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Life in Rose Gold

Rose Gold








Sweaty Betty Rose Gold

Just a quick one to tell you all about the new limited edition Rose Gold (we have had iPhone, Laurent Perrier, coloured specs!) now at Sweaty Betty from shoes to jacket, tops and even shorts, there is something for everyone.

I am loving the rain today just because I have a handy excuse to shield myself head to toe in Rose Gold!!!

rose gold shoes



Rose Gold


rose gold bomber



rose gold shorts



What better excuse?  My favourite shop is Muswell Hill speak to the Manager there she will take great care of you…


Good People Doing Good Everywhere

marias bag









There are good people doing good everywhere.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited to the prestigious launch of Maria’s Bags London at the Westbury Hotel in Mayfair.

Alida Boer, the former Miss Guatemala mixes beauty and business she is the Founder and CEO of MARIA’S, a high-end accessory brand that gives back to her native Guatemalan community through their unique works of art which with every stitch and detail conveys their Mayan heritage.  The bags use “huipil,” the fabric from “the blouse, the local garment,” which garnered much interest and enthusiasm each time she wore it, but taking it one step further she envisaged being able to wear the beautiful threads everyday, and hence the bag was born. Such is the intricate dedicated process that one bag can take up to six months to craft and designed to reflect the lure of the country with the full array of colours, animals, flowers and geometry and some even include scenes depicting stories, myths and legends.

The collection empowers the women who are creating these artisan modern accessories whilst remaining true to their cultural and anicent traditions and being gainfully employed. The brand also funds a small school of indigenous students many of which are the children of the workers, so that the quality of life is enriched.

Beverly Knight in Maria’s Bag


Giving back is true beauty in all its glory.




From The Outside In

fashion catwalk runway






When it comes to fashion 2016 is following in hot pursuit of previous trends and it is all about dressing in our loungewear but in a vastly upgraded chic and sexy fashion, from the outside in!

Top tips to this look is to go for expensive looking quality garments that can be upcycled in a multitude of ways…

Tip One is the bodysuit, we like the offerings from La Perla especially those that can be used as swimsuits and or night time attire so you have three looks in one and your money goes further.

Tip Two is to wear a diaphanous piece to render the overall look slightly glamorous and more feminine so it is great with a structured or tailored piece.

Tip Three do not forget the feet, the ultimate accessory! Metallic accents are everywhere so why not combine two in one here and go for these stunning Zanotti heels in a range of eye popping colours. They will also blend perfectly with evening dresses or jeans and biker jacket for a casual elegant rebel appeal.

A minimalist bag will complete any outfit be it day or night and this one from Farfetch will carry you straight from work to an evening out.  Either cross body, clutch or ported with it’s handle the gold tones lend instant chic.

Sweaty Betty harem pants are rock chic, festival ready and would look fantastic under a tailored jacket for a daring sexy night out. Should be worn with shorts or leggings underneath for a more avant garde feel.

These are the looks we love and the pieces can be reused indefinitely from Festival to the Boardroom.

Home Makeover

home makeover





Home makeover is all about new beginnings and enhancing and upgrading the look.  Be it retro, vintage, future forward just be inspired.  When we have the right environment it makes us feel good!

feature wall

Because we like to change it up often and with the new trends (usually every few years) it is good to take the hues and tones that are staples and then dress it up with a feature wall which can be fabric, wallpaper, paint, a mixture of all; or whatever takes your fancy. These indulgences are easy and less expensive to update as the mood takes us too! Colourful pops rich with plentiful textures and fabrics lends an air of sophistication that will encourage you to want to loaf about in style!!

Modern bathroom glass

Thinking about and planning the do over is best kickstarted with mood boards, using pinterest is helpful, or browsing shop windows as they are fashion forward and of the moment lending themselves to immediate translation in the DIY field. Try out something a bit different, for example; glass splashbacks, traditionally seen in a kitchen, utilised in full panels all around the bathroom, maybe two colours that create perspective and lend a feeling of space.

decanter light

Pretty spaces that are airy and bright with delicate touches here and there are complemented beautifully with industrial lighting the two work together in complete harmony.

Before you start if there is anything worth selling contact Furniture Etc

Revamp your home in style and love! #BreakTheRules


LBD Your Go To Wardrobe Staple

Set of  three little black dresses hang on ribbons








So the party season is in full swing and you are in the festive spirit, it is time to call on our LBD again! there is a plethora of stock in your wardrobe, so how will you make it look different and suit the occasion!!

LBD all black wardrobe staple

Going all black; head-to-toe in ebony is hailed by fashion gurus (editors, buyers, models) all black is super chic. Incorporating a hint of feminine lace, plenty of skin to keep it after five looking, sheer black legs and long wavy hair rending the look soft and alluring.

black dress red bag LBD wardrobe staple

Look how easily you can transform the overall picture by accenting in strong colours, also try metallics and neons.

LBD statement jewellery wardrobe staple

Let your accessories do the talking when you add a statement necklace to your outfit, ensure you keep other accessories to a minimum letting the jewellery take center stage.

Rock Star LBD wardrobe staple

Channel your inner rock star with a gorgeous LBD either in leather itself or complemented by a leather jacket any colour!!!

LBD nude shoes wardrobe staple

For endless legs, wear nude shoes with your little black dress. Keep footwear simple minor detailing, the effect is still leg-lengthening. Drama with full on length, opt for nude pumps.

LBD red lips wardrobe staple

Red lips are a statement all on their own! keep everything else to a minimum, choose the correct shade of ruby for you and remember it is two points because it is festive too!!!!!!!

Little black dress with golden belt wardrobe staple

Create waist definition or add colour with a belt to your little black dress, bright or metallic will contrast; black belt with a black dress to accent your waist in a more subtle way.

You probably have been inspired to a veritable fashion feast and can create your own unique look from the suggestions put forward above.  Go create and enjoy. If you fancy uploading your accomplishments to us we would be thrilled to see the results.




Diversity In Fashion

diversity in fashion







Diversity In Fashion

So we have finally closed the doors on London Fashion Week and rounded it off in Manchester at the Curve Fashion Festival.  It was heartwarming at last to finally see that plus size is becoming ‘a thing’ not drab tentlike creations but vibrant, sexy and alluring pieces that are crying out to be worn.

tess holliday

This story really gained momentum when Tess Holliday stepped up her campaign with the notorious #effYourBeautyStandards slogan. Seeing her in the flesh (and being FROW with her) really enforced the message that should be striking everyone everywhere, it is who you are that makes you shine.  We eagerly await her eponymous clothing line!


Alexa Chung has been recently quoted as stating that the fashion and beauty ‘game’ needs to be inclusive.  It is a fact that somewhere somehow we seem to constantly discriminate, colour, religious belief, size, height, IQ and so it goes on…

george horne


What made it great was the variety of colours, textures, shapes and cutouts that are available, a stunning wardrobe



This just goes to prove that if you dare to bare and really own the look, it works beautifully.


Elvi dare to bare


Pretty and alluring shapes to flatter…




There is something for everyone


something for everyone


Wear it and love it

studio 8


Everywhere you go, always look your best, the catwalk can be your high street, shopping centre, nail salon just be the best version of you.  Be healthy and happy.

As Gigi Hadid has said this week: “I represent a body image that wasn’t accepted in high-fashion before, I’m very lucky to be supported by the designers, stylists and editors that I am: ones that know this is fashion, it’s art; it can never stay the same.”

P.S. Don’t forget the menswear too!


With Love xxx











Bags Of Fun









Bags Of Fun

Unless you are hiding out under a rock somewhere, which is absolutely fine in itself, you will notice all over the high street and magazines these fashion bags from Chanel’s Coco Perfume Bottles to the latest Heinz Baked Beans logo.

Suitably there are bags featuring the cartoon captions POW, KAPOW and the like in bright colours adorning the hands of many.

These accessories are fun and funky and appropriate for all ages and with Generation Y Not making headlines all over the place this is a great place to start and end all types of discrimination in the global arena in particular here #FashionAndBeautyKnowNoAge.

Stereotypical and generic role models no longer exist, we are after a new chapter of change, and what better place to start than bringing all ages together wearing fun slogans.

Like the old saying goes, it is how you wear it that counts.  Glitzy old school glamour has never been so chic, and fittingly our Duchesses here in Blighty are getting on the bandwagon from 30 to 70 they are bedecking themselves in up to the minute trends in a manner befitting their status.  So many ways to rock the current trend so take your inspiration from them!








Nils Jorgensen

REX Shutterstock

Getty Images




If You Have Got It, Flaunt It Amanda Holden

holden twitter








If You Have Got It, Flaunt It Amanda Holden

This woman has style, grace, beauty and an ease in front of audiences.  Her body is phenomenal, toned and honed and she can literally wear anything, why then, should she not do so.

To my horror, shock and amazement I have read that there has been a backlash against her for wearing this stunning dress featured because it had sheer panels on the legs.  Has the world gone mad?  These TV personalities are as much fashionistas as they are show hosts/judges etc.

Personally, I think La Holden’s sense of style and grace is the epitome of glamour, and if it is sometimes risque then that too.

The whole point as I am led to believe (I don’t watch this show) is that it is a style-off for the panel and a chance for them to parade beautifully in stunning designs of clothing, accessories and make up so that they can grace the pages of magazines and newspaper columns counting the inches they have covered and yet covet.

This woman is gorgeous, let us leave her alone.  We seem to be suffering from ‘tall poppy syndrome’ here in the UK, it is an ugly business wanting to chop down and size down those that undeniably stand out from the crowd.  There will always be enough sun for every person, success doesn’t increase the more you starve it away from others.










Amanda Holden Twitter image

Mani Pedi a la 2015

mani pedi








Mani Pedi a la 2015

According to all sources, or rather Woman’s Own magazine matching nails on hands and feet is so last year!  Herewith their take on the perfect colour combos.  To be fair, it is also widely publicised on social media too that we must put neon similar shades together (orange and fuscia) metallic tones (silver and petrol blue), pastel hues (lilac and peach), classic (red and burgundy), neutral (nude and blue), and glitter (sparkle on fingers and an elegant bottom half such as enchante).

I am a huge fan of white, yes simple, it may be, but it always looks neat and goes with everything, it can be trendy and chic with casual daywear or even my gym gear! and yet upmarket and vibey with fussy night time attire!  I could really go out on a limb and introduce a monochrome combination with black pedi to complement my go-to white mani…

Although these guidelines have been made up purely for your excitement and inspiration, you should feel free to go off road here, and innovate your own perfect look, keep the more experimental and out there products on your toes and go for a less so touch on your finger nails, but in any event simply enjoy it all.

I don’t know about you, but I find colour choice the most daunting part of the salon visit!


Barry M


Deborah Lippmann



Miss Sporty

Models Own





Sally Hansen

Go forth and create in the immortal words of one dominant house ‘Because You Are Worth It’

Graduate Design Programme Winners







Graduate Design Programme winners

High street fashion retailers Topshop and Topman have announced the winners of the Graduate Design Programme in partnership with the BFC Colleges Council.

The latest initiative supports graduate talent, with the inaugural award winners including
Jessica Herndlhofer from Huddersfield University, who won the Topshop prize; and
Jonathan Douglas from Glasgow School of Art, who won the Topman prize.
The Graduate Design Programme offers the two students a 12 month paid internship at
Topshop and Topman respectively.
This is the third year the brands have partnered with the British Fashion Council on a graduate
initiative, which reinforces their on-going support of emerging talent. Students were invited to
submit a minimum of one mood board that demonstrates strong commercial awareness and
understanding of the Topshop or Topman customer. From this mood board, applicants
designed a 15 piece capsule collection that fully encapsulates their theme, showing key
silhouettes, fabrics and colour choices.
What is so important is to note the spirit of mentoring and motivating the award scheme is
another way that top companies such as Arcadia and putting the Great back into Britain.
It would be lovely to see this attitude of encouragement being spread through the ranks and
to infiltrate all business and entrepreneurs to do the same in this country.