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Integrity is associated with a code of honour and moral principles.  It is a noble quality to have and often tells us a great deal about another person’s character.

Self integrity is your own personal quality of honesty and morality.  It is you who sets the boundaries and decides where your integrity begins and ends.  Everybody has a different level of integrity and if you have set high standards for yourself, you might think that others are lacking.  This may well be true.  However, each person’s state of integrity is a culmination of how they have been taught as children, and the experiences they have had throughout their lives.  This will often determine their level of integrity.

Your self integrity is actually a very important part of who you are as a person.  If questioned, it will often determine how morally and honestly you feel about certain aspects of your life.  You may be pushed into a situation where you, yourself, will have to question your self integrity.  This can be a difficult position to be in especially if other people who mean something in your life or who you trust, ask you to do or say something that goes against your self integrity.  Here you are put in a place where you have to make a decision whether you are to uphold your self integrity or give in to the pressure that others put on you.

Self integrity, to some degree, is linked to your conscience and often you may find yourself wishing to please others by “betraying” your self integrity, which in turn, may have an impact on your conscience.

If for example, someone asks you to lie for them and this request pushes the boundaries of the integrity you have set for yourself, you may find yourself in a very uncomfortable position.  You might feel that if you say no to the person you might lose them, or no longer be in their favour.  It is here that your self integrity is challenged.  You have to ask yourself: Is this person worth going against what I believe to be true for myself?  The answer to this question will clarify just how deep and important your own self integrity is to you.

Breaking the parameters of the standards you have set for your self integrity can leave you feeling guilty and disillusioned with yourself.  Therefore, it is wise to always maintain your personal level of self integrity.  At the end of the day it establishes how gracious and dignified you really are.  It is best not to betray the code of your own self dignity.

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