The word courage can mean so many different things to different people. When a lot of people hear the word courage they think of bravery and in some people it conjures up images of firefighters, policemen and soldiers, who all need courage to do their job.

How many times in everyday life do you show courage without even realising it? There are a lot of people who show courage just by being able to get out of their bed in the morning. Some people also need to have courage to do things that other people are simply able to do without thinking about it, such as going into a crowded room. These things are just as courageous, although to some people they may seem like simple everyday tasks.

It is fair to say that the word courage can have an endless amount of meanings. These meanings can apply to a number of different people in different situations such as someone fighting cancer to someone who needs to leave a negative relationship, to asking for a pay increase at work. These are all things that take courage and everyone should appreciate that they will often do courageous things.

When people are asked to define courage they will often think about the big heroic things such as the firefighter running into the burning building. Every day as normal humans, people show courage just to be able to get through a day. In a lot of cases, these are things that we need to do for our friends or family or even for ourselves. The simple tasks which are the acts of courage due to love and compassion. There are acts of kindness given in services to others or kindness and also the courage is sharing our hearts and souls within relationships. Courage is a lot deeper that most people initially give it credit for being.

It is fair to say that taking inventory of your life and making the changes that you need to also take courage, as it can be a very scary thing to do. When you come to a crossroads in your life and it can be hard to decide which way to go and it can take courage to decide and make the move. It is hard to have trust in your own abilities to make the correct choice and know the best steps to take to move forward with your life.

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