Seeing Ourselves in Our Mind’s Eye

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A sad truth is that many people never truly discover who they really are during their lives. Seeing ourselves in our mind’s eye.  Life sometimes seems to pass us by so quickly that we never seem to make the time to dig any deeper and unravel the mysteries of life and ourselves. Most people put on their ‘mask and costume’ every morning when they awake, which may be the very same mask and costume they have been wearing for years. We create our mask and costume based on the expectations of others, the world around us, the influence of our family, friends and culture and based on the person who we think we are supposed to be. This protective mask and costume is usually a far cry from our true authentic selves.

What does it mean to be able to see ourselves in our mind’s eye? To see ourselves in our mind’s eye is to see ourselves free of distraction, free of attachment and free of the expectations of the world around us. It allows us the opportunity to see ourselves as we really are, without the mask and costume we have created for ourselves. It allows us the opportunity to get in touch with our own true feelings and desires, and to figure out what it is that we truly desire for our lives, and the way in which we authentically yearn to express ourselves. Many people are frightened of diving down into the depths of their own being; terrified of what they may discover in the crevices of their soul. It certainly is a scary thought knowing that you may discover you are not the person who you have become, and that you are living a life that is not your own. It certainly can be a daunting prospect to realise that all that you have created thus far is not in alignment with your truth and your true self, but the good news is that the present moment is where your power lies, and the present moment is where you have the power to change your life. In this sense, anything that has occurred in the past has been a learning curve and does not need to depict the outcome of your future.

When we sit in quiet meditation, we are able to unravel and strip away all of the layers of life that we have accumulated and are able to see ourselves as we really are in our mind’s eye.


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