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3 Important Reasons To Stay True To Your Word


It’s easy to make promises, but sticking to the promises we make can be difficult at times. This is because we sometimes want to say no, but find it so much easier to simply agree to do whatever it is we’re asked to do to avoid an argument.


However, when you go all out to keep the promises you make, whether it’s what the person wants to hear or not, you build a reputation for yourself as being someone who can be trusted under all circumstances.


In addition to this, no matter how truthful a person we are, there are countless times when we are almost forced into telling a lie. Being honest might cause someone to become angry with you because they don’t like the fact that what you are saying is true, but you can rest assured that this will in no way tarnish your integrity. Lifelong relationships are most times formed through honesty and sincerity, so sticking to the promises you make is in fact, one of the most powerful characteristics you can possess.


Following are 3 important reasons to stay true to your word.


Integrity – integrity is one of the main reasons why many people do what they say they will do. They feel extremely bad if they break the promise they made, because it means so much to them. You will not stay true to your word if it means nothing at all to you.


Reliability and trust – people don’t trust those who break their promises or let others down all the time. The result is that friends, family and work colleagues will try to avoid being with them as much as possible.  Always remember that deeply connected relationships and friendships flourish when everyone concerned is reliable and trustworthy.


Respect – promising to do something and then not doing it gives others the impression that they’re being manipulated, and they immediately lose respect for you. If it only happens once and for a good reason, then it’s no big deal, but if it happens constantly, then you are proving that you are unreliable and not to be trusted. To be respected by everyone, be open and above board when making promises. Stay true to your word and say no when you actually mean it, and yes when you know you can keep the promise you made.


Stay true to your word, and you will be known as a person with integrity and be respected by all those around you; a trustworthy person who can be relied on at all times.



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