Importance of Planning








The Importance Of Planning


It is said that failing to plan, is planning to fail. This statement has never been truer in today’s chaotic modern world. Our daily routines, be it spent working in an office, or studying at university, require paramount levels of organization and goal-setting.

Too many people today feel completely swamped by their workloads and commitments. Some people even experience burnout, which is when a person basically collapses from exhaustion, and from being overworked. A lot of this stress could very easily be curbed with the proper planning. While some people are just naturally anal retentive, others struggle to keep their priorities in check.

Whether you have a gruelling workload, or just want to get your life sorted out in general, there are a few simple steps to take:

  1. The first and most seemingly basic step involves sitting down in the morning with a pen and piece of paper, or at your computer. Now, make a list of what the day’s objectives entail. What are the goals you hope to accomplish, what appointments do you have to attend, or which assignments must be completed?
  2. Next up is assigning times for all of these objectives, from first to last. Make sure that you know exactly what time everything is due, and when appointments will take place. You should now have a legitimate timetable, which you can save on your cell phone, or fold and keep with your belongings.
  3. This next step is vitally important for moulding your brain towards automatic planning. After you have completed each task on your schedule, take a moment to review what just happened. How do you think you performed? Was your time spent worthily? Were your efforts pleasing and beneficial to others?
  4. Once you feel happy that you have succeeded in the task, take another few minutes to relax and unwind. Our more demanding obligations can cause tension, so it’s important that you compose yourself in order to best meet the following task.
  5. At the end of the day, when you have finished the last task on your schedule, take some time to mentally review your day. What went well, and what didn’t? Do you feel like your performance was up to standard? Where can you improve, and what should you praise yourself for?

See how easy it is to sort your life out? All it takes is a certain level of presence in your life. Schedules are great, but you must make the mental effort to be present every minute of your working life.





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