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How Our Moods Influence Our Behaviour









Mood and behaviour are intimately connected; hence our moods influence our behaviour, we could say that mood is the cause and behaviour the effect. Your behaviour will always be determined by the way in which you feel, and that in turn will determine how you perceive and experience your reality. It is therefore very important that we become aware of our moods and the way that we feel throughout our daily lives, so that we can better manage our frame of mind and choose how we wish to respond to the events and situations that come our way.

A clear example of how disposition affects conduct is someone who is having an angry outburst. People often do or say things that they later regret when they are overcome with an emotion such as fury. Another example would be someone who feels irritable or is having a bad day and as a result snaps at or pushes people away with their behaviour. People who suffer from chronic emotions such as anxiety or depression also become different people when they are in their low states and this is yet another example of how temper sways demeanour. On the positive side though, people who are in good spirits and uplifting humour tend to behave positively and compassionately towards others, and are even able to smooth out any relationship issues with the way in which they behave and approach the issue. All of these different outcomes are determined by the manner in which we sense which resolves our reality and the understanding we draw to us.

Essentially, our mental state affects everything about us and shapes our interactions with others. Our humour even has a bearing on our energy levels and hence how well we can perform and function throughout the day. If we are in a low place or depressed, our energy levels tend to drop and we struggle to make our way through the day and respond well to others. On the contrary, when we are in high spirits we seem to have unlimited energy and able to handle anything that comes our way. Learning to take charge of your own disposition is one of the best things that you can do not only for yourself but for those around you too. Your demeanour will be expressed in a positive and productive manner when you are in a good and balanced mental condition.


Smear Campaigns

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Why Do People Indulge in Smear Campaigns?

People get involved with smear campaigns in order to tarnish or destroy the reputation and status of certain organizations and people. These smear campaigns are usually conducted out of spite or anger, and the actions taken in order to tarnish another’s reputation can be in very poor taste. It is usually very distressing to find yourself being the chosen target of a smear campaign, but above all it is simply annoying.

Indulging in a smear campaign is an immature behaviour and is frequently an indication that someone does not know how to manage their own emotional responses. There are alternative mature, responsible, respectful and reasonable ways in which to handle any given situation, and smear campaigns are basically not a sign of dignified behaviour. An individual will more often than not be experiencing feelings of powerlessness in order to undertake such drastic measures against another person or group. It is these beliefs of powerlessness that urge a human being to try and do whatever they can externally in order to challenge another being.

Taking part in a smear campaign is also a form of arrogance; those judging that they know what is best and consider they are the ones who should arbitrate whether something is wrong or right. It is never our place to critique another living being determining wrong or right, and if we sincerely sense another’s behaviours or actions as harmful or ‘wrong’, there are many other established and more efficient ways in which to address the issue. Smear campaigns are simply not an acceptable route to communicate or raise grievances. Something that we, as sentient beings and as a whole, should master is the aptitude to successfully converse and share our thoughts with each other. Taking part in smear campaigns is objectionable.

Another driver for smear campaigns is fear. Fear urges people to undertake in unbecoming, destructive and extreme misconduct. A smear campaign does not emanate from love and respect. No matter what state of affairs we are tackling, it should always come from love and respect, even when directed to those with opposing beliefs. Succinctly put, those who indulge in smear campaigns have plenty of work to do on their own personal development.


Is Anxiety Self Induced?







Anxiety is one of the most common forms of emotional and mental distress around the world and affects almost all people at some point in their lives. Is anxiety self induced? Some people may only experience feelings of anxiety for brief periods in their life, while for others anxiety can be a continuous and repeated issue in their day to day experiences. Here we will look at how anxiety is self-induced as a state of being, and how with this awareness you can begin to transform your anxiety with the knowingness that you are in control of how you feel.

We have total control of the way we feel at all times. It is our responsibility and choice to decide how we wish to feel and respond to situations from moment to moment. The truth is that circumstances and our external reality do not have any power over us; as our physical reality is in fact a mirror that reflects back to us what we are thinking and feeling. When we feel anxiety, it is usually because of something that is occurring in our physical reality or because of something that we anticipate will occur in our physical reality. The choice is always ours in how we choose to respond to these situations, and how we choose to feel about them. In this regard, feelings of anxiety are entirely self-induced because your perceptions and emotions are yours to choose. You are in control of the way you choose to interpret reality, as well as the way you choose to feel about it.

Anxiety can be eased by learning to change the way in which you perceive and approach certain people and situations. It is important not to allow your mind to run rampant with worries and fears which are big generators of anxiety. It is very helpful to learn meditation and breathing exercises which can help you to rebalance yourself and centre yourself during situations that would normally cause you to feel anxiety. Self-regulation is key to maintaining a calm state of being in your thoughts and emotions, as well as for rebalancing yourself when you feel yourself start to shift into feelings of anxiety. Learning to train your mind and control your thoughts is also a very beneficial way in reducing the amount of anxiety you feel, as we can often spin ourselves out of control by thinking thoughts filled with worry.






Adult Colouring Therapy

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Do you remember when you were a child, and how you may have spent hours colouring in your colour book? Have you considered adult colouring therapy…Do you remember the fun and creative activities that you used to do in kindergarten, and how excited and consumed you would be in the process? Have you ever started a painting and experienced the feeling of losing touch with your thoughts and environment, and becoming fully absorbed in the painting? Taking part in creative activities is an effective technique to quiet the mind, calm your emotions and forget about the outside world for a while. We all need a break, and adult colouring therapy offers us a practice to unwind in a safe and healthy manner.

Adult colouring books have become the latest relaxation and creative trend, and many colouring books are filled with intricate and detailed images such as mandalas, geometric patterns, flowers, animals and landscapes that are incredibly beautiful when coloured in. The imagery provided are certainly exciting and stimulating for most adults, and can become treasured artwork.

Colouring offers amazing benefits as it is a form of meditation in that you are able to still your thoughts and detach from your worries whilst focussing on your immediate endeavour. This also allows you greater levels of peace and relaxation, and on a regular basis, it can greatly reduce the amount of stress you feel in your daily life. The exercise of colouring is an introduction to bring out your creative side, and may lead into even greater creative ventures.

You will notice after a while that your thoughts evolve with more clarity having given your brain time off from constantly wrangling with them.  It is often then that you will find a solution to a given situation just pops into your mind, simply because you let it!

Is Flirting Cheating







Is Flirting Cheating?

One of the most common questions regarding relationships is whether or not flirting can be considered cheating. Different opinions exist regarding the act of flirting; some see it as an innocent activity and others take it seriously. Flirting has been the cause of many arguments, issues and even break-ups between couples, let us determine what flirting is really about, why people do it, and whether or not we should be concerned if we catch our partners flirting.

What causes people to flirt?

There is no such thing as ‘innocent flirting’. When people flirt with each other, it is because they find the other person attractive and may feel sexually open to that person, in other words – they turn you on. It is unheard of to flirt with someone who repels you; it is simply natural that we only flirt with people who we are drawn to. This means that if you find your partner flirting with someone, they are in some way attracted to the other person. Flirting is also something that often happens unconsciously; meaning that people find themselves acting, speaking or behaving in a certain way automatically when encountering someone they are drawn to. Flirting also usually occurs when we just meet someone or do not know them very well, and therefore it is often a sign of physical attraction.

Should you be concerned if you find your partner flirting?

The short answer is yes. The reason for this is because people who are in sincere, happy, loving and committed relationships simply do not ever feel the need to flirt with other people. When you are in love, your partner provides you with all you need and gives you enough stimulation and attention so that you have no desire to look elsewhere. If your partner is flirting with other people, chances are that they are not fulfilled in the relationship. It could even mean that they are keeping their options open. There are billions of people on this planet and therefore the possibility is that we will find ourselves attracted to more than one person, even if we are in a committed relationship. The difference is that those who are sincerely in love have the respect not to flirt with others, but most of the time the desire to flirt won’t even occur to them.

Know Yourself and Be True to Yourself

Know yourself






You only have one life, the aim is to know yourself and to be true to yourself. To stand in your own truth; unwavering, tall, firm yet graceful, is an art form that all of us ought to master. In this world of constant stimulation, distraction and temptation; to know yourself is a virtue that will grow to become your greatest asset the more that you nurture it.

What does it mean to know yourself? ‘Know Thyself’ is one of the fundamental principles of all spiritual or metaphysical teachings, and some will say that the goal of life is to know yourself and who you innately are at your core. Those who embark on a spiritual journey do so with the intention of discovering who they really are, in order to truly know themselves at the fundamental core level. When we understand who we are it enables us to make clearer decisions that are aligned with our true desires, we know instantly whether or not something or some person is right or wrong for us, we know what we are doing and where we are heading, and ultimately can avoid unpleasant and uncomfortable situations which come when we are not following our own reality.

In life, you can either be courageous and willing enough to be who you really are, or you can go along with the crowd and get washed away in an ocean of stereotypes and archetypes who will come again until they eventually find their way to knowing themselves. The majority of people never truly know themselves because they allow themselves to be influenced and conditioned by the world around them. Family, friends, media, society, education and expectations flood all of us on a daily basis as if to say, “Will you allow us to shape and mould you as we please? Or will you stand strong in the veracity of who you really are?”

Meditation is a wonderful way for you to get to know yourself. Meditation allows us to quiet our minds and to detach from the external world around us as well as our own personalities. It is in this quiet space of stillness and connection with something greater that we can begin to know ourselves in essence. We can practice to listen to our intuition, as this will always guide us in the direction of our true path.


Comfortable in Your Own Skin








To be comfortable in your own skin is your priority. We all know how wonderful life can be when we feel good about ourselves; things seem to flow, opportunities arise, we seem to have more energy and nothing can pull us down from feeling great. Equally, we’ve all experienced life when we don’t feel good about ourselves; we feel lethargic, demotivated or uninspired, we feel worthless and helpless, we victimize ourselves and block the magic of life from flowing to us with our negativity. Feeling good about ourselves not only affects the way we feel, but also affects our lives, our perceptions and what we draw to ourselves and our experience. Waking up each morning with the intention to feel good is an important achievement we should strive to complete each day.

Treat yourself to the gift of self-love. When we seek to receive love from outside of ourselves in the form of relationships, friends, being admired or material things, we set ourselves up for a life of disappointment and unnecessary pain. To be comfortable in your own skin is to love yourself. It means not depending on lovers or situations in order to feel settled, happy and loved. True love comes from within. This emotion can then be shared and expressed with others, but it will no longer be dependent on external sources. If we all truly loved ourselves, we would not experience such immense feelings of heartbreak when romantic relationships come to an end.

You can begin to love yourself by saying it to our inner beings every day. Tell yourself how incredible and beautiful you are, and really believe it. Begin to refine your thoughts and prune out those old outdated negative thoughts about yourself. Release habitual patterns that keep you stuck and from moving forward and allow new potentials and opportunities to enter your life. Refuse to compare yourself to other people, for you are a unique individual with a unique life and a unique perspective. So many people try to follow the crowd and fit in, when in reality; we are all exceptional individuals. Be comfortable in your own skin and be proud of who you are, because there is only one you, and the world simply would not be the same without you.

#Be The Best You That You Can Be