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Think, Feel And Do To Become A Healthier You

There are three sides to the process of changing your habits, namely what you think, how you feel and what you do and it’s not always easy to juggle all three. As thinking, feeling, doing human being, you have to tackle each one to apply the long-term changes you want to make in your life. There is valuable information in everything you think, feel and do to become a healthier you.

Think – what do you say about that habit that you’re trying to break? Be honest with yourself and write down your thoughts, tell a friend, or draw a picture, whatever works best for you. It might not be what you want to see or hear, but it will help you to understand yourself better and you will stop saying things like:

  • “I can stop anytime”
  • “I deserve this because I work hard”
  • “It will get better when I’m not so stressed out”
  • “I can’t stop. This is me”

Sound familiar?

Feel – write down how you feel about this habit. It will be a matter of trial and error to identify how you feel and you will be a bit unsure for a while, which is quite normal. By honouring it, you will build compassion for yourself and discover valuable information about that part of you that is hesitant about giving up that bad habit.

The whole idea is to fulfil that part of you that exposes your values, in a healthy way. Those feelings of anger, shame, safety, fear, power or powerlessness, control and relief that surround your habit will help you to understand your needs and how to handle them. You have that inner strength and understanding to overcome these feelings.

Do – what are you doing about your habit at this point in time? Are you actually taking steps to understand the impact it has on you? Are you educating yourself or trying healthier alternatives in your life? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re amazing! What you are doing is so important and shows how committed you are. Take a bow!

Postponement and opposite thinking can go a long way in understanding your needs and how to cope with triggers. When you think in opposites you can create new and better habits. This is essential, because the new and improved habits you develop have to be realistic and meet your needs to think, feel and do to become a healthier you.


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