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Mood and behaviour are intimately connected; hence our moods influence our behaviour, we could say that mood is the cause and behaviour the effect. Your behaviour will always be determined by the way in which you feel, and that in turn will determine how you perceive and experience your reality. It is therefore very important that we become aware of our moods and the way that we feel throughout our daily lives, so that we can better manage our frame of mind and choose how we wish to respond to the events and situations that come our way.

A clear example of how disposition affects conduct is someone who is having an angry outburst. People often do or say things that they later regret when they are overcome with an emotion such as fury. Another example would be someone who feels irritable or is having a bad day and as a result snaps at or pushes people away with their behaviour. People who suffer from chronic emotions such as anxiety or depression also become different people when they are in their low states and this is yet another example of how temper sways demeanour. On the positive side though, people who are in good spirits and uplifting humour tend to behave positively and compassionately towards others, and are even able to smooth out any relationship issues with the way in which they behave and approach the issue. All of these different outcomes are determined by the manner in which we sense which resolves our reality and the understanding we draw to us.

Essentially, our mental state affects everything about us and shapes our interactions with others. Our humour even has a bearing on our energy levels and hence how well we can perform and function throughout the day. If we are in a low place or depressed, our energy levels tend to drop and we struggle to make our way through the day and respond well to others. On the contrary, when we are in high spirits we seem to have unlimited energy and able to handle anything that comes our way. Learning to take charge of your own disposition is one of the best things that you can do not only for yourself but for those around you too. Your demeanour will be expressed in a positive and productive manner when you are in a good and balanced mental condition.


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