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How To Be Better

We live in an often very negative world that often tries breaking us down. Advertising constantly tells us that we are weak and in need. Many people we hold dearest to our hearts will hurt us the worst. We suddenly become overwhelmed with it all, and feel like our lot in life is the be all and end all. This is no way to live, and we can all do so much better!

Life can be overwhelming. We are all – at any given moment – dealing with the stresses of merely existing, not to mention the more subtle mental processes that we don’t tell others about. We then look in the mirror and often don’t like what we see. We see a body that could use more exercise, dark circles under our eyes, skin that could use more sunshine.

We think we could be better, but then we remember the thousands of other things we need to be doing instead. Looking after children, paying bills, filling out orders. We just don’t have the time or energy to take care of ourselves, to love ourselves. Some of us even become apathetic.

There is always time to look after yourself. Even if you are working multiple jobs and have children to care for, it is of vital importance that you find even the smallest gap to dedicate to yourself.

You’d be amazed how much you can do in even just half an hour. You can do a full intense work out, soak up an adequate amount of sunshine, just do what makes you happy. One of the greatest shames of modern existence is the guilt people feel when they have ‘me’ time.

At the end of the day, you only have yourself in this life. People come and go, but you will always remain. You only have one mind, and one body, and you owe it to yourself to actually act on the areas you feel you are lacking in and try change the things that are making you unhappy.

It’s all about loving yourself. This is not a selfish or egotistical concept; it is the most foundational notion in life. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot bring any sincere compassion or positivity into the world. There is nothing worse than being fake, and we all know how that feels! Accept yourself, and accept that you deserve to focus on yourself sometimes.


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