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Yes it is true!!!

This belt has been an absolute treasure find! I discovered it via my colleague whilst performing a company search for safety and mobility equipment after an operation!

Having recently been diagnosed with BRAC1 gene I underwent the double masectomy and oopherectomy surgery as recommended. The latter forces you into menopause which alongside the symptoms that I treated homeopathically also engorges the belly post laparoscopy and you are left with a kangaroo pouch. Having dieted and exercised with it over the past 3-6 months and not yet rid of the belly fat; I came across this belt which in three days has changed my body shape and afforded me absolute relief. I wear it over my nightdress to sleep in and it has been so effective I am now going to try the tummy tucker which is also available on here.

The effects are marvellous and the results almost instantaneous which you have to try in order to believe it for yourself.  The first morning after use, upon awakening, I could feel my whole lower abdominal section was tightly compacted and compressed which in itself was impressive, but I half expected the pressure to dissipate and for the belly flop to re-emerge!  However I was wrong and after a week now of eating sensibly and exercising as before using the belt at night time (I went for a size medium which is tight) it acts like a proper waist trainer only lower down.

It has also helped to trim up my hip area which is a double bonus.  I am now moving onto the tummy tucker device which I shall wear with this garment or on its own once I have assessed the coverage it provides.  Being that I sleep in it, the benefit is that the belt is doing all the work whilst I am resting and not fighting against the restriction!

Thank you Stress No More!

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