Time to Listen

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Time to Listen


Taking time out of your life to truly invest in the moment may seem like a peculiar concept. The truth is that too many of us allow time to slip past, and only wish that they could take control of it once it’s too late.

Time waits for no man, it’s a cliché saying, but one that too many people do not appreciate. They allow their lives to move steadily onwards, and allow the flow of societal requirements to take control.

We are slaves to the clock. A wise woman once said ‘The wristwatch is the shackle of the modern man’. We are constantly running back and forth to work on time, to meet deadlines, and to be there for the people that need us.

We often do not take the time out needed for ourselves, allowing for excellent opportunities for self-fulfillment to slip past. You cannot freeze time, and nor can you turn it back. You only have the present to control, and opportunities for happiness are often fleeting.

Do not allow yourself to wake up one day, many years down the line, and wonder just what exactly you did with your life. Make every second count, as each turn of the clock is one that could be spent doing exactly what makes you happy.

People feel like they just couldn’t fulfill their dreams that take a seemingly impossible amount of time to achieve. You’d be surprised with what you can achieve in a short period. Take getting fit and attaining your dream body as an example. Many people feel like shredding their fat, and achieving a muscular and lithe physique, takes more time than they have to spare.

These people wouldn’t believe just how much of a transformation can be accomplished in just a few months. All it takes is maximizing the free time you have to exercise and plan healthy meals as well as possible.

It is never too late to go for your dreams. One may look back to a certain period in their life, think on an avenue they failed to take, and how it is no longer accessible due to how different their lives are now. You may not be able to turn back time, but you can certainly revisit past dreams. It’s all about being present with every second, and realizing that we ultimately only have a limited amount of time to achieve the things we want, and how short our time on earth is on the whole.


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