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Amazing Women That Prove 50 Is The New 30!








Times are a-changing ladies! It wasn’t too long ago that women in their 50s believed that they had to act their age, and dressed and behaved according to the demands of society. These days, though, women are taking charge of their lives, and they are pushing things to the limit! Following are just a few of the many amazing women that prove 50 is the new 30.

Carrie Owerko

Instead of scaling down when she turned 50, Carrie was ready for adventure, and tried out a whole lot of new things. She made plenty of mistakes and mess-ups along the way, but at 54, is now a Senior Iyengar Yoga Instructor.

Vicki Fox

At 56, Vicki is a National Senior Games Gold Medalist, trains six days a week, and has the body and energy to prove it! She oozes confidence at this age, and feels that she is in the best shape ever, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Kay Holby

Kay has been skydiving for the past four decades, and while some people start slowing down as they age, there’s no stopping her! At the age of 61, Kay is still doing skydiving in countries all over the world, and has no intentions of stopping her favourite pastime just yet. She says that her body will let her know when it’s time to stop, but has not done so yet.

Kate Pennell

According to Kate, when she was younger she would have had 100 reasons to not join a swimming group, and 20 of those would have been because of her fear of failure. These days however, at the age of 53, she doesn’t waste time thinking about the things she can’t do, and rather uses all her energy to do the thing she loves most, which is enjoying her time as a synchronised swimmer with The Brooklyn Peaches.

Hilary Topper

Hilary at age 54, is yet another of those amazing women that prove 50 is the new 30. As a triathlete, Hilary is required to swim, run, bike, and do strength training a few times a week, so it’s no wonder that she is stronger now than she has ever been! Being a mother, Hilary had to wait until her children were big enough to look after themselves before she could take time off to follow her passion. Now she is dedicated 100% to her training, sets herself ambitious goals, and stays focused all the time. Unlike younger athletes that can’t handle setbacks, Hilary is mature enough to not let anything get her down.


amitamin® SkinDetoxRadical

Grape Seeds skincare







amitamin® SkinDetoxRadical Those of us in the know, and we do know by now that cocoa is very rich in antioxidants — flavonoids and flavonols in particular. Exposing our dermis endures ultraviolet damage from constant contact with the elements, which result in photoaging, however antioxidants can potentially diminish those effects.

Until now if we wanted to reduce wrinkles by upping our intake of cocoa, would result in a heavier reading on the scales, but now there is a healthy way to harness the power of cocoa with amitamin® SkinDetoxRadical. This product includes not just hyaluronic acid and anti ageing, antioxidative vitamins, but also premier plant extracts.

The other main benefit of cacao is that it can significantly strengthen your immunity, hence our skin repair is a side effect of that improvement.

Cacao extract may protect skin from wrinkles: Study

Skincare starts from within and where better place to begin than a highly balanced intuitive formula that is ingested allowing the goodness to get to work immediately.  Products that we place on our skin work in harmony with the nutrients that we intake.  They are a duo phase if you like and they work best and most effectively when performed together.  A formidable response can be heralded when the supplement and the exterior embalming nourishments are used in conjunction with each other.  Put simply eat well, live well and reap the benefits.

I know that in my case to be offered an advanced repair and total skincare solution that can be taken daily and easily has to be a resounding success.  The supplements are vegan friendly and gluten, dairy, and gelatin free. We only have one body and we have to do all we can to preserve it and keep it healthy.

Especially in menopause when temperature regulation is key, the ingredient list in these capsules reads like the Forbes 500.

Start feeling younger, healthier and more energetic today.















All images with consent of amitamin skin detox radical



Finding Balance Amongst the Chaos

Clutter management business concept as a businessman lifting up a group of garbage bags as a leadership metaphor for cleaning up corporate waste and cutting company fat or getting rid of exess.








“Balance is not something you find, it is something you create “ – Jana Kingsford

So as creating balance is what you are doing, you need then to identify the imbalance; the chaos, stand back and deal with it.

It is so much easier to feel balanced when one is in control and to be in control is to not have too much to deal with. The most important thing here is not necessarily to prioritize things you have on your list of things to do, but to list those things which are priorities.

Finding priorities in the chaotic pile of things to do can often be a case of learning to say no. The new buzz word is “boundary management.” Cut the demands on your time that you are not 100% comfortable with.

Next, you will find life so much more manageable when everything is in its place. Having everything in its place means you will not waste valuable time searching for stuff.

To that end, it would be useful to sort through those things that have been neglected to the point that approaching them becomes a frightening threat.  Be brave. Take these things in hand small tasks at a time. This process is cathartic, chaos-mitigating and satisfying.

A spring-clean/tidy up is a good start. Sort items into piles such as “important,”  “rubbish,” and “give-away”. Deal with the second two immediately.

Now you have only the important things to tackle. Take a deep breath and sort these. Categorizing can be useful, for example, sorting into which areas of your home these should be moved to. Then those things which need to be cleaned or repaired. Deal with these. Work through each area in your own time. The general idea is balance, so do not stress or panic, this would be missing the point altogether. Be gentle with yourself.

Learn to meditate. You may have a picture of a religious ascetic sitting cross-legged under a tree. This is not the case at all. It is a very real beneficial experience where you can learn to focus and (Turn off the radio that constantly plays in your head) we all know how this sounds. Meditating is probably the best balancing act you can perform.

Reward yourself with this stillness. However, Albert Einstein who we all know was pretty smart pointed out a clear analogy which is so appropriate. “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.” So meditation notwithstanding keep focus and live, love, laugh a lot and forgive.

There are people out there who can help you.

When Right Becomes Wrong

human right








For many years mental health attracted attention and it will be like this for many years to come. It has become the norm of the society to label a person – also known as the patient or client – with a mental illness because they are “different”. But so are race, shapes, colours, etc.

Mental health means that you have the necessary coping mechanisms to feel good even when you have a bad day. Everybody has good and bad days, but it doesn’t mean if you are having a bad day, that you have a mental illness. It is vital to have both a healthy body and mind.

In reality, there is a very fine line between right and wrong. Some people act in strange ways that others don’t understand. Some are violent, abusive, short-tempered, smokers or have a problem with drug abuse. For some, it is part of their daily life. It is these choices that they make. For others, this is a “silent” way of saying that something is wrong. They are having a bad day. They are not coping.

Abusive behaviour

Abuse has become part of our lives. Every day we face the reality of this tragedy. Beat-upped faces staring at us from every single lamp posts. Social media, overloaded with images and protest requests. But why do people abuse others? Some are raised with abuse. To them, it is normal behaviour. They learned from their parents. That “horror” must be imprinted into the back of their minds, waiting for the right time to crawl out of their hiding place. What might be right for the mentally ill is not necessarily right for others. The right has become wrong.


Some people get satisfaction out of violence. Just because others say it is wrong, doesn’t mean that they are going to listen. Children are slaying parents and siblings. They lose control and go on killing sprees. Violence is their drug, it is their coping mechanism. They need to kill to feel better. They feed on this feeling. The right has become wrong.

Self – destruction

Self-destructive behaviour has many faces. We have to know the girl with the perfect body, punishing herself with a razor blade because she ate a banana, or the successful businessman secretly gambling his future away. What so many people desire can in fact be a prison for others. The right has become wrong.


Why Bad Things Happen To Good People









The topic of this article is one of those age-old questions that has had even the greatest minds in history shrugging their shoulders. It’s one of those questions that would bring with it unequaled revelation if answered, comparable with “What’s the meaning of life” and “What is good and evil”.

The answer to this question will depend on who you ask, what your viewpoint on life is and ultimately what you believe. Some find satisfaction in the answers already available while others may never fully understand this great mystery of the universe.

Define Bad

At first glance, defining the word “bad” might sound obvious. Look in a dictionary and you’ll find the following definitions.

“The opposite of good.”
“Of poor quality.”
“Not as hoped for or desired.”

These are all good definitions but do any of them truly express the meaning of the word as we’re using it in this context? The last one listed, “not as hoped for”, does a fairly good job but when you receive something in your life which you may not have hoped for it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Let me explain that statement. Bad situations in our lives generally come with a certain amount of pain, either physical or emotional. However, we generally come out stronger on the other side. Not only do these situations allow us to grow and learn in ways we otherwise wouldn’t, it also allows us to help a loved one who might experience the same tragedy in future.

Free Will

Yes, I’m pulling the “free will” card. We don’t like hearing that our ability to make choices is the reason for some of the negativity in our lives but the sad reality is that it’s true.

If it was possible for us to live the perfect lives, devoid of pain and suffering altogether then we’d have to stay on that one single path of peace and happiness as one wrong decision could affect not only you, but everyone around you. It’s a delicate game of stacking dominoes that can only produce that perfect finale once all the pieces are in place. We, therefore, wouldn’t be able to make any decision that might somehow lead us off that path, which essentially turns us into slaves.

Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

We all hate going through bad times but then again, it’s also not that great when things go your way all the time. Eating your favorite food is only fun while you’re hungry. Even your hobbies are not that entertaining when you spend too much time with them.

We are human after all, we’re imperfect and therefore our internal biological programming can’t compute a perfect life. We become bored, irritated and long for something to challenge us once more.

Perhaps the negativity in our lives is simply a way to balance things out and keep us moving forward.


Abdomen Miracle Worker

doing sit-ups for Abs








Yes it is true!!!

This belt has been an absolute treasure find! I discovered it via my colleague whilst performing a company search for safety and mobility equipment after an operation!

Having recently been diagnosed with BRAC1 gene I underwent the double masectomy and oopherectomy surgery as recommended. The latter forces you into menopause which alongside the symptoms that I treated homeopathically also engorges the belly post laparoscopy and you are left with a kangaroo pouch. Having dieted and exercised with it over the past 3-6 months and not yet rid of the belly fat; I came across this belt which in three days has changed my body shape and afforded me absolute relief. I wear it over my nightdress to sleep in and it has been so effective I am now going to try the tummy tucker which is also available on here.

The effects are marvellous and the results almost instantaneous which you have to try in order to believe it for yourself.  The first morning after use, upon awakening, I could feel my whole lower abdominal section was tightly compacted and compressed which in itself was impressive, but I half expected the pressure to dissipate and for the belly flop to re-emerge!  However I was wrong and after a week now of eating sensibly and exercising as before using the belt at night time (I went for a size medium which is tight) it acts like a proper waist trainer only lower down.

It has also helped to trim up my hip area which is a double bonus.  I am now moving onto the tummy tucker device which I shall wear with this garment or on its own once I have assessed the coverage it provides.  Being that I sleep in it, the benefit is that the belt is doing all the work whilst I am resting and not fighting against the restriction!

Thank you Stress No More!

How To Redress Your Life

healthy eating and body









Many people ask what they can do to improve themselves and their lives. The bigger question is, “How do I get from where I am to where I want to be?”  The numbers tell us that 95% of the population are dissatisfied with life, yet so many people don’t realize that change is just one small step away. Often just making one small change enlivens us to such a degree that we find the courage to take the next step.

So where do you start?

First, identify what is most important thing to you. Assess your life exactly as it actually is right now. What is and isn’t working and what needs improvement?

Scale your opinion from 1 to 5, (1 = needs major improvement. 5 = perfect) rate your satisfaction in these areas of your life:

  • PHYSICALLY: Are you happy with your appearance, Health, Weight, Flexibility, Strength and energy levels?
  • PROFESSIONALLY: Are you Passionate about career, how it’s advancing, challenges, doing what you love and is your performing excellent?
  • FINANCIALLY: Are you content with your income, credit rating, savings, net worth, investment strategy, financial security and do you have enough money for you to do what you’d like?
  • PERSONALLY: Are you having fun, travelling, taking time for yourself and enjoying your environment?
  • EMOTIONALLY: Are you learning and growing, not easily angered, happy, grateful, forgiving and do you feel supported and loved?
    LEGACY: Do you contribute your time to people in need, donate money to good causes, feel like your life matters, are you making a difference and do you know what your life purpose is?
  • RELATIONALLY: What are your relationships like with your spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends, mentor and do you spend time with the people who you truly care about?
  • SPIRITUALLY: Are you actively growing, praying/meditating regularly, involved in any spiritual community, expanding faith, regularly expressing love toward others and living in peace?

Review your evaluation. Which area needs the greatest improvement? Choose three imperative areas and consider what improvement could make a significant change in your life right now.  Ask yourself, if there were no restrictions and you could only win, what would you want for yourself? What are you not willing to settle for in your life anymore?

Now write ONE thing for each of the important aspects of your life that you’d like to improve and answer these questions.

  • Why must I achieve this goal?
  • What will it cost me if I don’t achieve this goal?
  • Am I willing to do what is necessary to make this happen?
  • Do I really want this or does someone want this for me?


Overcoming Disorders








Disorders are severe states of mental or emotional turmoil and when gone untreated, these mental and emotional disturbances can develop into disorders. Some disorders are more severe than others, but each person’s life and state of being is always in their own control, no matter how ‘far gone’ or out of control they may seem to appear. In order to overcome disorders, it is vital to act on self-love and to care for yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Disorders will always have their cause rooted in the emotional or mental bodies. It is important to note that our diet and nutritional intake also affects the health of our emotional and mental bodies, and certain food allergies such as the allergy to gluten and wheat have been linked to mental disorders and poor function on a mental level. This in turn also affects our emotions, as the health of our immune system and gut are connected to our emotions. This is because the gut produces certain hormones and chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine which allow us to feel good and motivated, and if we continue to put poor quality food into our system, it eventually depletes these happy hormones from our gut and causes havoc on our immune systems. Therefore, in order to have a healthy mind and healthy emotions; we also need to have a healthy body.

A person who is struggling with a disorder will find great relief in taking part in therapeutic activities such as painting, writing, drawing and other forms of creative expression. Any activity that will help them to quiet their mind, detach from their thoughts and connect them with their own inner guidance system can greatly help to ease depression, anxiety and incorrect perceptions of ourselves and others. Certain techniques such as meditation and focusing on the breath are also beneficial ways to reduce anxiety, depression and erratic behaviour. Depending on the disorder, the patient can also incorporate certain foods and herbs into their diet that can also assist with easing the mental and emotional bodies.

The most important thing that any person with a disorder needs is love. Love is the force that knows no boundaries and is the force that is able to heal absolutely anything. Anyone suffering from a disorder will heal much faster if they are surrounded by love. It is important to shower these people in love and not to isolate them any further through judgements and fears.

Overcoming disorders begins with self-love, and the healing journey is greatly enhanced by the love of others.