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How To Stay Focused

You can achieve just about anything if you can stay focused, from finishing your work an hour earlier, to learning for a test. Staying focused can also do wonders for your career, make you listen better when people speak to you, and help you to solve problems way faster than before. These steps will show you how to stay focused, so that you can concentrate on what you’re doing, and not be tempted to check your phone or Facebook every few minutes!

Keep your space organised – whether at home or at the office, make sure to always keep your space organised. Working at an uncluttered desk will help you to stay focused and concentrate on the work that needs to be done. Get rid of anything on your desk that will distract you from the task at hand. Making a point of tidying your space at the end of each day will help a lot to get you into a habit of staying organised.

Write down a to-do list – Making a to-do list every morning or once a week will help you to stay focused and feel motivated to get on with your work. If you have listed everything you must do, you will feel an immense sense of accomplishment every time you check an item off the list. Doing things this way will also help you to concentrate on just one thing at a time.

Prioritize – prioritize everything that you have to do, with the hardest task being at the top of the list. It’s best to keep the smaller, easier tasks for later in the day when you’re tired and less likely to finish the harder things on your list. Also, knowing that you have a few complicated things to do at the end of the day, will give you a feeling of dread all day.

Take a break! – include breaks in the things on your to-do list. These breaks will be your reward for completing a few tasks. This is when you can have a bite to eat, or call your friend for a few minutes. This will help you stay focused on the jobs you still have to complete.

Time management – time management is an important part of knowing how to stay focused. Write down approximately how long it should take to finish each task, making sure to be realistic with your estimation, then try to finish each task within the time that you have allocated yourself. Working to a deadline will help you to stay focused on each task and less likely to spend an hour texting your friend or browsing through Facebook!


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