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What Comes To Those Who Are

Life Blessings; we spend a lot of time cursing our luck, wondering why we haven’t gotten everything that we deserve. A lot of us are consumed by envy or bitterness, looking at what we have with disdain, and what others have with greed. The funny thing about life, is that value is all about perspective.

You can have a few million dollars in the bank, and every comfort you could imagine, and still feel empty. In fact, the stereotype that rich people are unhappy with their situation is often true. Once greed and insecurity have taken root, it only becomes more intense the higher we climb. We see what those above us have, and desire it more than anything, removing the value in what we have.

Consumerism, materialism, selfishness – people are consumed by emptiness. It’s only those who see the true meaning and value in life that are happy with what they have, no matter how meek it may seem. Some people know that life has already provided everything that we need to be happy.

There is nothing that you need to possess other than the bare necessities to enjoy your life. It may seem like a ridiculous concept to many, but you have already been blessed with so much wonder and joy. The real things in life have already been granted to you: a healthy and intelligent mind, a strong and healthy body, an entire planet to explore and enjoy.

There are countless books to read, friends to make, countries to visit. When you size up all of the real wonders in the world against the petty material things so many people break their backs to achieve… it’s enough to break your heart.

Why is it that rich people are so dissatisfied with life? It’s because they don’t actually have anything of value or meaning in their lives. Many of their relationships are based solely on gain and deceit. They are so far into the rat race that it’s like they have blinkers on, they can’t see the world outside of materialism.

I would rather stand on the beach and watch the waves than sit in a fancy lounge watching a massive television. I would rather climb a mountain than the financial ladder. I would rather listen to an adventurous person’s life story than to a complaining client. I only wish that everyone could see just how much they have already been blessed with.


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