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What Is The Now?

The Now usually evades us, human thinking is generally spent either worrying about the future, or longing for the past. Many of us don’t even realize it, but we’re often never actually present in the moment. We’re always anxious about what will come next, or dissatisfied with our current state of being.

True happiness only comes when a person’s mind shuts off the past and future and becomes rooted in ‘The Now’, every waking second that passes. Becoming truly mindful of what is going around you at any given moment. When you make this change, and become completely present in your life, this is when you can take charge.

When all of your mental power is dedicated to what you are currently doing, extraordinary things happen. You suddenly begin working better, your daily interaction with people becomes far more invested and meaningful, and you suddenly find that your more negative emotions are slowly slipping away.

A lot of spiritual people talk about ‘The Now’ as a divine presence, an awakening that allows a person to become the god of their life. They believe that a person can then take an almost magical control of their reality.

Now, this may sound like nonsense to you, but it honestly is not far from the truth. Once you become invested in the moment, you really can do anything you like. Suddenly, the fear holding you back disappears. All of your restraints (be it money, self-doubt or commitments) fade away and you become truly free.

Obviously, you don’t want to be reckless or inconsiderate. The opposite should happen, your empathy and understanding of the people and world around you, in general, should grow. When you look at a person, free of past wrongs or judgements, you will see such incredible beauty and worth.

This may all seem only too ideal. Many of us can’t imagine suddenly trashing all of our worrying and plotting. It’s all a process. It takes time and effort to begin detaching yourself from unnecessary distractions, to change the way your brain is programmed.

The brain is not fixed in its thinking. It can change, more easily than many of us believe. Anxious or depressing thoughts can be erased. They are the curtains that stop you from seeing properly. You just need to silence all of those nagging voices in your head and take a good look at the world around you, the stars and the waves.



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