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Hatred is the blackest of all emotions and thoughts. It is the complete absence of love and sympathy, and is as damaging to others as it is to the one who is experiencing such acrimonious feelings. Many people use the word ‘hate’ too casually, not really understanding what it is.

They merely dislike something, because hatred is the source of all violence and misery. It is the instigator of war, the backbone of racism, and the fuel for all division and animosity. There just is no sense that can be derived from hatred. It clouds our judgement and allows rationality to be replaced with anger.

Hatred can often feel like a fixed and eternal shift in cognition. Something or someone has spurned you so intensely that you can never forgive them. Many people carry oceans of bitterness around in their hearts, yearning for vengeance. Carrying that much negativity around does nothing but hurt us and accelerate our ageing.

Hatred causes our very cells to begin decaying. It causes the stomach to secrete bile and the central nervous system to secrete an overload of fight or flight hormones. It begins infecting what might have once been a calm and compassionate personality, changing it into a distrustful and cagey one.

Some people are very clever at hiding their true negativity. Some of the most secretly hateful people put on a veneer of charm and kindness, and you would never guess that behind their mask is a well of malice and contempt.

How you view someone is ultimately just a matter of perspective and understanding. As difficult as it may appear to rationalize the massive hurt someone may have inflicted upon you, if you can gain enough insight into their situation, you may be able to understand just why they acted so. Many people are just passing on a long line of brokenness they have endured in their family.

Then there are people that seem to be just pure evil, those that seemingly don’t need a reason to lash out. Sometimes, someone is just born with darkness in them. These are the people that require the most attention and patience, and no one is fixed in their ways.

Hatred seems to be increasing in this world. The terror attacks, wars, and racial conflicts have reached new, unfound heights. We must all do our best to foster understanding and compassion, and try our best to use calm reasoning, as opposed to fiery rebellion.


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