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Hatred is the blackest of all emotions and thoughts. It is the complete absence of love and sympathy, and is as damaging to others as it is to the one who is experiencing such acrimonious feelings. Many people use the word ‘hate’ too casually, not really understanding what it is.

They merely dislike something, because hatred is the source of all violence and misery. It is the instigator of war, the backbone of racism, and the fuel for all division and animosity. There just is no sense that can be derived from hatred. It clouds our judgement and allows rationality to be replaced with anger.

Hatred can often feel like a fixed and eternal shift in cognition. Something or someone has spurned you so intensely that you can never forgive them. Many people carry oceans of bitterness around in their hearts, yearning for vengeance. Carrying that much negativity around does nothing but hurt us and accelerate our ageing.

Hatred causes our very cells to begin decaying. It causes the stomach to secrete bile and the central nervous system to secrete an overload of fight or flight hormones. It begins infecting what might have once been a calm and compassionate personality, changing it into a distrustful and cagey one.

Some people are very clever at hiding their true negativity. Some of the most secretly hateful people put on a veneer of charm and kindness, and you would never guess that behind their mask is a well of malice and contempt.

How you view someone is ultimately just a matter of perspective and understanding. As difficult as it may appear to rationalize the massive hurt someone may have inflicted upon you, if you can gain enough insight into their situation, you may be able to understand just why they acted so. Many people are just passing on a long line of brokenness they have endured in their family.

Then there are people that seem to be just pure evil, those that seemingly don’t need a reason to lash out. Sometimes, someone is just born with darkness in them. These are the people that require the most attention and patience, and no one is fixed in their ways.

Hatred seems to be increasing in this world. The terror attacks, wars, and racial conflicts have reached new, unfound heights. We must all do our best to foster understanding and compassion, and try our best to use calm reasoning, as opposed to fiery rebellion.


Health and wealth

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Health and Wealth

It is difficult to become prominent in life without a healthy mind and body. If you look at some of the most successful people in the world, they share some very similar characteristics. They all have very bright minds, and maintain an excellent regime of disciplined fitness and nutrition.

It is an abundance of vitality that brings the inspiration and energy needed to attain the things that you want in life, and the drive needed to meet the demanding work required for besting the challenges in the way of success.

It is almost impossible to be a winner if your body is sluggish and your mind is clouded. The path to success is filled with hard work and strife, and you will need to be the best you can be if you hope to be able to overcome these tasks.

Of course, someone like Stephen Hawking continues to be brilliant despite his completely debilitating condition, but he is a genius and was well into his career before his tragic illness overcame him.

We are all intelligent and capable, but our bodies must be the most capable vessels for our brilliance to manifest. This means ensuring that you work just as hard at being healthy as you do at your work and dreams.

You may find yourself absolutely swamped with work the further you progress in your field. Things like eating healthily and working out may soon become put on hold, as buying a microwave meal and sitting on the couch seem to be the preferred route as opposed to planning and cooking a nutritious meal or going for a run.

You must ensure that this does not happen, as exercise and healthy eating are the best way to deal with tension and maintaining high energy levels. We all know how stressful work can be, and many of us deal with it by picking up habits that are actually detrimental to our health.

Smoking a cigarette may seem far more relaxing than doing some weight exercises, and eating a pizza may seem to bring far more comfort than miso soup. These are quick fixes which bring a small pocket of pleasure that pales in comparison to the healthy hormonal and neurotransmitter regulation that health brings.

It’s a long and testing road to the top, and you need to ensure that your vehicle is constantly maintained and looked after. It isn’t difficult to keep yourself in top shape, it just takes discipline and self-respect.


Time to Listen

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Time to Listen


Taking time out of your life to truly invest in the moment may seem like a peculiar concept. The truth is that too many of us allow time to slip past, and only wish that they could take control of it once it’s too late.

Time waits for no man, it’s a cliché saying, but one that too many people do not appreciate. They allow their lives to move steadily onwards, and allow the flow of societal requirements to take control.

We are slaves to the clock. A wise woman once said ‘The wristwatch is the shackle of the modern man’. We are constantly running back and forth to work on time, to meet deadlines, and to be there for the people that need us.

We often do not take the time out needed for ourselves, allowing for excellent opportunities for self-fulfillment to slip past. You cannot freeze time, and nor can you turn it back. You only have the present to control, and opportunities for happiness are often fleeting.

Do not allow yourself to wake up one day, many years down the line, and wonder just what exactly you did with your life. Make every second count, as each turn of the clock is one that could be spent doing exactly what makes you happy.

People feel like they just couldn’t fulfill their dreams that take a seemingly impossible amount of time to achieve. You’d be surprised with what you can achieve in a short period. Take getting fit and attaining your dream body as an example. Many people feel like shredding their fat, and achieving a muscular and lithe physique, takes more time than they have to spare.

These people wouldn’t believe just how much of a transformation can be accomplished in just a few months. All it takes is maximizing the free time you have to exercise and plan healthy meals as well as possible.

It is never too late to go for your dreams. One may look back to a certain period in their life, think on an avenue they failed to take, and how it is no longer accessible due to how different their lives are now. You may not be able to turn back time, but you can certainly revisit past dreams. It’s all about being present with every second, and realizing that we ultimately only have a limited amount of time to achieve the things we want, and how short our time on earth is on the whole.


In Control








In Control

Have you ever wondered if you are truly in control? Whether you are the master of your own destiny, or if you let others decide your fate? Assessing whether you are in control of your behaviour, thoughts, and desires, is something we all need to take the time to establish.

On a day to day basis, there are many things you would like to do, but can’t, because they would hurt others. Your boss may shout at you for something petty, and you would like nothing better than to throw your coffee in their face, but you do not, because of control.

The question is, is it you that is in control, or society’s rules? Was it your temperamental coolness that stopped you from lashing out, or the potential consequences that would befall you? This is where the true rationalization of control can begin, and you can now begin seeing how many of your thoughts and actions are truly yours or not.

Seizing full locus of control is the only way for a human being to fully actualize themselves. Bringing your personality and intelligence to full potential with a mind that is truly being used, controlling a body that can now do anything that it likes.

Human beings have such limitless potential, if only the right self-command can be achieved. We find ourselves being ordered around every day, and many of us feel like slaves. You are your own master, and no one can tell you otherwise.

Of course, we all have to bend to society’s rules to some degree, otherwise, the world would be complete mayhem. It’s when you’re bending too far that you have minimal control over your life. If you feel like a minion, then you truly need to begin reassessing your individuality and freedom.

No animal can be happy in a cage, one that humans build around themselves in the form of career paths, financial requirements, and even familial obligations. These are things that many are only too happy to constantly serve and fulfil on a daily basis. But, to some of us, it is mere slavery.

The most important control you should have is over your mind. Those that feel they have no control in their lives will be plagued by anxiety and depression, and their egos will begin deteriorating as their most fundamental self-awareness begins taking a hit.

We all need to take control of our lives. We cannot allow ourselves to be pushed around, or to be treated like slaves. We need to take control and stand up to those that would try to take over our lives.


Never Give Up

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Why We Never Give Up

It is very easy for humans at some point to get frustrated but the important thing is to persevere. This frustration can happen in many different circumstances that include achieving one of your goals or getting a piece of course work completed for University. Sometimes it can seem like a better option to just give up however you will probably not forgive yourself if you just take the easy option.

It is important to never give up and if you get frustrated just take time to remind yourself why you are doing whatever it is that is frustrating you. If you lose sight of why we started doing something in the first place then it can become unbearable to carry on when you get frustrated and feel like you are getting nowhere.

There is an old say which is anything that is easy to get is not worth having, therefore if your aim or goal is worth having then it is going to take a lot of hard work to achieve it. Achieving something that has meant a struggle will mean that you have proven to yourself and others that you can do it.

There are a lot of people who are attracted to get rich quick schemes as they think it is an easy way to make a lot of money.  These are often the people who are attracted to things such as weight loss pills and steroids because they are looking to maximise the benefits within the shortest amount of time. Not only are they looking to maximise the benefits very quickly but they also do not want to put much effort into.

It is important to remember that anything is possible but it will require a lot of work. The limitations that we think that we have are only self-imposed and there is really no limits as long as you are willing to out in the time and effort. It is fair to say that everyone is capable of achieving anything that they set their minds on doing. There will certainly be times that you feel frustrated when you are working hard to achieve the goal that you have set, but the important thing is how you ultimately deal with these problems.

It is important to never actually give up on your dreams or goals, as you owe it to yourself to succeed. It may time a lot of time and effort but if it is something that you really want then it will be worth it.


Being Better








How To Be Better

We live in an often very negative world that often tries breaking us down. Advertising constantly tells us that we are weak and in need. Many people we hold dearest to our hearts will hurt us the worst. We suddenly become overwhelmed with it all, and feel like our lot in life is the be all and end all. This is no way to live, and we can all do so much better!

Life can be overwhelming. We are all – at any given moment – dealing with the stresses of merely existing, not to mention the more subtle mental processes that we don’t tell others about. We then look in the mirror and often don’t like what we see. We see a body that could use more exercise, dark circles under our eyes, skin that could use more sunshine.

We think we could be better, but then we remember the thousands of other things we need to be doing instead. Looking after children, paying bills, filling out orders. We just don’t have the time or energy to take care of ourselves, to love ourselves. Some of us even become apathetic.

There is always time to look after yourself. Even if you are working multiple jobs and have children to care for, it is of vital importance that you find even the smallest gap to dedicate to yourself.

You’d be amazed how much you can do in even just half an hour. You can do a full intense work out, soak up an adequate amount of sunshine, just do what makes you happy. One of the greatest shames of modern existence is the guilt people feel when they have ‘me’ time.

At the end of the day, you only have yourself in this life. People come and go, but you will always remain. You only have one mind, and one body, and you owe it to yourself to actually act on the areas you feel you are lacking in and try change the things that are making you unhappy.

It’s all about loving yourself. This is not a selfish or egotistical concept; it is the most foundational notion in life. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot bring any sincere compassion or positivity into the world. There is nothing worse than being fake, and we all know how that feels! Accept yourself, and accept that you deserve to focus on yourself sometimes.


Just Being

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The Importance of Being

Just Being…Life is a gift. It may sound clichéd, but it’s something that many people do not realize. Some people see life as a curse, wandering through life almost in a dead-like state. We have to ensure that our very presence on this earth is fully awake and in love with everything around us.

Out short time spent on this planet requires a certain level of presence. This life that you have been given is so short, and unfortunately many people only realize that when it’s too late. We spend our lives dedicated to our work, to making money, to pleasing others. It is often only when we come to the end of our run in the rat race that we suddenly wake up and smell the roses.

Many people have existential crises. They suddenly realize that they are completely unhappy with the way things are going, and wish that they could turn back time and do things differently. There really is no need for such thinking.

As soon as you make the decision to truly be, to exist in this world free of all of that negativity, something wonderful will happen. The beauty of nature, the true value and meaning of friendship, and the realization that you are strong, intelligent and capable will all hit you.

From here onwards, you can begin living with passion. You will look into yourself and see just exactly how much you can bring into the world, how much you can contribute. To see beyond society’s menial requirements of you, and to find your true purpose in life, whatever that may be.

When you begin truly being instead of merely existing, you will find that the world is far more intriguing than you initially thought it was. You will begin seeing the glory of creation in a different way. You will find yourself wanting to do things you previously would never have considered.

Traveling, trying a new sport, calling up an old friend or even asking out that special person you were always too scared to. Life has presented you with all manner of opportunity, don’t waste it always wondering ‘what if?’

When you reach your old age, a lot of your time will be spent reflecting. If you feel that your life was unfulfilled or even miserable, you can easily become very depressed. Luckily, you can easily make sure that your Golden Years are spent nostalgically reminiscing over all of the wonder and love you enjoyed in abundance.


The Now

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What Is The Now?

The Now usually evades us, human thinking is generally spent either worrying about the future, or longing for the past. Many of us don’t even realize it, but we’re often never actually present in the moment. We’re always anxious about what will come next, or dissatisfied with our current state of being.

True happiness only comes when a person’s mind shuts off the past and future and becomes rooted in ‘The Now’, every waking second that passes. Becoming truly mindful of what is going around you at any given moment. When you make this change, and become completely present in your life, this is when you can take charge.

When all of your mental power is dedicated to what you are currently doing, extraordinary things happen. You suddenly begin working better, your daily interaction with people becomes far more invested and meaningful, and you suddenly find that your more negative emotions are slowly slipping away.

A lot of spiritual people talk about ‘The Now’ as a divine presence, an awakening that allows a person to become the god of their life. They believe that a person can then take an almost magical control of their reality.

Now, this may sound like nonsense to you, but it honestly is not far from the truth. Once you become invested in the moment, you really can do anything you like. Suddenly, the fear holding you back disappears. All of your restraints (be it money, self-doubt or commitments) fade away and you become truly free.

Obviously, you don’t want to be reckless or inconsiderate. The opposite should happen, your empathy and understanding of the people and world around you, in general, should grow. When you look at a person, free of past wrongs or judgements, you will see such incredible beauty and worth.

This may all seem only too ideal. Many of us can’t imagine suddenly trashing all of our worrying and plotting. It’s all a process. It takes time and effort to begin detaching yourself from unnecessary distractions, to change the way your brain is programmed.

The brain is not fixed in its thinking. It can change, more easily than many of us believe. Anxious or depressing thoughts can be erased. They are the curtains that stop you from seeing properly. You just need to silence all of those nagging voices in your head and take a good look at the world around you, the stars and the waves.



Change Is Always Good








7 Reasons Why Change Is Always Good

Have you ever had the feeling that your life resembles a carousel that’s spinning out of control and all you want to do is get off? Now you might be reluctant to make changes in your life, but read on and discover 7 reasons why change is always good!


Changes allow you to be flexible. When you’re stubborn and resist change, situations that normally stress you out will be even more so. Being open to changes helps you to be more fluid and go with the flow.

Helps you become smarter                                                                                                                                        
When you make changes in your life, you somehow become smarter. You never have options to learn anything new if things don’t change. Every new skill that you learn, even if it’s simply adjusting to change, makes you that little bit smarter than you were the day before.

Reminds you that anything is possible

Any changes you make are reminders to you that just about anything is possible if you put your mind to it. It’s very easy to get into that routine of thinking that when things are “stuck” they will stay that way, for example, a marriage that is completely dull, or a career that seems to be going nowhere. However, when you see how things can change, whether in your own life or someone else’s it’s extremely encouraging to know that things don’t stay the same forever.

The snowball effect                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           There are times when you give up because something that needs to be done is too overwhelming for you. It is at these times that making small changes are invaluable. By taking it one step at a time, those small changes you make will result in you eventually making the necessary big ones.

Improves your strength

Sometimes the changes you need to make aren’t pleasant, but life is no fairytale and bad things can also happen. Getting through these tough times will help a lot to make you a stronger person.


The changes you make trigger progress, with things moving forward and developing because of those changes.


Every day is different and you don’t know what tomorrow might bring. When you start making changes in your life, you will find a whole new world of different opportunities waiting for you. Making changes in your life brings new choices to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

With these 7 reasons why change is always good at your fingertips, take the plunge and start making those changes now and you too can enjoy all the above benefits in your life!

Create A Healthier You

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Think, Feel And Do To Become A Healthier You

There are three sides to the process of changing your habits, namely what you think, how you feel and what you do and it’s not always easy to juggle all three. As thinking, feeling, doing human being, you have to tackle each one to apply the long-term changes you want to make in your life. There is valuable information in everything you think, feel and do to become a healthier you.

Think – what do you say about that habit that you’re trying to break? Be honest with yourself and write down your thoughts, tell a friend, or draw a picture, whatever works best for you. It might not be what you want to see or hear, but it will help you to understand yourself better and you will stop saying things like:

  • “I can stop anytime”
  • “I deserve this because I work hard”
  • “It will get better when I’m not so stressed out”
  • “I can’t stop. This is me”

Sound familiar?

Feel – write down how you feel about this habit. It will be a matter of trial and error to identify how you feel and you will be a bit unsure for a while, which is quite normal. By honouring it, you will build compassion for yourself and discover valuable information about that part of you that is hesitant about giving up that bad habit.

The whole idea is to fulfil that part of you that exposes your values, in a healthy way. Those feelings of anger, shame, safety, fear, power or powerlessness, control and relief that surround your habit will help you to understand your needs and how to handle them. You have that inner strength and understanding to overcome these feelings.

Do – what are you doing about your habit at this point in time? Are you actually taking steps to understand the impact it has on you? Are you educating yourself or trying healthier alternatives in your life? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re amazing! What you are doing is so important and shows how committed you are. Take a bow!

Postponement and opposite thinking can go a long way in understanding your needs and how to cope with triggers. When you think in opposites you can create new and better habits. This is essential, because the new and improved habits you develop have to be realistic and meet your needs to think, feel and do to become a healthier you.