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The Importance of Being

Just Being…Life is a gift. It may sound clichéd, but it’s something that many people do not realize. Some people see life as a curse, wandering through life almost in a dead-like state. We have to ensure that our very presence on this earth is fully awake and in love with everything around us.

Out short time spent on this planet requires a certain level of presence. This life that you have been given is so short, and unfortunately many people only realize that when it’s too late. We spend our lives dedicated to our work, to making money, to pleasing others. It is often only when we come to the end of our run in the rat race that we suddenly wake up and smell the roses.

Many people have existential crises. They suddenly realize that they are completely unhappy with the way things are going, and wish that they could turn back time and do things differently. There really is no need for such thinking.

As soon as you make the decision to truly be, to exist in this world free of all of that negativity, something wonderful will happen. The beauty of nature, the true value and meaning of friendship, and the realization that you are strong, intelligent and capable will all hit you.

From here onwards, you can begin living with passion. You will look into yourself and see just exactly how much you can bring into the world, how much you can contribute. To see beyond society’s menial requirements of you, and to find your true purpose in life, whatever that may be.

When you begin truly being instead of merely existing, you will find that the world is far more intriguing than you initially thought it was. You will begin seeing the glory of creation in a different way. You will find yourself wanting to do things you previously would never have considered.

Traveling, trying a new sport, calling up an old friend or even asking out that special person you were always too scared to. Life has presented you with all manner of opportunity, don’t waste it always wondering ‘what if?’

When you reach your old age, a lot of your time will be spent reflecting. If you feel that your life was unfulfilled or even miserable, you can easily become very depressed. Luckily, you can easily make sure that your Golden Years are spent nostalgically reminiscing over all of the wonder and love you enjoyed in abundance.


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