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How To Excel In Life

Everyone has a different idea about what it is to excel at life. Your life experiences are very different to those of other people, and it’s these experiences that have a big influence on how you think of yourself as a person, the world, your idea of success and your goals. To excel at life doesn’t mean that things will run smoothly all the time, that you will realise all your dreams, or that you will overcome all failures. The following few hints and tips will show you how to excel in life.

Determine how you want to excel

Write down a list of the values, moral attributes, and ideals that you feel are important. These could be things like being healthy or being a good friend. Ideals and values are ideas in life that you feel you need to excel at. These are different to goals, because goals are definite actions that you can complete.

List all the ways that you can excel in your life

First, you must think about what it means to you to excel at life, your values, and the type of life that you would like to have. It will take a little time to sift through all the questions before you decide what it truly means to you to excel at life. Make sure to include short-term, long-term, small successes and big dreams.

Have a journal for the sole purpose of making notes of this new vision of your life and the way you want yourself to succeed. List all the ways that you could excel in life; your biggest aims, small things like washing the dishes each day and even those that are unrealistic.

You will probably find that your idea of excelling in life could start with some small changes to do with your finances, your health, romance, family, or even character traits like being more compassionate or improving your friendships.

List all your goals

Read through your list of ways to excel, and then look at your list of ideals and values. Which goals emphasise your views of life and the type of person you aspire to be? Group together the ways that you want to excel, like hobby goals, career goals, friendship goals, family goals and health goals. Now group these into long- and short-term goals such as weight loss/gain, becoming a successful journalist, or washing the dishes each day.

Prioritise those goals

Once you have an idea about how to excel in life, get started on prioritising those goals. Write down those long-term goals that will have you feeling as if you are indeed excelling in life. Make a note of the goals that you can work on every day that will make you feel that your life is moving forward in a positive way.


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