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In Control

Have you ever wondered if you are truly in control? Whether you are the master of your own destiny, or if you let others decide your fate? Assessing whether you are in control of your behaviour, thoughts, and desires, is something we all need to take the time to establish.

On a day to day basis, there are many things you would like to do, but can’t, because they would hurt others. Your boss may shout at you for something petty, and you would like nothing better than to throw your coffee in their face, but you do not, because of control.

The question is, is it you that is in control, or society’s rules? Was it your temperamental coolness that stopped you from lashing out, or the potential consequences that would befall you? This is where the true rationalization of control can begin, and you can now begin seeing how many of your thoughts and actions are truly yours or not.

Seizing full locus of control is the only way for a human being to fully actualize themselves. Bringing your personality and intelligence to full potential with a mind that is truly being used, controlling a body that can now do anything that it likes.

Human beings have such limitless potential, if only the right self-command can be achieved. We find ourselves being ordered around every day, and many of us feel like slaves. You are your own master, and no one can tell you otherwise.

Of course, we all have to bend to society’s rules to some degree, otherwise, the world would be complete mayhem. It’s when you’re bending too far that you have minimal control over your life. If you feel like a minion, then you truly need to begin reassessing your individuality and freedom.

No animal can be happy in a cage, one that humans build around themselves in the form of career paths, financial requirements, and even familial obligations. These are things that many are only too happy to constantly serve and fulfil on a daily basis. But, to some of us, it is mere slavery.

The most important control you should have is over your mind. Those that feel they have no control in their lives will be plagued by anxiety and depression, and their egos will begin deteriorating as their most fundamental self-awareness begins taking a hit.

We all need to take control of our lives. We cannot allow ourselves to be pushed around, or to be treated like slaves. We need to take control and stand up to those that would try to take over our lives.


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