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Do you remember when you were a child, and how you may have spent hours colouring in your colour book? Have you considered adult colouring therapy…Do you remember the fun and creative activities that you used to do in kindergarten, and how excited and consumed you would be in the process? Have you ever started a painting and experienced the feeling of losing touch with your thoughts and environment, and becoming fully absorbed in the painting? Taking part in creative activities is an effective technique to quiet the mind, calm your emotions and forget about the outside world for a while. We all need a break, and adult colouring therapy offers us a practice to unwind in a safe and healthy manner.

Adult colouring books have become the latest relaxation and creative trend, and many colouring books are filled with intricate and detailed images such as mandalas, geometric patterns, flowers, animals and landscapes that are incredibly beautiful when coloured in. The imagery provided are certainly exciting and stimulating for most adults, and can become treasured artwork.

Colouring offers amazing benefits as it is a form of meditation in that you are able to still your thoughts and detach from your worries whilst focussing on your immediate endeavour. This also allows you greater levels of peace and relaxation, and on a regular basis, it can greatly reduce the amount of stress you feel in your daily life. The exercise of colouring is an introduction to bring out your creative side, and may lead into even greater creative ventures.

You will notice after a while that your thoughts evolve with more clarity having given your brain time off from constantly wrangling with them.  It is often then that you will find a solution to a given situation just pops into your mind, simply because you let it!

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