Finding Balance Amongst the Chaos

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“Balance is not something you find, it is something you create “ – Jana Kingsford

So as creating balance is what you are doing, you need then to identify the imbalance; the chaos, stand back and deal with it.

It is so much easier to feel balanced when one is in control and to be in control is to not have too much to deal with. The most important thing here is not necessarily to prioritize things you have on your list of things to do, but to list those things which are priorities.

Finding priorities in the chaotic pile of things to do can often be a case of learning to say no. The new buzz word is “boundary management.” Cut the demands on your time that you are not 100% comfortable with.

Next, you will find life so much more manageable when everything is in its place. Having everything in its place means you will not waste valuable time searching for stuff.

To that end, it would be useful to sort through those things that have been neglected to the point that approaching them becomes a frightening threat.  Be brave. Take these things in hand small tasks at a time. This process is cathartic, chaos-mitigating and satisfying.

A spring-clean/tidy up is a good start. Sort items into piles such as “important,”  “rubbish,” and “give-away”. Deal with the second two immediately.

Now you have only the important things to tackle. Take a deep breath and sort these. Categorizing can be useful, for example, sorting into which areas of your home these should be moved to. Then those things which need to be cleaned or repaired. Deal with these. Work through each area in your own time. The general idea is balance, so do not stress or panic, this would be missing the point altogether. Be gentle with yourself.

Learn to meditate. You may have a picture of a religious ascetic sitting cross-legged under a tree. This is not the case at all. It is a very real beneficial experience where you can learn to focus and (Turn off the radio that constantly plays in your head) we all know how this sounds. Meditating is probably the best balancing act you can perform.

Reward yourself with this stillness. However, Albert Einstein who we all know was pretty smart pointed out a clear analogy which is so appropriate. “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.” So meditation notwithstanding keep focus and live, love, laugh a lot and forgive.

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