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How To Do It All Within Your Limits

There are days when your to-do list seems never ending. There are countless emails that need your attention and everyone and their grandmother needs help from you. You put off exercising for another day; you resort to eating junk food and those photos you’ve been promising to organize for so long, are still lying unattended to. You’re stressed out, lack sleep and to curb your irritated mood, find yourself comfort eating all day long, which leads to worry about your increasing waistline.

It’s a vicious cycle that we all face at times. How do you, the busy woman that you are, cope with everything you’re expected to do and squeeze in some me-time too, on top of the other million-and-one other things on your to-do list? Answer: you don’t. Read on, and find out how to do it all within your limits.

Superwoman does not exist!

Whether you like it or not, you are not a superwoman. There are only 24 hours in a day, so you might as well just accept the fact that it is impossible to do everything on that list that you have decided to tackle in just one day. Accepting that you have limits will actually simplify things and make your move from just surviving to thriving a whole lot easier. Keep reminding yourself that you are not superwoman and that it is impossible for you to complete it all in one day. Time to shorten that to-do list and work out how to do it all within your limits!

Just like everyone else, you are not perfect!

It’s unrealistic and stressful to even imagine that you will get it all done. Perfectionists usually feel bad about themselves and are petrified of screwing up. Adhering strictly to perfectionism is not the way to spend your energy with care and respect. Instead of killing yourself trying to “get it perfect,” rather concentrate on always moving along the right road. Ditch the idea of being perfect and you will be able to decide when you have had enough.

Life’s an exciting journey so enjoy the ride!

The day that you get through to yourself that you are no superwoman, that you will not be perfect at everything, then you will be able to enjoy that incredible journey called life. Take good care of yourself. Insist on that “me time” a few times a week, exercise regularly and stick to a well-balanced diet. When you are in peak condition, you will have a whole lot more to offer others.

Once you’ve accepted how to do it all within your limits, you will forget about trying to be a perfectionist supreme, and start enjoying that incredible journey called life.


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