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One To Watch: The Royals


I know that I’ve already admitted to you my love for Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills/Orange County/New York/Atlanta/Melbourne etc so it’s probably no surprise that I make sure that E! Channel is in my subscription.

Well that exclamation point in E! just got a little more exciting with the launch of their very first scripted series “The Royals”. Revolving around a British Royal family in modern day London, the fictional one-hour drama was written by Mark Schwann and Elizabeth Hurley (seriously ladies she’s 49!!) leads the cast as villainous Queen Helena.


Queen Helena (Hurley) has the power, beauty and intelligence to get anything and everything she wants. And failure isn’t an option, especially when it comes to protecting her family’s image, which she will stop at nothing to control.

King Simon (Regan) is a moral compass amidst the chaos of palace life. He is a good king, yet one who controversially places his own family above the people he rules.  The youngest son of Simon and Helena, Liam (Moseley) is thrust into the spotlight when he unexpectedly becomes the heir apparent in the pilot.

Liam enjoys the many perks of being the world’s most eligible bachelor while coping with the rigors and pressures that come with being the future King. Sole daughter Eleanor (Park) is a controversial princess whose bad choices play out in the tabloids, much to the Royals’ chagrin. She is raw, intelligent and forever waging a battle between her desires to be young and independent and the rules and tradition she was raised to live by.

Ophelia, a young American girl, is modern, self-reliant and independently thinking, which causes her to butt up against the traditions and rigidity of the Royal family when she embarks on a romance with Liam.

The monarchy is a world she has known for a long time as her father is the head of security, but she now experiences the spotlight in a different, more personal way when she starts dating the prince.

Elizabeth Hurley appeared on This Morning to chat about her new role and explained that she drew her inspiration from a wide range of influences.

‘Maybe Joan Collins was my inspiration… I was inspired a little by her part in Dynasty, so I pulled a little bit from her but also I tried to think ‘what would Princess Diana maybe have looked like had she become our Queen and was Queen today?’ she said.

Basically, it’s like Hello magazine for the screen.  The series launches on E! Channel, Wednesday 25th March at 9pm.

Cinderella Exhibition…Proceeds to Charity









Cinderella Exhibition…Proceeds to Charity

The Cinderella Exhibition, presented by Swarovski, will be open to the public from Saturday 21st March to Friday 10th April.


Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm (last admission at 8pm)

Sunday: 11am – 7pm (last admission at 6pm)


Admission is free, but the event will be ticketed.


Housed within the iconic Leicester Square Gardens the exhibition features 22 remarkable costumes and hundreds of original props on display the display will offer people the opportunity to celebrate the film’s British roots first hand.


 Presented by Swarovski who provided Sandy Powell with over 1.7 million crystals for the spellbinding costumes to bring added sparkle to Cinderella’s magical world. At the heart of the show will be Cinderella’s iconic slipper, also designed by Powell. The dazzling slipper, which plays such a pivotal role in the fairy tale, was hewn from solid Swarovski crystal and features 221 facets in a light-reflecting Crystal Blue Aurora Borealis coating. Powell worked closely with Swarovski technicians at the headquarters of the crystal house in Austria to create the magnificent piece.


The Walt Disney Company and Swarovski have partnered with MediCinema on the exhibit to bring the magic of Cinderella to all MediCinema patients. Disney and Swarovski will commit all funds raised from the CINDERELLA: THE EXHIBITION brochure, which will be available for a donation, to support MediCinemas and patients across the UK and Italy. In addition there will also be special screenings of CINDERELLA for MediCinema patients and family.

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© 2015 Disney

So have fun and do good at the same time, what could be nicer!

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