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Reach For The Stars

Human beings have proved that there are no limits to their ingenuity and abilities. We have, literally, already reached for the stars, proving that our infinite potential can be harnessed to achieve anything we desire. All it takes is passion and dedication.

You may not be an astronaut gearing up for a pioneering celestial mission, but you certainly have your own dreams and aspirations you would give anything to achieve. We often sit around at work, or in class, daydreaming of that ideal place where we can be the person we have always wished to be.

These are sentiments that are generally just heart-warming imaginings, things we entertain as a dreamlike alternative to our actual reality which takes up most of our time. Work, studying, running a family or business, our dreams slowly drift further and further away as our roles in society become more stringent.

We lose focus, and what was once the set goal of a younger version of yourself becomes something regarded as silly or immature. The truth is, that there is no purpose to life if you are not achieving your dreams. Each person has been put on this earth with a personal ambition, one that may take a long time to discover, but is undeniably always there.

Those who believe they do not have a dream just haven’t experienced enough to realize just what that dream is, or they need to do some soul searching. Either way, having a dream is one of the main drives for humans.

We look at the celebrities and top entrepreneurs and wonder just why we can’t be like them, just why we lead mundane lives while they have everything they could ever wish for. They only got to where they are today because they shunned all of the barriers that once held them at the daydreaming phase.

It suddenly dawned on them that achieving their dream was in fact very possible, and abandoned anything holding them back. They made the choice to pursue happiness, to reach for the stars, instead of staring at the ground.

It is your basic right as a human to pursue the opportunities presented, to chase your ambitions, no matter how crazy they may seem. This life is filled with choices, and there is never an absolute path we are forced to follow, no matter how fixed it may seem.


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