Why Bad Things Happen To Good People









The topic of this article is one of those age-old questions that has had even the greatest minds in history shrugging their shoulders. It’s one of those questions that would bring with it unequaled revelation if answered, comparable with “What’s the meaning of life” and “What is good and evil”.

The answer to this question will depend on who you ask, what your viewpoint on life is and ultimately what you believe. Some find satisfaction in the answers already available while others may never fully understand this great mystery of the universe.

Define Bad

At first glance, defining the word “bad” might sound obvious. Look in a dictionary and you’ll find the following definitions.

“The opposite of good.”
“Of poor quality.”
“Not as hoped for or desired.”

These are all good definitions but do any of them truly express the meaning of the word as we’re using it in this context? The last one listed, “not as hoped for”, does a fairly good job but when you receive something in your life which you may not have hoped for it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Let me explain that statement. Bad situations in our lives generally come with a certain amount of pain, either physical or emotional. However, we generally come out stronger on the other side. Not only do these situations allow us to grow and learn in ways we otherwise wouldn’t, it also allows us to help a loved one who might experience the same tragedy in future.

Free Will

Yes, I’m pulling the “free will” card. We don’t like hearing that our ability to make choices is the reason for some of the negativity in our lives but the sad reality is that it’s true.

If it was possible for us to live the perfect lives, devoid of pain and suffering altogether then we’d have to stay on that one single path of peace and happiness as one wrong decision could affect not only you, but everyone around you. It’s a delicate game of stacking dominoes that can only produce that perfect finale once all the pieces are in place. We, therefore, wouldn’t be able to make any decision that might somehow lead us off that path, which essentially turns us into slaves.

Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

We all hate going through bad times but then again, it’s also not that great when things go your way all the time. Eating your favorite food is only fun while you’re hungry. Even your hobbies are not that entertaining when you spend too much time with them.

We are human after all, we’re imperfect and therefore our internal biological programming can’t compute a perfect life. We become bored, irritated and long for something to challenge us once more.

Perhaps the negativity in our lives is simply a way to balance things out and keep us moving forward.


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