Is Flirting Cheating







Is Flirting Cheating?

One of the most common questions regarding relationships is whether or not flirting can be considered cheating. Different opinions exist regarding the act of flirting; some see it as an innocent activity and others take it seriously. Flirting has been the cause of many arguments, issues and even break-ups between couples, let us determine what flirting is really about, why people do it, and whether or not we should be concerned if we catch our partners flirting.

What causes people to flirt?

There is no such thing as ‘innocent flirting’. When people flirt with each other, it is because they find the other person attractive and may feel sexually open to that person, in other words – they turn you on. It is unheard of to flirt with someone who repels you; it is simply natural that we only flirt with people who we are drawn to. This means that if you find your partner flirting with someone, they are in some way attracted to the other person. Flirting is also something that often happens unconsciously; meaning that people find themselves acting, speaking or behaving in a certain way automatically when encountering someone they are drawn to. Flirting also usually occurs when we just meet someone or do not know them very well, and therefore it is often a sign of physical attraction.

Should you be concerned if you find your partner flirting?

The short answer is yes. The reason for this is because people who are in sincere, happy, loving and committed relationships simply do not ever feel the need to flirt with other people. When you are in love, your partner provides you with all you need and gives you enough stimulation and attention so that you have no desire to look elsewhere. If your partner is flirting with other people, chances are that they are not fulfilled in the relationship. It could even mean that they are keeping their options open. There are billions of people on this planet and therefore the possibility is that we will find ourselves attracted to more than one person, even if we are in a committed relationship. The difference is that those who are sincerely in love have the respect not to flirt with others, but most of the time the desire to flirt won’t even occur to them.

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