Amazing Women That Prove 50 Is The New 30!








Times are a-changing ladies! It wasn’t too long ago that women in their 50s believed that they had to act their age, and dressed and behaved according to the demands of society. These days, though, women are taking charge of their lives, and they are pushing things to the limit! Following are just a few of the many amazing women that prove 50 is the new 30.

Carrie Owerko

Instead of scaling down when she turned 50, Carrie was ready for adventure, and tried out a whole lot of new things. She made plenty of mistakes and mess-ups along the way, but at 54, is now a Senior Iyengar Yoga Instructor.

Vicki Fox

At 56, Vicki is a National Senior Games Gold Medalist, trains six days a week, and has the body and energy to prove it! She oozes confidence at this age, and feels that she is in the best shape ever, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Kay Holby

Kay has been skydiving for the past four decades, and while some people start slowing down as they age, there’s no stopping her! At the age of 61, Kay is still doing skydiving in countries all over the world, and has no intentions of stopping her favourite pastime just yet. She says that her body will let her know when it’s time to stop, but has not done so yet.

Kate Pennell

According to Kate, when she was younger she would have had 100 reasons to not join a swimming group, and 20 of those would have been because of her fear of failure. These days however, at the age of 53, she doesn’t waste time thinking about the things she can’t do, and rather uses all her energy to do the thing she loves most, which is enjoying her time as a synchronised swimmer with The Brooklyn Peaches.

Hilary Topper

Hilary at age 54, is yet another of those amazing women that prove 50 is the new 30. As a triathlete, Hilary is required to swim, run, bike, and do strength training a few times a week, so it’s no wonder that she is stronger now than she has ever been! Being a mother, Hilary had to wait until her children were big enough to look after themselves before she could take time off to follow her passion. Now she is dedicated 100% to her training, sets herself ambitious goals, and stays focused all the time. Unlike younger athletes that can’t handle setbacks, Hilary is mature enough to not let anything get her down.


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