The Route to Freedom









What is freedom? Freedom is doing what you love, being free from attachments, having perfect health, having time and abundance, and following your highest passions and what that means for every individual. Freedom might mean something different to everyone; but for everyone it involves the freedom to do what brings them joy and the freedom to be who they really are. Therefore, the route to freedom means following your joy and going after your dreams. It also means finally working with any limiting beliefs you might have about yourself and about attaining your dreams. As the creator of your reality; you are the only one who ever stands in your own way and the only person capable of stopping yourself from becoming free.

What holds you back? What binds you? What restricts you? What limits you? What stops you from expressing yourself? What causes you to feel low? These are the questions, which you need to ask yourself when starting the process of becoming free. You need to let go of anything that holds you back, causes you to feel constrained or low, and anything that comprises your truth and your expression. This may be in the form of an addiction, a relationship, a job, a group of friends, pessimistic thoughts or other destructive or unproductive circumstances, situations and habits. For this reason, becoming free can be a challenging process, especially if we need to rid ourselves of an addiction or a toxic relationship. Many people therefore do not work up the strength and courage within themselves in order to undergo the necessary changes and steps to liberation. A recipe of strength, discipline, willpower, determination and courage are needed in order to start the process of letting go of what is not good for us in order to embrace the highest version of ourselves and recreate our lives.

The route to freedom is paved in beautiful precious gems and leads you down a road of joy and bliss. At the end of this road awaits your dreams and desires; for achieving these is what will make you experience liberty. The route to freedom is a wonderful journey to take, for it is not only the destination that brings blessings and rewards; but the journey itself is filled with wonder. The journey of working on yourself, creating the life of your dreams and following your highest passions and joys is the most rewarding ride you will ever take.

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