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Disorders are severe states of mental or emotional turmoil and when gone untreated, these mental and emotional disturbances can develop into disorders. Some disorders are more severe than others, but each person’s life and state of being is always in their own control, no matter how ‘far gone’ or out of control they may seem to appear. In order to overcome disorders, it is vital to act on self-love and to care for yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Disorders will always have their cause rooted in the emotional or mental bodies. It is important to note that our diet and nutritional intake also affects the health of our emotional and mental bodies, and certain food allergies such as the allergy to gluten and wheat have been linked to mental disorders and poor function on a mental level. This in turn also affects our emotions, as the health of our immune system and gut are connected to our emotions. This is because the gut produces certain hormones and chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine which allow us to feel good and motivated, and if we continue to put poor quality food into our system, it eventually depletes these happy hormones from our gut and causes havoc on our immune systems. Therefore, in order to have a healthy mind and healthy emotions; we also need to have a healthy body.

A person who is struggling with a disorder will find great relief in taking part in therapeutic activities such as painting, writing, drawing and other forms of creative expression. Any activity that will help them to quiet their mind, detach from their thoughts and connect them with their own inner guidance system can greatly help to ease depression, anxiety and incorrect perceptions of ourselves and others. Certain techniques such as meditation and focusing on the breath are also beneficial ways to reduce anxiety, depression and erratic behaviour. Depending on the disorder, the patient can also incorporate certain foods and herbs into their diet that can also assist with easing the mental and emotional bodies.

The most important thing that any person with a disorder needs is love. Love is the force that knows no boundaries and is the force that is able to heal absolutely anything. Anyone suffering from a disorder will heal much faster if they are surrounded by love. It is important to shower these people in love and not to isolate them any further through judgements and fears.

Overcoming disorders begins with self-love, and the healing journey is greatly enhanced by the love of others.

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