thinking negative thoughts about all aspects of your life.

The good news is, however, that there is something you can do to change all of this. Read on, and discover some awesome, effective ways to boost your confidence levels sky-high!

  • Move away from your comfort zone – you won’t achieve anything by staying in your comfort zone. Take baby steps and do one or two small things every day, that you imagine you can’t do. These seemingly small things will lead to bigger things, and help a lot to improve your confidence.
  • Just be yourself – we are all unique individuals, so just be yourself. Dress in the clothing that you know to be you, and well, simply live your life the way that makes you feel good.
  • Recognise your fears – everyone feels afraid sometimes, but it’s important to not let it take over your life. Recognise your fears and remind yourself that doing so will not necessarily make them come true. Writing down the things that you’re afraid of and what you should do in those situations, will make it a lot easier to face them head-on when they arise, and deal with them in a calm and relaxed manner.
  • Don’t try to be perfect – remind yourself every day, that there is not one perfect person on this planet, and that it’s quite okay to make mistakes. Struggling to be perfect and over-thinking too, will cause you to doubt your capabilities.
  • Remind yourself how awesome you are – making a list of all your good qualities is another of the awesome, effective ways to boost your confidence levels. Acknowledging and appreciating who and what you are, will make you realise just how fabulous you really are!
  • Do things that make you feel physically confident – confidence is not just in the mind. Simple things like playing a specific song in the car, can make you feel absolutely fantastic, so give it a try!
  • Walk tall! – there’s nothing more confidence-boosting than putting your head up, your shoulders back, and walking with a purpose! Don’t walk with slouched shoulders and your head down. Apart from giving people a negative impression of you, it will also make you feel low. Just do it – shoulders back, head up, walk as if you mean business, and you will feel that surge of confidence enter your body!

By using this effective method to boost your confidence levels, not only will you grow, you will feel unstoppable! All you need to do is take that first step.

Break Out Of That Slump And Get Motivated!

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When you’re stuck in a slump, you’re not fun. Life isn’t fun either, and you can’t seem to get anything done. Dragging yourself out of said slump is not easy, and just the thought of doing it, seems to sap every bit of energy out of you. There are many ways to break out of that slump and get motivated, just a few of them being:

  • Acknowledgment – being in a slump is just like any other obstacle in life, and as with the others, the first step to conquering it, is to acknowledge it. Sticking your head in the sand and denying that it exists will do nothing at all to help the situation.
  • Acceptance – there’s no getting around the fact that you’re in a slump right now, so just accept it. Tell yourself that the feeling won’t last a lifetime, that it will pass at some point, that even though you feel like a complete failure now, things will get better.
  • Avoiding getting stuck in the “victim” mode – nothing is worse than being with someone who wallows in self-pity, and talks constantly about how badly life is treating them. Don’t allow this slump to make you feel like a victim of life! Let it go. Looking for solutions is far more productive than seeking sympathy.
  • Talking about your situation – being in a dark place makes you feel that you’re the only one to have ever felt this bad. Talking about your situation to others, however, and really opening up about your problem, makes you realise that you’re not unique, that just about everyone goes through the same feelings at some point in their lives.
  • Not getting on board the “pity train” – you’re depressed, feeling like an utter failure, and you’re convinced that things will never get better. As tempting it is though, don’t board the “pity train”! The urge to tell everyone you speak to about how unfair life is, and how depressed you are because of it, will only convey to them that you are looking for pity. You simply want them to feel sorry for you, tell you how justified you are to feel the way you do, and that you’re quite right to be down in the dumps. This is not a solution to the slump you’re in at the moment, so steer clear of the “pity train” at all costs!

All of the above are great ways to break out of the slump and get motivated, but there are several others too, like helping others, making sure to always be around positive people, and that real goodie, being grateful for all the good things that you already have in your life.