Most of us living in a democratic country, free of oppression and tyranny, consider ourselves as free. But many more liberal-thinking people do not consider that to be freedom, believing that a person is only truly free when they are emancipated from all governing and economic constraints. Either way, achieving true, personal freedom is certainly a struggle.

None of us can say that we are truly free. We all have varying degrees of obligations and duties, to our families, to our businesses and to society at large. We all wake up, every day, and have a predetermined schedule we need to follow.

The rewards we receive for following society’s codes award us with money and privileges that allow us to do what we like when we aren’t working, to a certain extent. A lot of us wish we could just break free, and live on a beach or in a forest.

Believe it or not, you can actually do that. We all have individual minds, and no one is magically bound. You could, right now, withdraw everything in your bank account, and set off on a quest of self-fulfilment and wonder.

We would never actually do that, however, as that would mean breaking many hearts and betraying the trust of those that rely on our daily commitment. With such seemingly unbreakable restraints, how can one ever truly hope to be free?

Freedom happens in the mind, when one truly takes hold of their imagination and perception. When we find that inner freedom, where the mind can do and feel whatever it feels, the duties and obligations of the world suddenly don’t seem so bad.

A free mind is able to feel emancipated in any situation. When you realize that the only freedom that matters is an internal one, everything seems like an enjoyable and acceptable process of life. A mind that is free of anxiety or depression can appreciate everything that life presents it.

How can one free their mind? It is a step-by-step process. The first and most important step involves forgiving others for any past wrongs they may have committed. You also have to forgive yourself for all of the times you let yourself down, and for all of your perceived inadequacies.

Letting go of all of this bitterness is vital to allowing your mind to shed much of its negativity, clearing your perception of its judgmental filters. This allows you to see things for what they truly are, wonderful and divine.


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