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amitamin® SkinDetoxRadical Those of us in the know, and we do know by now that cocoa is very rich in antioxidants — flavonoids and flavonols in particular. Exposing our dermis endures ultraviolet damage from constant contact with the elements, which result in photoaging, however antioxidants can potentially diminish those effects.

Until now if we wanted to reduce wrinkles by upping our intake of cocoa, would result in a heavier reading on the scales, but now there is a healthy way to harness the power of cocoa with amitamin® SkinDetoxRadical. This product includes not just hyaluronic acid and anti ageing, antioxidative vitamins, but also premier plant extracts.

The other main benefit of cacao is that it can significantly strengthen your immunity, hence our skin repair is a side effect of that improvement.

Cacao extract may protect skin from wrinkles: Study

Skincare starts from within and where better place to begin than a highly balanced intuitive formula that is ingested allowing the goodness to get to work immediately.  Products that we place on our skin work in harmony with the nutrients that we intake.  They are a duo phase if you like and they work best and most effectively when performed together.  A formidable response can be heralded when the supplement and the exterior embalming nourishments are used in conjunction with each other.  Put simply eat well, live well and reap the benefits.

I know that in my case to be offered an advanced repair and total skincare solution that can be taken daily and easily has to be a resounding success.  The supplements are vegan friendly and gluten, dairy, and gelatin free. We only have one body and we have to do all we can to preserve it and keep it healthy.

Especially in menopause when temperature regulation is key, the ingredient list in these capsules reads like the Forbes 500.

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