Understanding Ourselves Innately

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One of the best ways to care for ourselves is making the effort to really understanding ourselves innately. After all, we are the only ones capable of truly comprehending ourselves, and we cannot expect anyone else to do a better job. How can we imagine other people to identify with us if we ourselves do not? We should also not seek love and compassion from outside of ourselves, but should rather become our own overflowing reservoirs of love and understanding. Once we truly love and rationalise ourselves, we won’t feel such a need to be understood by the people around us. This self-confidence and self-empowerment creates a sort of impenetrable bubble around us through which nothing negative can penetrate.

A way for us to appreciate ourselves is to become aware of our thoughts, feelings and reasons for doing things. The way in which we think is the main cause of our actions, choices and even our opinions, and therefore by becoming more aware of the way in which we feel, we can begin to understand ourselves and discover what we truly desire in life. Even our personality is merely a construct tied together by our thoughts, feelings, perceptions and past experiences. By simply becoming aware of all of these aspects of ourselves, we can begin to realize why we make certain choices and behave in certain ways. Becoming alert to these things also gives us the power and authority to change these facets about ourselves. Learning to innately understand yourself is therefore a highly self-empowering practice that you can do in order to take charge of your life and create the life that you truly prefer.

When you innately understand yourself, it also means that you no longer depend on other people in order to ‘fix’ you, to make you feel better or give you what you need. When we innately understand ourselves we also naturally recognize our own desires and needs and can therefore provide and care for ourselves in the best way possible. Innately understanding ourselves is a responsibility that we all have because it is important to know yourself so that you can give you what is required in order to be happy in life. When we are fulfilled and contented, we function as we were truly designed to operate and become the best versions of ourselves possible. Attaining this level is not only a great blessing to ourselves but to the people and the world around us as well.


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