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Makiko Hen Parties








Makiko Caters For Hen Parties

All women know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Makiko knows this too, and that is why she services events with her exceptional skill in Japanese cuisine, including hen parties. Hen parties are an exciting time to spoil your girlfriend and celebrate the commitment and beautiful union to the love of her life. What better way to do this than with exquisitely made Sushi and a personalised party planned by Makiko and her staff?

Hen parties should be uniquely designed to suite the bride’s personality and make her feel extremely special. Makiko and her staff understand this, and plan their catering according to the client’s request. If you want a hen party like no other, and choose to add sushi platters to your hen party menu to give your guest a bit of diversity, or you decide to go all the way and add the Japanese culture experience as the theme for your hen party – there’s nothing to it! Makiko and her staff will plan your hen party with and for you


How does a sushi cooking class with your favourite girls sound? Makiko has taught over 48 000 people to make her famous sushi. This is a fun activity to include in your hen party while learning the skill to getting that key to a man’s heart that we spoke about earlier. Sushi platters beautifully presented are available for order as well.


Makiko has catered for clients like L’Oreál Paris, Honda, Disney, Make My Lemonade, and Winston. The outcomes of the events were a success, and the clients were extremely pleased. She aims to have all her clients feel that way. With press coverage from big media names like; The Guardian, The Times, Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and local media such as London Evening Standard, hen parties will be handled by a highly recommended expert in Japanese cuisine.

About Makiko

Makiko is the proud owner of Suzu, a sushi restaurant located in West London. The restaurant serves her famous sushi and provides takeaways. Suzu also has a delivery service, so you can order in for convenience. Visit for more information on the restaurant. To find out a bit more about Makiko’s journey on how she came about offering quality service and delicious sushi visit her website,

Make your order for Makiko’s sushi platters and book a cooking class for your hen party at


Falafel Fast Food Recipe

beetroot falafel








Falafel Fast Food Recipe

Falafel is often considered fast food or street food in the Middle East this dish is actually very versatile. The classic fried version is what’s typically found but there’s no reason it can’t be baked and it consists mostly of healthy chickpeas.

The base of the recipe also lends itself well to adaptations of different beans, spices or vegetables. Beets add a sweet flavour and plenty of nutrition and during baking it helps to keep the food moist.

If you cannot eat garlic (like us!) then simply skip the ingredient, it will not impair the end result…

beetroot chickpeas ingredients

  • 1 Red beet, peeled and quartered
  • 1 Cup chickpeas (canned is fine, rinsed and drained)
  • 1 Clove garlic, peeled (we skip this)
  • 2 Tablespoons tahini sauce (bought or home made)
  • 1/4 Cup all purpose flour
  • 2 Tablespoons chopped parsley
  • 1 Teaspoon cumin
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes
  • Total Time: 45 minutes
  • Yield: 4 Servings

Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees.

Add the beet, chickpeas, (garlic), tahini sauce, flour, parsley and cumin to a food processor or blender and pulse until the mixture comes together but it doesn’t need to be a smooth paste. Season with salt and pepper.

Form 1 oz. balls (use spoon for ease) and place on a baking sheet or in a disposable tray, leave to cook for 30 minutes and serve over steamed veggies, drizzled with tahini sauce.

You can also serve this in a pitta with salad or over pasta instead of meatballs.

Falafel Pitta Sandwich


The Colony Grill Room At The Beaumont

The Beaumont Hotel






The Colony Grill Room At The Beaumont

The Beaumont Hotel has undergone beautiful restoration to fully complement the 1920s art deco building.  It is very much the ‘in place’ of the moment and little wonder given the stunning surroundings, ease of parking, fantastic service and lack of pretentious airs and graces that so many establishments have sadly saddled themselves with.

The patronage includes a long list from the Beckhams and Tom Cruise to art and film directors galore.  I have dined there when David Beckham and Tom Cruise were both present and couldn’t have been nicer, interrupting their meals several times to greet well wishers and just gentlemanly in every sense of their being.

I actually mistook Tom Cruise for the doorman; he was kindly and most patiently holding the door open for me and I noticed at the time that he had a sensational smile, fortunately one member of our party managed to grab the fur wrap that I was presenting to him catching it in mid-air! PHEW!

The menu is delicious and bound to please every palette, the service is exemplary and nothing is too much trouble, and the more you return, the more you love it…I have made this home my local because it is fantastic in every way.  Our faves are the macaroni cheese, hot dogs and ice cream sundaes which are bespoke, you create them as you desire!



Self Medicating Food Tonic & Remedy Bar & Kitchen







Self Medicating Food Tonic & Remedy Bar & Kitchen

Stylecard has just the thing to pep us up…Just opened in Hoxton is Tonic & Remedy, a restaurant and bar with an apothecary-style mindset where food and cocktails are created to restore and uplift even the most flagging spirits. And spirits are done well here. Medicinal potions taste (and smell) as good as they look. Cocktails include the Salted Jimador (tequila, salted caramel, chocolate liqueur, marshmallow, salt), Lady Marmalade (vodka, Cointreau, orange bitters, grapefruit marmalade, Campari, Champagne) and Patience & Thyme (thyme-infused gin, raspberry, honey, egg white). In the kitchen restaurant, meanwhile, reviving dishes are served: expect homemade sourdough bread and whipped butter or sweetcorn popcorn followed by cured meats and dripping; smoked eel, jelly and scones; pea and wild garlic risotto; chargrilled pork collar with turnips; and Banoffee sundae and lemon and honey cheesecake for afters. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

The M By Montcalm houses a restaurant inspired by the history of pharmacy of Shoreditch on its ground and mezzanine floors.

Tonic & Remedy is being run by Great British Menu chef Paul Welburn who was the Head Chef at Rhodes W1. He’ll be putting dishes like his take on jellied eels together “It’s not a fine dining menu, just a refined menu, we want people to enjoy and feel good from eating at Tonic and Remedy.” says Welburn.

The drinks side of things is being run by Jeremy Pascal (who comes here via The Gilbert Scott and Perkin Reveller) whose cocktail list will include Apothecary, cooked with rosemary and sweetened with homemade peach butterscotch jam.

Tonic & Remedy, 151-157 City Road, London EC1Y 1BE
020 3837 3102

Fake Food Allergies









Fake Food Allergies

20 percent of people claim to have a food allergy.

Real food allergies have a set of symptoms, including hives, swelling and potentially anaphylaxis, and are diagnosed by a doctor through testing. Real food allergies cause an immune system reaction whenever the food allergen is ingested.

Food allergy are often confused with food intolerance. Lactose intolerance is one such reaction, involving digestive alterations like diarrhoea or excessive gas upon eating a food containing milk. While diarrhoea is certainly an embarrassing side effect of lactose intolerance, it is not life threatening nor does it require medication to help ease or eliminate the symptoms. It does, however, require avoidance of foods containing milk.

Fake food allergies are quite different. While they may include a food intolerance, they are not life threatening, won’t cause an immune reaction, and may be self-proclaimed or self-diagnosed for a variety of reasons.

Why are so many people crying wolf –claiming a food allergy when one doesn’t exist? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons:

Avoiding food in a socially acceptable way

A real food allergy puts everyone on alert, especially staff at a restaurant or a host at a party. If you’re at a restaurant or at a party and you don’t like what is served, or are avoiding certain foods, perhaps you’ll say you have a food allergy to get out of eating it.

While this may seem like an easy way out, it makes others work hard to accommodate you and your special diet.

Some popular bloggers have even gone so far as to encourage people to state they have a food allergy in order to be hyper-vigilant about food ingredients in restaurants.

To lose weight

Trying to lose weight? Cutting carbs is a popular way to go about this, and many have taken it one step further by slashing gluten from their diet. Because wheat-free and gluten-free are trendy diet approaches, shunning them is viewed as an acceptable and effective way to lose weight.

To justify restrictive and often dangerous diets

Becoming too restrictive with your diet can be a red flag for an eating disorder. For the individual who has an eating disorder, claiming a food allergy may tap into the structure and rigid control that is inherent to an eating disorder.

To cover a warped relationship with food.

If you have a “good” food/ “bad” food mentality, then those foods that fall into the category of “bad,” may elicit efforts to avoid them. How do you know if your relationship with food is unhealthy? Many food rules, such as no sugar, no carbs, or no food additives, which make eating a complicated process may be one sign of a disrupted food relationship. Others include: You can’t be trusted around food, and if you indulge, you beat yourself up in the aftermath of eating. You’re desperate to be thin, and controlling every morsel (and perhaps over-exercising) is the only way you can reach your goal.

Confusion about real food allergies

Some people are confused by food allergies and simply don’t understand the difference between a real food allergy and a food intolerance. Take a look at the gluten-free diet, for one. About 1% of the population has a gluten allergy, otherwise known as celiac disease. With a real gluten allergy, the symptoms are varied and include an inability to absorb the nutrients in food, damage to the intestine itself, and long-term medical problems such as poor growth and a higher risk of intestinal cancer.

Gluten sensitivity is different, allowing you to eat foods containing gluten, but perhaps less frequently or in limited amounts. The symptoms are different too—involving gas, bloating or diarrhoea without the long term damage associated with gluten allergy.

Wrong associations

Feeling sluggish after eating ice cream or a pasta dinner? Maybe you ate too much. Yet, some people will think they are having an adverse reaction to food, rather than think they overdid it.

Those with real food allergies face real consequences each day their conditions go undiagnosed, untreated, or aren’t taken seriously. If you don’t have a true food allergy, it’s disingenuous to claim one.



Joneja JV. The Health Professionals Guide to Food Allergies and Intolerances.

Sicherer S. Food Allergies: A Complete Guide for Eating When Your Life Depends on It

Food Allergy Research & Education

Eating Healthy On A Budget









Eating Healthy On A Budget

There’s no magic formula to eating on a budget. Like anything else, it takes a little planning. But when you consider the benefits —better health and more money!—you’ll find it’s worth the effort.  Superfoods are more varied than you might think, and believe it or not, some of them can actually be found at reasonable prices.

Beans and Lentils
Canned or dried, these fibrous foods make nutritious, hearty soups, and can also act as a main course with the addition of fresh vegetables or rice. Research shows that eating beans can help control blood sugar, keep weight down, and reduce risk of heart disease.

Brown Rice
Great, filling addition to a leftover meal and veggies. Although brown rice is slightly more expensive than white, the nutritional payoff is well worth it. Another inexpensive, easy-to-fix grain, millet, is best when bought fresh. Simply rinse and toast before using it in recipes.

Semi-homemade soups can’t be beat for nutrition and convenience, especially since you can use canned or packet soups as your base, then add your own veggies and leftover meat.

The hard truth: If you need to lower your cholesterol, lowering your body fat overall will prove much more effective than simply tossing out the yolk. Dietary cholesterol isn’t bound to blood cholesterol, and the yolk contains half the protein and vitamins A, D, and E in the entire egg.

Frozen Chicken Breasts 
Chicken breasts are very versatile and provide lots of healthy, lean protein. Frozen breasts are much cheaper than fresh, but it’s best to consume the chicken breast within 2 months of freezing.

Regular black tea can easily fit the health bill. Even the standard brand is packed with flavonoids, the protective compounds that neutralize health-damaging particles called free radicals to maintain cell health.

Go Online                                                                                                                                                       Sticking to your shopping list and buying what you need will prevent overspend and will ensure the necessary ingredients to stock the fridge and larder

Buy Local
Buying from your neighborhood organic farmer can save money and buying direct from those wholesalers will guarantee the lowest prices.

Buy in Season
Buying fruit and vegetables out of season, whether organic or not, will always cost more. Out-of-season selections carry the added cost of transportation and energy, so be sure to purchase in season produce for the lowest prices. If you cannot live without then buy in bulk during season and freeze.

Skip Convenience Foods
Supermarkets can be sinister: They know that the average person is short on time, which is why they cash in on pre-sliced veggies, trimmed-and-cleaned chicken breasts, and pre-cooked everything. Pre-chopped produce comes with a hefty markup so avoid veggie trays and take the time to prepare produce yourself.

Eat More Plant-Based Foods 
Although delicious, grass-fed beef and wild-caught fish don’t come cheap. Load more of your plate with inexpensive, filling leafy and cruciferous veggies, good fats like avocado, and slow-release high-fibre carbs like quinoa and legumes.

Load Your Plate with Fibre
Fibre delays gastric emptying, balances blood sugar, curbs cravings, and makes you feel full faster. Aim for two or three inexpensive, high-fibre foods at every meal. Excellent choices include avocado, legumes, nuts, seeds, and leafy greens.

Buy Organic Selectively
Not all produce needs to be purchased organic, as thick, removable skins protect some fruits and veggies from pesticides and other chemicals. The Clean 15 represents the produce you’re safe to purchase non-organic, saving your health and your wallet. On the other hand, the Dirty Dozen Plus is a list of fruits and veggies you should only buy organic.

Consider Frozen
While healthy fruits and vegetables are available year-round prices vary based on the season. However, frozen produce is always a good deal, and just as healthy as the fresh stuff. In fact, frozen produce is flash frozen at peak ripeness, providing you with all the nutrients at less cost.

Choose Healthy Fats
Get healthy fats from plant-based whole foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, and olives, and minimize the amounts of extracted oils and processed fats used when cooking.

Plan Ahead
Planning meals prevents making bad food choices just because they’re quick and easy. Check sales, locate healthy recipes, and create a shopping list for all the dishes you’ll make that week. After shopping, invest some time in slicing and prepping fruits and vegetables for the week and refrigerate in re-sealable containers. Staples such as chickpeas, lentils, quinoa, and brown rice should be prepared in large batches when you have some time for fast and healthy meals later.

Stock Up During Sale Time
Nuts will be on sale as we head into the holiday season, and they make a great source of fibre, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and more. Most perishable foods can be frozen for later, too.

Go Big on Flavour
An easy way to make a delicious dinner without adding calories or cost is by incorporating spices, seasonings, and seasoned vinegars. A little goes a long way with these ingredients that need to be purchased very infrequently and can last for long periods of time.

Eat Out Less
Dining out is a big part of weight gain and unhealthy eating. Cutting down on dining expenses will no doubt cut down on calories, too.

Photo: Noel Hendrickson/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Daily Makeover

Veggie Delight …

veggie delight








Veggie Delight…

Grain Store Unleashed Opens at The Zetter

How excited are we!!!!  Basically, @StyleCard does it again, the first and foremost in all things new and wonderful…

Set in King’s Cross, Grain Store is a restaurant by Bruno Loubet and The Zetter Group where vegetables are the star of the show. So successful is this venture, the team has just opened Grain Store Unleashed for a limited stint at The Zetter Hotel. Here, Loubet’s culinary imagination is ‘unleashed’ to create breakfast, lunch and dinner with a colourful vegetable attitude. It’s all very pretty. And good for you, too. Expect an array of wild and wonderful dishes like porridge with vanilla poached pears and pecans; pickled flowers and rhubarb, green apple puree, bergamot; or parsnips and white chocolate cream, matcha tea and pink grapefruit. It’s all very pretty. And good for you, too. Book in and veg out.

Grain Store Unleashed, The Zetter, St John’s Square, 86-88 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1M 5RJ
020 7324 4455

Grain Store:
Instagram: @grainstorekx
Twitter: @grainstorekx

Smith & Wollensky steakhouse opens UK in June

smith wollensky




Smith & Wollensky steakhouse opens UK in June


June marks the launch of American boutique steakhouse Smith & Wollensky.
The restaurant will be situated in the Art Deco Adelphi Building in London and will serve USDA
prime dry-aged steaks alongside British and Irish cuts and seafood.
30 classic cocktails with a wide range of wines will also be on offer, while the restaurant will be
open for lunch and dinner throughout the week.
Spanning two floors, Smith & Wollensky London will comprise two bars, two dining areas
and three private dining rooms.Twitter: @sandwollenskyuk