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How To Stop Making A Drama Out Of A Crisis At Work

Are you one of those people who goes into a complete panic whenever there’s a crisis at work? Severe stress and anxiety can result in a total meltdown, which is not only embarrassing, but is also damaging to your health. Being in this state makes it impossible for you to focus on the work you need to do.

Following are a few hints and tips on how to stop making a drama out of a crisis at work, to help you remain calm and composed whenever a serious situation occurs at work.

  • Take a few seconds to think about what has happened – don’t react immediately, but rather have a bit of patience and think carefully about the situation. Is it going to matter in a year’s time? If it is, and it doesn’t involve you, then step back and simply view things from the sidelines. This will help you to both stay calm and make the correct decisions
  • Don’t be negative – your mind might be filled with negative thoughts in stressful situations, and the more you dwell on these negative thoughts, the less chance you have of calming down. Don’t imagine the worst-case scenario, but rather push aside the negative thoughts and focus on anything positive
  • Keep the “what ifs” to a minimum – asking yourself or your colleagues this question when there’s a crisis at work, will only cause that feeling of panic to escalate. Those “what if” situations might never happen anyway
  • Stay healthy – take proper care of your body and you will be more than capable of handling any sticky situation at work. Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, and get plenty of restful sleep. Exercise helps the body to function at its best and reduces the level of stress hormones.
  • Limit your caffeine intake – don’t drink that coffee you crave during a stressful situation, because you could be making matters worse for yourself. Caffeine is known to trigger adrenaline that will boost your energy and physical power, but is usually followed by immense fatigue and in some cases, irritability too. During a crisis at work, the best thing to drink is plain water, and not coffee, energy drinks, or soda

Apart from the above hints to help you stop making a drama out of a crisis at work, another good way to avoid becoming stressed out during these situations, is to simply walk away and have an hour or two of “me” time. This will give you time to think things over properly without panicking, and you will be in a better frame of mind to approach the issue in a calm, relaxed manner.


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