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Why You Should Not Let Society And Culture Influence Your Eating Habits

Eating habits and food choices are developed early in life, with infants’ eating habits and choices usually being developed by their parents. Many parents feed their children according to what society considers to be healthy, and these views have a direct influence on the amount of nutrition their baby receives.

For example, vegan parents will introduce their children to vegan food, or there are some who believe that fat babies are healthy, and will feed them accordingly. Food is also often used to reward good behavior in children, and is also sometimes used to stop a child from behaving badly. Children are also known to follow by example, and will copy the eating habits not only of their parents, but also the habits of the friends they spend time with.

In today’s world, society, more-often-than-not, dictates to us how and what we should eat, with most people accepting these eating habits and choices quite happily.

However, there are good reasons why you should not let society and culture influence your eating habits.

How society and culture dictates what we eat

Although society and culture are important in shaping our eating habits, the society we live in today has led us to believe that cheap and fast is good. This has resulted in people eating more super-sized, cheap fast food, causing a huge increase in obesity, that has in fact reached epidemic proportions.

Studies show that healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables have become more expensive than high-energy, less nutritious foods, resulting in more and more people eating hamburgers, hot dogs, and other so-called “junk food”, rather than good, healthy meals that are high in nutrition.

Marketing strategies are also used in our society to influence the eating habits of consumers.

Adverts these days for instance, usually have themes that are “fun” and “cool” to sell processed food products. These strategies are simply a cover-up for the fact that these processed foods are crammed full of fat, salt, artificial sweeteners, colourants, and preservatives, and it’s insulting. Not only are the foods advertised extremely unhealthy and damaging to the human body, but eating them will have an adverse effect on a child’s eating habits for the rest of his/her life.

The way the media portrays the “perfect body” too, has a damaging effect on many people, especially young adults who have self-image issues. So many teens suffer from life-threatening health issues such as binge eating, anorexia, and bulimia, through the incorrect eating and food advice they read about in the media.

The remedy

Introduce your children to healthy foods from an early age. The advice you give them about the importance of healthy eating, will form a solid foundation for them as to the importance of good eating habits, that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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