Smear Campaigns

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Why Do People Indulge in Smear Campaigns?

People get involved with smear campaigns in order to tarnish or destroy the reputation and status of certain organizations and people. These smear campaigns are usually conducted out of spite or anger, and the actions taken in order to tarnish another’s reputation can be in very poor taste. It is usually very distressing to find yourself being the chosen target of a smear campaign, but above all it is simply annoying.

Indulging in a smear campaign is an immature behaviour and is frequently an indication that someone does not know how to manage their own emotional responses. There are alternative mature, responsible, respectful and reasonable ways in which to handle any given situation, and smear campaigns are basically not a sign of dignified behaviour. An individual will more often than not be experiencing feelings of powerlessness in order to undertake such drastic measures against another person or group. It is these beliefs of powerlessness that urge a human being to try and do whatever they can externally in order to challenge another being.

Taking part in a smear campaign is also a form of arrogance; those judging that they know what is best and consider they are the ones who should arbitrate whether something is wrong or right. It is never our place to critique another living being determining wrong or right, and if we sincerely sense another’s behaviours or actions as harmful or ‘wrong’, there are many other established and more efficient ways in which to address the issue. Smear campaigns are simply not an acceptable route to communicate or raise grievances. Something that we, as sentient beings and as a whole, should master is the aptitude to successfully converse and share our thoughts with each other. Taking part in smear campaigns is objectionable.

Another driver for smear campaigns is fear. Fear urges people to undertake in unbecoming, destructive and extreme misconduct. A smear campaign does not emanate from love and respect. No matter what state of affairs we are tackling, it should always come from love and respect, even when directed to those with opposing beliefs. Succinctly put, those who indulge in smear campaigns have plenty of work to do on their own personal development.


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