Is Anxiety Self Induced?







Anxiety is one of the most common forms of emotional and mental distress around the world and affects almost all people at some point in their lives. Is anxiety self induced? Some people may only experience feelings of anxiety for brief periods in their life, while for others anxiety can be a continuous and repeated issue in their day to day experiences. Here we will look at how anxiety is self-induced as a state of being, and how with this awareness you can begin to transform your anxiety with the knowingness that you are in control of how you feel.

We have total control of the way we feel at all times. It is our responsibility and choice to decide how we wish to feel and respond to situations from moment to moment. The truth is that circumstances and our external reality do not have any power over us; as our physical reality is in fact a mirror that reflects back to us what we are thinking and feeling. When we feel anxiety, it is usually because of something that is occurring in our physical reality or because of something that we anticipate will occur in our physical reality. The choice is always ours in how we choose to respond to these situations, and how we choose to feel about them. In this regard, feelings of anxiety are entirely self-induced because your perceptions and emotions are yours to choose. You are in control of the way you choose to interpret reality, as well as the way you choose to feel about it.

Anxiety can be eased by learning to change the way in which you perceive and approach certain people and situations. It is important not to allow your mind to run rampant with worries and fears which are big generators of anxiety. It is very helpful to learn meditation and breathing exercises which can help you to rebalance yourself and centre yourself during situations that would normally cause you to feel anxiety. Self-regulation is key to maintaining a calm state of being in your thoughts and emotions, as well as for rebalancing yourself when you feel yourself start to shift into feelings of anxiety. Learning to train your mind and control your thoughts is also a very beneficial way in reducing the amount of anxiety you feel, as we can often spin ourselves out of control by thinking thoughts filled with worry.






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