When Right Becomes Wrong

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For many years mental health attracted attention and it will be like this for many years to come. It has become the norm of the society to label a person – also known as the patient or client – with a mental illness because they are “different”. But so are race, shapes, colours, etc.

Mental health means that you have the necessary coping mechanisms to feel good even when you have a bad day. Everybody has good and bad days, but it doesn’t mean if you are having a bad day, that you have a mental illness. It is vital to have both a healthy body and mind.

In reality, there is a very fine line between right and wrong. Some people act in strange ways that others don’t understand. Some are violent, abusive, short-tempered, smokers or have a problem with drug abuse. For some, it is part of their daily life. It is these choices that they make. For others, this is a “silent” way of saying that something is wrong. They are having a bad day. They are not coping.

Abusive behaviour

Abuse has become part of our lives. Every day we face the reality of this tragedy. Beat-upped faces staring at us from every single lamp posts. Social media, overloaded with images and protest requests. But why do people abuse others? Some are raised with abuse. To them, it is normal behaviour. They learned from their parents. That “horror” must be imprinted into the back of their minds, waiting for the right time to crawl out of their hiding place. What might be right for the mentally ill is not necessarily right for others. The right has become wrong.


Some people get satisfaction out of violence. Just because others say it is wrong, doesn’t mean that they are going to listen. Children are slaying parents and siblings. They lose control and go on killing sprees. Violence is their drug, it is their coping mechanism. They need to kill to feel better. They feed on this feeling. The right has become wrong.

Self – destruction

Self-destructive behaviour has many faces. We have to know the girl with the perfect body, punishing herself with a razor blade because she ate a banana, or the successful businessman secretly gambling his future away. What so many people desire can in fact be a prison for others. The right has become wrong.


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