Trust Your Intuition

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How To Trust Your Intuition

Ever have that feeling that you “know” what you should do but you can’t really explain why? That is known as intuition or having a “gut feeling” about something, that most times usually turns out the be the right thing to do. When you are faced with a few options and don’t know what to do, knowing how to trust your instinct can help a lot. Intuition can be developed. The following few hints and tips will give you an idea of how to trust your intuition.

When you ask yourself questions listen to that first answer that comes to mind

With all the thoughts going through your mind, this isn’t easy, but it can be done. Say for instance you’re looking through the menu at a restaurant. Pick the first thing that you feel you’ll enjoy. Don’t worry that you haven’t even looked at the specials of the day, or that your cousin recommended some other meal. Don’t hesitate, just go with what your gut tells you to order.

Listen to your gut instincts

Listening to your gut instinct is a big step to knowing how to trust your intuition. There’s a good reason why it’s referred to as a “gut feeling”. Ever felt uncomfortable in your stomach when you “know” that something you’re about to do is the wrong decision? That’s your intuition kicking in!

Give the right side of your brain regular exercise

Intuition comes from the right side of the brain, the same side where holistic, nonverbal expression and thought is controlled. Some ways to give your intuition a good “workout” include:

  • Dancing
  • Being creative
  • Visualising
  • Painting
  • Brainstorming

Keep a journal of your intuition

Use your intuition every day to make a guess about something or someone, but don’t actually act on it. Just jot it down. Focus on things like the feelings you have at the time, what your intuition is telling you, and whether there are any associated sensations, like physical discomfort or a vision, and write them down. After a while, read through your journal and see how frequently you were right. The more you learn how to identify your tuition and see that it’s pointing you in the right direction, not only will your intuitive power grow, but your confidence as well.

Sure, learning how to trust your intuition can be scary, especially when it means relying on something that you don’t quite understand. You shouldn’t base all your decisions on intuition, but for most of the time, trust those “gut feelings” because they are usually right!


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