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All women know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Makiko knows this too, and that is why she services events with her exceptional skill in Japanese cuisine, including hen parties. Hen parties are an exciting time to spoil your girlfriend and celebrate the commitment and beautiful union to the love of her life. What better way to do this than with exquisitely made Sushi and a personalised party planned by Makiko and her staff?

Hen parties should be uniquely designed to suite the bride’s personality and make her feel extremely special. Makiko and her staff understand this, and plan their catering according to the client’s request. If you want a hen party like no other, and choose to add sushi platters to your hen party menu to give your guest a bit of diversity, or you decide to go all the way and add the Japanese culture experience as the theme for your hen party – there’s nothing to it! Makiko and her staff will plan your hen party with and for you


How does a sushi cooking class with your favourite girls sound? Makiko has taught over 48 000 people to make her famous sushi. This is a fun activity to include in your hen party while learning the skill to getting that key to a man’s heart that we spoke about earlier. Sushi platters beautifully presented are available for order as well.


Makiko has catered for clients like L’Oreál Paris, Honda, Disney, Make My Lemonade, and Winston. The outcomes of the events were a success, and the clients were extremely pleased. She aims to have all her clients feel that way. With press coverage from big media names like; The Guardian, The Times, Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and local media such as London Evening Standard, hen parties will be handled by a highly recommended expert in Japanese cuisine.

About Makiko

Makiko is the proud owner of Suzu, a sushi restaurant located in West London. The restaurant serves her famous sushi and provides takeaways. Suzu also has a delivery service, so you can order in for convenience. Visit for more information on the restaurant. To find out a bit more about Makiko’s journey on how she came about offering quality service and delicious sushi visit her website,

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