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Living Life To The Max

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Ways To Enjoy Living Life To The Max


Do you know how to enjoy life to the fullest, or are you like so many other people and spend your days stressing out so much, that you make yourself utterly miserable? Well stress no more, because here are some great ways to enjoy living life to the max!


Spend more time with your loved ones


This might seem like an obvious tip to you, but really, how much time do you spend with the people you care about? Studies show that being surrounded by loved ones can significantly increase your general happiness and add more meaning to your life. Get started on the road to happiness now, by making a point of being with the people who love you and bring out the best in you!


Unleash your inner child


Having to pay bills and be the responsible adult we’re expected to be, has caused many people to take life way too seriously. One of the best ways to enjoy living life to the max, is to take time out at least once a week from being the adult you are and be a kid again. Feel the wind in your hair as you drive go-carts, play a few rounds of mini-golf, spend a day at an amusement park, or anything else that will unleash your inner child.


Turn the negatives into positives!


Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? It is almost a guarantee that if you see the positive in everything, you will become a happier person!


Bury the grudges!


Improve your mental well-being and maximise your life by getting rid of any grudges you might have. Holding grudges inside can play up havoc with your health, but if you can find it in your heart to forgive those who have done you wrong, you will feel an immense sense of relief, and start concentrating on all the good things in life.


Exercise regularly


Regular exercise will keep you healthy, happy and fit, and help to protect your body against awful illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and a whole host of other chronic medical issues. Being fit and healthy is one of the essential ways to enjoy living life to the max.


Get enough sleep


You cannot possibly function properly without enough sleep. Get plenty of restful sleep every night, and you will be ready every day to tackle work, some time on the skating rink, or a Sunday morning hike with friends or family. Giving your body the rest it needs is vital for boosting your immune system and increasing your energy levels for the activities you must face the next day.


True To Your Word








3 Important Reasons To Stay True To Your Word


It’s easy to make promises, but sticking to the promises we make can be difficult at times. This is because we sometimes want to say no, but find it so much easier to simply agree to do whatever it is we’re asked to do to avoid an argument.


However, when you go all out to keep the promises you make, whether it’s what the person wants to hear or not, you build a reputation for yourself as being someone who can be trusted under all circumstances.


In addition to this, no matter how truthful a person we are, there are countless times when we are almost forced into telling a lie. Being honest might cause someone to become angry with you because they don’t like the fact that what you are saying is true, but you can rest assured that this will in no way tarnish your integrity. Lifelong relationships are most times formed through honesty and sincerity, so sticking to the promises you make is in fact, one of the most powerful characteristics you can possess.


Following are 3 important reasons to stay true to your word.


Integrity – integrity is one of the main reasons why many people do what they say they will do. They feel extremely bad if they break the promise they made, because it means so much to them. You will not stay true to your word if it means nothing at all to you.


Reliability and trust – people don’t trust those who break their promises or let others down all the time. The result is that friends, family and work colleagues will try to avoid being with them as much as possible.  Always remember that deeply connected relationships and friendships flourish when everyone concerned is reliable and trustworthy.


Respect – promising to do something and then not doing it gives others the impression that they’re being manipulated, and they immediately lose respect for you. If it only happens once and for a good reason, then it’s no big deal, but if it happens constantly, then you are proving that you are unreliable and not to be trusted. To be respected by everyone, be open and above board when making promises. Stay true to your word and say no when you actually mean it, and yes when you know you can keep the promise you made.


Stay true to your word, and you will be known as a person with integrity and be respected by all those around you; a trustworthy person who can be relied on at all times.



Maintain Momentum








4 Great Tips On How To Maintain Momentum

If you find that your motivation is starting to go downhill, don’t worry. You’re not meant to fall back into those old habits of yours or fail at the aims that you set for yourself just a couple of months ago. All it needs is for you to refocus to get back on track, and the following 4 great tips on how to maintain momentum are going to help you do just that!

Rethink Your Goals

Were the goals you set for yourself those that required progress measurements, such as weight loss for instance? Did you reward yourself when you succeeded, or did you only beat yourself up when you didn’t reach your goals? It’s all good and well to say that you’re going to eat better to lose 10 pounds, but you won’t succeed if you don’t have a definite plan. Decide why you want to lose those extra pounds. Keeping your goals meaningful will help to stay motivated during the tough times.

Do The Things You Like Doing

It’s important to enjoy what you’re doing, or you’re not going to stick to what you’ve set out to do. If your goal is to lose weight by exercising and changing your eating habits, then only do the exercises that you enjoy, and go on a diet that you will look forward to eating at mealtimes. In other words, don’t force yourself because it just won’t work. This is not how to maintain momentum.

Find a Support System

You might feel as if you can go it alone when you make these changes, but times will get tough, and you will need people around you to lean on and provide you with encouragement and support. Speak to family, friends, work colleagues, your partner or even join an online support group. Apart from encouragement and support, these people will also make sure that you stick to the goals you’ve set for yourself. For example, you won’t have that rich dessert if the people around you know that it’s something that you shouldn’t eat.

Instead of Fearing Your Mistakes, Learn From Them

Remind yourself that you’re not perfect, and that there will be times when you fail. Take your diet for instance. You’re an individual and your body is extremely complicated, so even if you expect to lose two pounds at the end of a week, there is a good chance that it won’t happen.

It’s the same if you’re exercising. You might be determined to let nothing keep you away from your daily exercise, but thing happen, and there will be times when you will have to skip a daily exercise routine. Accepting these experiences is a great way of learning how to maintain momentum, and keep on the right track.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff At Work!








The chances are good that you’re going all out to prove your worth at work. Your emails are concise and sent out immediately, you participate by contributing your ideas in meetings, and you make a point of getting along with management and all your co-workers. Despite all your efforts, however, there are times when you feel that you are not appreciated, and instead of feeling good about yourself, you feel like a complete loser.

Don’t stress the small stuff at work! These seemingly huge issues to you are really nothing to worry about at all. Following are a few common workplace gripes that you can simply ignore, and get on with the business of showing the company you work for, what an amazing asset you are to them.

  • Not getting a round of applause for a job well done – sure, you got a gold star at school when you performed well, but things are a whole lot different in the workplace. If you didn’t receive positive feedback from your boss when you did a good job, don’t simply assume that he/she hated what you did. Instead, tell yourself that your boss knows you’re doing a great job, and would tell you if you weren’t.


  • You’re entitled to a lunch hour, so enjoy it! – you can be commended for being a conscientious worker, but don’t take it so far that you’ll rather go hungry than not finish off that report you were busy with. No one will look down on you if you leave your desk for an hour to have a meal somewhere. You’re entitled to it after all!


Eating a hurried lunch at your desk, by the way, probably doesn’t have your employers seeing you as the dedicated worker you are trying to portray, but rather like someone who can’t manage their workload.


  • Someone gave you a weird look – if someone at the office looks at you in a weird way, don’t immediately assume that it’s because you have done something wrong. Try to imagine things that might have happened to them before leaving for work. Their kids might have driven them crazy, their car might be giving trouble, or they might not be feeling too good. It could be any number of things as to why they gave you “a look,” but it more than likely has nothing to do with you at all.

You spend most of your time doing what you can to earn a living, so don’t sweat the small stuff at work! Rather do what you do with the rest of your time, and make the most of the hours you spend at the office.



Unleash Your Inner Power Now

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There are countless websites that claim to have the secret to unlocking your mind power. Now you might not believe this, but you already have the powers to do this. The following easy yet simple methods will teach you how to unleash your inner power.


Like most people, you only use about 10 to 20% of your mind, which is just a minute portion of what you are actually capable of achieving. Digging beneath the surface of your subconscious mind is the way to open the doors to the vast amount of knowledge that is hidden inside, and the best way to do this is through meditation.

Although there are several forms of meditation, the principle is basically the same, which is to change the patterns of your brain. While meditating, you will experience surges of creative thought and see ideas that before seemed unrelated, are in fact, deeply connected.

Meditation can be learned and practiced by anyone, and once you’ve mastered the art of meditating, you will wonder how you have managed for so long without it. Apart from helping you to unleash the true powers you possess, it has other health benefits too, like improving your mood and feeling of well-being, and increasing your memory and learning capacity, to name but a few.

Believe that you have the power to do it!

Remember all those things you were told you couldn’t do by those around you when you were growing up? Well, it’s time to brush those ingrained beliefs aside, because they are entirely irrelevant to the amazing potential you have inside you right now. Just as meditation will help you to learn how to unleash your inner power, so will you have to start believing in yourself and what you are truly capable of achieving.

Change your eating habits

Just like a Ferrari needs the best fuel and a regular service to keep running at peak condition, so do you need to be mindful of the fuel you’re feeding your body. Avoid processed foods at all costs. Instead, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, foods rich in Vitamin C, include Omega 3 oil into your daily diet, and get into a routine of exercising regularly.

There is no secret at all to learning how to unleash your inner power. Acknowledging who you are as an individual as well as your amazing mind, will be motivation enough to look after this wonderful gift you have. Meditation, belief in yourself, a well-balanced diet and regular exercise, are all it takes to unleash the true potential you already possess.