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It is Christmas and we are bringing you 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Guide because it is important to remain strong and disciplined during the festive season, as so many unhealthy snacks and treats will be staring us in the face at friend and family gatherings. It is helpful to have some form of a plan beforehand in order to help you stick to your diet and fitness regime. If you don’t have a plan to begin with, you may start out strong in the beginning and slowly start to bring down your guard as the holidays move further along. Here are some guidelines to help you during the 12 days of Christmas:

1: Mentally Prepare Yourself

The first thing that you should do at the beginning of the 12 days of Christmas is to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself. Let yourself know that you plan to be disciplined this Christmas and that you will in no way be giving into any temptations. If you are mentally prepared before the time, it will be much easier for you to abstain from all the unhealthy pleasures. It is usually our own mind, emotions and thoughts that cause us to stray from our path.

2: Manage Stress Levels

The festive season can be a stressful time of year and by managing your stress levels you will be able to stop yourself from overeating or stress eating. It is important to manage your stress levels throughout the 12 days of Christmas and is something that you need to begin doing from the very beginning.

3: Exercise

Since most of us are on holiday during the festive season; we usually do not stick to our usual routines. It is therefore important to have an exercise routine in order for the 12 days of Christmas so that you do not get caught up in all of the festive activities. Set time aside for exercise each day.

  1. Diet Plan

Set a diet plan for yourself and list the foods that you will be able to eat as well as the foods you will need to avoid.

5: Active Outings

Many of us are joined by family during the festive season and together we embark on family outings and activities. A great idea in order to remain fit is to get your family involved with more active ventures such as hiking or swimming.

6: Cut-off Time

Set yourself a cut-off time every day to signal the time of day that you will stop eating. A good cut-off time is around 7pm, or roughly 4 hours before you plan to go to bed.

7: Leave the Alcohol

A good way to remain healthy during the holidays is to refrain from drinking alcohol.

8: Get Good Rest

With all of the excitement and busyness of the holidays, it is important to get a good night’s rest each night.

9: Meal Ideas

Give your family and friends some healthy meal ideas for Christmas so that you can ensure a healthy meal will be available for you.

10: Host Christmas Dinner

A sure way to remain healthy this Christmas is to host the Christmas gathering yourself, allowing you to prepare only healthy meals and showing family and friends just how fab a healthy lifestyle really is.

11: Fluids

Remember to stay hydrated this festive season by drinking enough pure water and herbal teas.

12: Get Everyone Involved

A fun way to remain fit and active this festive season is by getting your friends and family involved with your fitness routines. Ask them to join you for a morning run or a yoga session outside in the garden or where you see fit.

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