When Good Choices Go Bad







Sometimes as a consequence of when good choices go bad, we make a decision that turns out for the worst, even when we had good intentions. We have all made the mistake of making an incorrect judgement or falling short in our discernment. However, even when things do not go according to plan and appear to disappoint us, there is always a silver lining in every cloud. Sometimes things that give the impression to go wrong have actually come into our lives for a reason in order to teach us a meaningful lesson so that we can grow and mature. We are always sending out vibrations into our environment and the universe is always responding to these sensations, and therefore we draw not only what we think about and desire, but also what we need in order to grow. Sometimes our very own frustrations and sufferings can attract experiences into our lives which may seem to add even more aggravation to our lives, but that have in fact materialized in order to teach us a lesson. A valuable technique to practice therefore is mindfulness; as by becoming conscious and more aware of what occurs in our lives, we are able to read the fine print and see what each occurrence is teaching us.

The best approach to take when good choices go bad is one of positivity and remaining calm and compassionate. If you have gotten yourself into a sticky situation; it will be much easier and quicker for you to get out if you remain positive and calm. The importance of mindfulness is that it enables you to become more aware of what each incident has to teach you, and therefore you will not need to learn the same lesson again. Lessons have a way of reappearing in our lives in different forms when we least expect it, and they continue to become visible until the lesson is learnt. For example, someone who constantly gets taken advantage of will more than likely continue to get taken advantage of until they finally realise what is happening. Once they learn the message, they can ‘graduate’ from the instruction and move on, and they will no longer make decisions that permit them to be taken advantage of.

Avoid making a bad choice by being attentive and sentient of your true feelings and what is right for you. Care for yourself enough not to allow yourself to compromise on your truth and the way in which you truly feel towards something.


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